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Hi All!

I haven't been online in almost a month. 3 weeks ago today I had my ds2! We had several surprises in that he was a he (we didn't get a 20 week ultrasound, but I had strong girl vibes that were wrong!) and he was a week and a half early (ds1 was a week late, so I thought I still had 2.5 weeks to go when he was born - ha ha!).

The Good - His name is William Joseph (Will), he was 7lbs 7 oz and 19.5 inches long. He is adorable and breastfeeding is going great. Big brother Gabe (3.5 years old) is in love and very gentle except when he is literally smothering him with hugs. Also the GBS regimen worked and I was negative (didn't know that beforehand because I forgot to ask my OB).

The Bad - The vitamin C that was supposed to make my amniotic sac stronger did NOT work and my water broke early just like last time and then nothing happened just like last time (no contractions).

The Ugly - I did not get my VBAC and had a repeat C Although I am sad about this, I am very proud of myself that I did much more this time to give a vaginal birth every chance.

The Long Story - I was so excited about how this pregnancy was progressing. Just like last time, I had a very easy pregnancy (despite being 70 lbs overweight - I was last time, too) and this time I was doing things to help ensure a great VBAC (RRL tea, GBS regimen, found a good OB who wouldn't pressure me into repeat C until at least 42 weeks, hired a doula/monitrice who was studying to be a midwife). I was really happy, too, because this baby was much lower than my first and in a great position, and I had actually been having braxton hicks, which I never had before. I was due April 21st (LMP) although I told everyone April 26th based on an early dating ultrasound. So when I was at work on tax day (Tuesday the 15th), I was shocked when I felt that old familiar gush that I had had last time. I was very excited, though, so I left work soon after (around 10am). Surely this wouldn't be like last time, and contractions would start by the end of the day. My husband was home waiting for a new project to start on April 28th. I called the doula just to check in and then went home and started nesting like crazy because we were unprepared (I still had a week and a half left, gosh darnit!). Then I broke out the breastpump and pumped for a half hour for nipple stimulation. Several hours later, still nothing except for a gush of fluid every now and then. So DH, DS1 and I went to the park to walk. Came back, nested some more, and then the doula came about 10pm (12 hours after breakage) to check me (she was a monitrice and allowed to check my cervix). She first tested to make absolutely certain it was amniotic fluid (it was) and then I decided to allow her to check my cervix. 1cm and 50% effaced - dang! same as the previous Thurs. at my OB appointment. So she left and I just continued to do what I could (nothing in vag/make sure I wasn't running a fever/plenty of fluids/etc.). We went to bed around 11pm but I stink at sleeping if there is something going on, so I got the bassinet ready. In hindsight, I wish I had taken some tylenol pm and rested - that is the only thing I didn't do and rest/sleep is something that didn't happen with my first birth, either. It probably wouldn't have mattered, but I wish I had, so I don't always have to wonder.

So the next morning, after getting about 1.5 hrs sleep, still nothing. Frustration started to creep in, but I was still hopeful. DH was starting to get sqirrelly about not calling the doc, but I didn't want to be on a hospital clock, so we compromised and I called at 10am. The OB finally called back at 2pm and I lied to him and said my water had just broken at 4am (instead of 10am the previous day). He said to go to the hospital. I felt comfortable going then because it was about an hr shy of when the doula said her midwifery would've transferred me. So we went. I don't regret going, but you could tell the stress of the hospital/needles and having no contractions was getting to me, because when the doc checked me, I had undialated!! Ugh, I was zero cm, even worse news than I was expecting. Getting the heplock was an ordeal because I am so scared of needles. When that was over, I started to relax again, got hooked up to telemetry, and walked around the halls. Still nothing. The doula came back at about 8 or 9 pm and tried some aromatherapy stuff and pressure points that are supposed to induce labor, but still nothing. At this point, I am not too surprised, because if hardcore pitocin only got me to 4cms last time after 30 hours, what in the world would have any induction effect? The only thing I didn't try that the doula suggested, was one of the cohoshes (blue or black?). So at 9pm the OB started pushing section because I wasn't going anywhere and he was worried about infection. Since I was on a much longer clock than he realized, I was starting to get a little worried, too, though I would've waited forever if I had any inkling of progression. I had started a round of IV antibiotics, but he claimed that would only protect the baby, and if my chorion got infected, it wouldn't touch it and I would have an open wound to deal with that would have to be packed,etc. Even though he is fairly naturally minded when it comes to birth, he is obviously scared of infection. I knew he was trying to scare me, and I also knew if I was progressing, he would have no problem letting me go, even if progression was slow. I wasn't necessarily scared by what he said, but I just knew deep down that nothing was going to happen, especially if pitocin didn't even work last time, so because I was 36 hours out at this point with no sign of anything, I agreed to a repeat C. Again, maybe I should've told him I was going to sleep on it (which would've made him nervous, but he would've agreed to) and asked for something to help me sleep. This is my only regret about the whole thing, was the whole lack of sleep thing. Who knows? It's just something I wasn't thinking about at the time. In my mind, I had done all this stuff, and my body just wasn't cooperating, again. If I ever get pregnant again (probably not, but stranger things have happened) I will do everything I did this time, and try to get all the stress out of my life at the end of the pregnancy (this time I was a bit stressed about work - last time, with my first, I was super stressed about the ob practice's 41 week rule), and rest if I have PROM again. Or maybe I do really have something wrong with me - the dr. mentioned something about a possible lack of oxytocin receptors in my body - I will have to look into that, too.

Now comes my biggest fear in the world - having a spinal without being in pain. Last time, the pitocin induced contractions were back to back and I would've let the anesthiesiologist stick the epidural in my eye if it was going to give me relief. This time, I was going to have it cold turkey. I was terrified and a mess, but I was determined to see my baby born and not be put all the way under. I got through it, but it was hell for me. Plus, this time, I felt like someone was standing on my stomach just below my ribs for the whole surgery. I don't think it was the block, because it didn't start until the surgery was underway, but I don't know. The pressure at that spot was almost too much. It wasn't pain, but it was extremely uncomfortable. Will was pulled into this world at 11:27 pm on April 16th, 37.5 hours after my water broke. Everything from then on was great. No pneumothorax this time, so no week long nicu stay. What a great thing to room in with your baby and not have to pump! I loved it. My recovery has been pretty fast again, though I am probably doing too much because the bleeding will go to brown and then almost stop, and then I will get a day of redder blood. My incision healed beautifully, again, though.

So that is it. I want to thank everyone who helped me get as far as I did. Some on this board know who they are, but mostly, I just learned so much from reading countless posts during breaks at work. Thank you everyone on MDC! I am taking the whole summer off, and am keeping DS1 home with me, so I will get a little taste of what a SAHM feels like. Taking care of 2 kids and a house is no joke! It is a lot of fun, but I have an even greater respect than I already had for SAHMs. I will probably not be online very much, if at all, but I have my birth bead necklace and will think of you all often and fondly. Thanks again, Congratulations to all the April births, and good labor vibes to the few of you left!!

Professional Lurker kewl.gif. Married to my highschool sweetheart, "D" partners.gif. Mom to DS1 "G" (Sept. '04) blahblah.gif  , DS2 "W" (April '08) bouncy.gif , and ???? (August '11) 1sttri.gif
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for not getting your VBAC, but Congrats on your new LO. :
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Congratulations on your little one! I'm sorry you didn't get your VBAC, but I'm glad you healed so well. Enjoy your summer off!
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Congratulations! Welcome, Will!

Mama to twin girls Adele and Nadia, born 5/2008
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