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I could go on for days LOL because there is so much to say, but I'll try to keep it within reason!

My water broke at 6 am on Saturday, as you all know. We spent the day in a kind of quiet excitement, waiting for things to kick in-doing some laundry, going for walks, baking cookies. Took a nap for an hour in the afternoon. I was only getting mild contractions that would pick up then go away for awhile. My stepmom drove six hours to get to us and showed up about 5:00. My midwife had come out to check me out in the early afternoon, then came back in the early evening. We decided to go ahead and move over to her birth center. That night was spent in a sort of frustrated state as we tried to get labor moving. I was on a breast pump for hours it seemed, then we went for another walk at about 1 am-we went 6 miles that time!!! Midwife did an internal exam which she really had hoped to not need to do-3 cm and 70%. She had to start me on the IV abx because of this. She also found that my membrane was intact at the cervix-so it must have broken up high. This is probably why labor took so long to start-the slow trickle didn't depressurize me very quickly.

About 3:30 we went to bed. Around 7 I woke up, too uncomfortable to sleep anymore. The discomfort increased through the morning (after more time on the breast pump and ANOTHER walk!) until labor started for real at 10 am. About the same time, I was due for another bag of abx-her last one of clindamycin.
Honestly everything is already becoming a blur to me, especially once things finally got going. I know that at 10 I was only 4 cm, and m/w told me that we needed to realize the possibility of a transfer since my water had been broken over 24 hrs. I was in and out of the birth pool, labored lying in bed for a while, knelt over my birth ball...a few hours later she sent DH to lie down and get some rest, and then told me that in about an hour, she wanted to transfer me. Well this broke my heart and I just broke down sobbing. I begged for more time, and I honestly don't remember how much she told me I could have. I do remember that there was a big fiasco of figuring out WHO was going to drive over an hour to the next city over to the ONLY pharmacy that had IV abx to give us, since I'd used her only 2 bags already and would be due for more in a matter of hours. As it turned out, Alpaca and her DH had conveniently tried calling my phone and talked to my stepmom, and they offered to go.

I had finally hit 7 cm by about 3 I think. At last I was free and clear! However I was in so much pain and it was so intense that I was going off into the trance of laborland, I guess. I barely remember m/w running a new hep lock and giving me the abx. I couldn't even see who was around me, it was all a haze. Someone or other would hold my hands or let me lean on them, and keep putting something to drink up to my face. DH made sure to stay close, so I know it was him most of the time. My m/w's assistant arrived and she was really great-tried some new things on me, like massaging my back with oil while i labored against the side of the birth pool.
At some point (8 pm perhaps?) we went to the bedroom and I laid on the bed with DH to continue laboring. It was so intense and painful, all I wanted to do was scream and bellow through each contraction, and I kept getting ordered to breathe through them, in thru the nose, out thru the mouth...arrrghh! I must have been nearing transition now that I think about it, because there was quite a flurry of activity behind me soon after. I'm glad somebody recognized it, I sure didn't! My doula and the m/w and assistant were busily pulling in an oxygen tank and a little stool for me to sit on and baby supplies. I remember quite clearly one point when everyone had been stone silent for some time. I suddenly stopped what I was doing, and looked behind me, and said, 'what's going on!?!' They all said calmly, 'we're just waiting for you to start pushing!' Oh, well then! I thought maybe something was wrong for a minute there.

Pushing sucked. Mainly because the pushing ctx didn't make any SENSE, and didn't direct me at all as to what I needed to do! So I just had to kind of experiment and see what seemed to be making progress. Seriously, I had to pretend for a while that I was pushing out a poop. It took FOREVER, and I felt that I was making no progress at all. We walked out into the main room (I was amazed at how well I could walk!) and I knelt on the floor to keep trying. It seemed like I got him to crowning over and over and over, then he'd just get sucked back in. At LAST, I must have had him right there, and m/w gave me some really spectacular coaching on getting him out...I was so happy to follow the panting and pushing directions! She suspected shoulder dystocia which is why she had me on the floor. (I had wanted to birth him in the pool originally.) She was right, and it was nice that we were all ready and in position. I can't DESCRIBE the burning of crowning, and the pain of the rest of his body coming out of me! In fact, it even burned at my clit, and I had to reach down and hold myself in fear of tearing.

