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~NewMa~'s Avatar ~NewMa~ 09:50 PM 06-15-2008
I THINK I have a thumb sucker on my hands... or at least a thumb sucker wannabe.
I know some babies suck there thumbs from birth but Levi still has trouble keeping his in his mouth. He gets it in there and then his spastic little hand just goes flying out and he gets all pissed off.
I wish he would find it. It doesn't get dirty...yet, and will never get lost.
Anyone else have a 2 month old with such poor motor control still?

chely7425's Avatar chely7425 10:03 PM 06-15-2008
Trevor still sucks on his first most of the time... he manages to get his thumb in there every once in awhile but it is usually his fist. Not sure on his coordination level... his hands definitely still have their spaztic moments!
Organicavocado's Avatar Organicavocado 10:26 PM 06-15-2008
I always thought 3 mos was the "find your hands" stage so I didn't worry when K didn't until last week. Now he's all about his hands, hes chomping on it right now.
mama_ani's Avatar mama_ani 10:49 PM 06-15-2008
My LO always has her thumb in her mouth, she's really good at keeping it there. I swear either a boob or her thumb is in her mouth at all times!