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May 2008 > X-posting this again....question about milk supply @ 8/9 weeks
1babysmom's Avatar 1babysmom 05:45 PM 10-17-2007
(I've posted this in both pregnancy and BF'ing and have only had a couple replies in BF'ing, so thought I'd just ask here where others are at the same stage)

I'm a little over 8.5 weeks along (could be about 9). Anyway, DD is still nursing around the clock (19.5 months) and hasn't shown any sign (nor have I noticed any) regarding any changes in my milk (yet). I still seem to have the same supply. However, lately I seem to have an INCREASED supply. I'm not doing anything different (I eat oatmeal fro breakfast occasionally, which usually ups my supply, but it's always just been for that one day). But I seem to get almost enorged at times, which hasn't happened for the longest time, and it get's slightly painful. Since I found out I was pg. the only consistent change I've noticed is nipple pain for the first few seconds when DD latches on (yet even that comes and goes), and then within the past week or two I've noticed my bb's getting slightly tender at times. So I can't tell if this "engorgement" feeling is related to them just being tender and then that being amplified when they're full, or if it's actually an increase in milk. Also, I wondered if anyone else who experienced this found it to be a precurser to anything...if it happened right before they lost their supply or had a drastic decrease or anything.

TIA for any insight!

clutterbug's Avatar clutterbug 11:20 PM 10-17-2007
It's funny you posted this today because this kinda happened to me this evening. I have definitely noticed a drop in supply already, but I still could get big drops when hand expressing. Ds hasn't complained (but he is almost 26 months so he had already cut back on his nursing quite a bit before my supply started to go down). Tonight, DS hadn't nursed since this morning and I was feeling that heavy feeling like "please nurse to make Mummy more comfortable". But when I nursed, he wasn't getting that much. And afterward, I could barely get even a drop out of my more productive side.

Anyway, not the exact same situation but it kind of threw me for a loop as I was sure I had quite a little buildup of milk in there! It might be completely different for you...
birdie22's Avatar birdie22 11:25 PM 10-17-2007
I notice that my breasts are definitely swollen, and I have nipple pain similar to what you describe. However, I know that my supply is declining, because ds tells me so. (He's almost 3).

You question prompted me to check my copy of Adventures in Tandem Nursing, and she does mention that some women have an increase in milk supply during pregnancy. She doesn't offer an explanation; she just says that women's bodies have a wide range of reactions, all of which are normal. So I guess it's just one of those things.