In a flash, my baby slithered right out! It was 10:02 pm. I had been hanging off DH's neck for the whole thing as we knelt there, and I was so shocked I just kept kneeling and staring into space, until someone told me to turn around and see what I had, oh just look at your baby! Dazed, I slowly flipped over, and there he was. He was put into my arms, and m/w showed DH how to cut the cord. She ordered him to take off his shirt, and then handed the baby over to him. She and her assistant palpated my belly and pulled my placenta out immediately : then me, DH, and baby all jumped into the nice warm birth pool. The water felt so good, and the amazing rush of hormones gave me such a high. I was so relieved and happy! Our DS was so alert, just loved looking at the two of us, and jumped right on the boob and nursed like a pro. After some bonding time, he was taken to get dried off and weighed while I slowly worked myself out of the pool. DH said that they could hardly believe the scale when it said 9 lbs 1 oz. They moved it to another part of the room to weigh him again, just to be sure! He doesn't LOOK like a 9lb baby...I guess it's cause he's so long, a good 22 inches. They thought he would be 7.5 or 8 lbs.

M/w and my doula sat and started filling out the paperwork and reports they needed to while their memories were fresh, and we all sat chatting and passing around the baby. The assistant had a long drive ahead of her and an early morning, so she left fairly quickly. My doula left around midnight. They had thought I hadn't torn at all, but m/w wanted to double check me. Sure enough I had a 2nd degree tear, and she had to stitch me in 3 places. I hardly cared by that point!

We debated on whether or not to go home right away, or to stay and nap at least a few hours before leaving. Neither DH or I was in any shape to drive, but my stepmom was eager to get us home, and said she felt just fine. so after making sure everything looked good and I took a pee (to make sure I didn't need a catheter) we took off a little after 1 am! I don't think I went to bed before 4, but it was so great to be home.

I know there are a million other things that I've already forgotten or just had to omit. There was so much going on behind the scenes, and so many questions and uncertainties. However, through the entire two days, my vitals and baby's vitals were PERFECT, so I don't think we were in any danger at all. If I had had to try to have a hospital birth, I would have been sectioned for sure.

We've named him Mathias Alexander. He's pretty darn adorable, and a very good baby! Our m/w stopped by for a 3 day exam this afternoon and said he doesn't act like a newborn at all...he's so engaging and alert! (During the 1 or 2 hours he's not sleeping during the day lol.) Nursing is pretty painful but we're both getting better at it. We just need to work on that latch.


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Ohhhh thank you for sharing the story of Mathias's birth. What a great name! (though I may always call him 'Cookie' )
Sounds like you did a fabulous job despite some pressure from the MW re: transfer. And the photos - what a cutie pie! And you look great!

Enjoy your babymooning

Mama to twin girls Adele and Nadia, born 5/2008
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Congratulations!! What a lot of hard work. And what a big boy!! Love that baby up!
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Wow, good work mamma! Congratulations, he's a cutie!

WOHM to Leo (4/08) reading.gif and enjoying the journey with DH geek.gif

Announcing the arrival of Clara in August 2013! homebirth.jpg

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What a wonderful story! Congrats!!
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Congratulations! At first, I thought to myself, "Oh, he looks JUST like elleystar," but then I got to the picture of your DH and went, "Oh no, wait, he looks like her hubby." Now I can't decide!
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Holy cow!!! What a story. Way to go lady...you women in that family (blood related or not) are seriously my heros. Reading it made me excited and terrified...nervous and impatient all at the same time. Im scared knowing that Im going to have to go to the hospital...I hope that I can labor at home until it is neccessary for me to go...until I know that its time to push.

You have a beautiful son...beautiful beautiful beautiful....congratulations.

Sending soooo much love your way. Gabe and I may be coming out in May for memorial day...if we do we will get a hold of you for sure.

Congrats again!!!
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