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chrfath's Avatar chrfath 08:26 PM 05-06-2008
Our son made his appearance at 9:12am on 5/3/08. He weighted in at 9 lb 1 oz and is 21" long.

I woke at 5am with contactions 2min apart lasting 45 seconds each and with bloody show. Called the MW, called the sitter, and woke DH. I was fully dialated when we arrived at the hospital around 7. This babe was not easy to push out. Took about an hour and an episiotomy, pretty hard work. But oh, so worth it.

I feel so blessed and complete. Like my family is perfect and complete.

Ephraim is having some jaundice stuff going on. He needs home light blankets, but I am sure as he nurses more this will pass quickly.

I have been pretty overwhelmed with 3 kids and taking all the help I can get. DH has been home off and on, which has been nice.

Blessings to all you mamas still waiting.

symesa's Avatar symesa 08:28 PM 05-06-2008
Oh Congratulations!!
clutterbug's Avatar clutterbug 08:31 PM 05-06-2008
Congratulations and welcome Ephraim!
MamaJ2005's Avatar MamaJ2005 08:34 PM 05-06-2008
nak congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Molck's Avatar Molck 08:45 PM 05-06-2008
Nate'sMama's Avatar Nate'sMama 08:47 PM 05-06-2008
SumnerRain's Avatar SumnerRain 08:48 PM 05-06-2008
Congratulations!! Enjoy your babymoon!!
joyfilledmomma's Avatar joyfilledmomma 08:51 PM 05-06-2008
circle vortex's Avatar circle vortex 08:57 PM 05-06-2008
Yeah, congrats to you and your family.
kgrace's Avatar kgrace 09:33 PM 05-06-2008
I love his name!
Shanana's Avatar Shanana 09:59 PM 05-06-2008
nak congrats!!!!
NatureMama3's Avatar NatureMama3 10:27 PM 05-06-2008
Congratulations Christi!! Welcome baby Ephraim!
cj'smommy's Avatar cj'smommy 10:33 PM 05-06-2008
PuppyFluffer's Avatar PuppyFluffer 11:10 PM 05-06-2008
What wonderful news! I am so happy for you!
Galatea's Avatar Galatea 11:18 PM 05-06-2008
LaffNowCryLater's Avatar LaffNowCryLater 12:25 AM 05-07-2008
kalisage's Avatar kalisage 12:58 AM 05-07-2008
aishy's Avatar aishy 01:09 AM 05-07-2008
Congratulations & welcome Ephraim!!!
battymama's Avatar battymama 03:53 AM 05-07-2008
Congratulations! enjoy your baby.
K's Mom!'s Avatar K's Mom! 06:05 AM 05-07-2008
Congrats to you and your family! I love the name Ephraim. Wow, sounds like you had a really fast labor. Get as much R&R as possible. Happy babymooning.
MarchWillow's Avatar MarchWillow 06:52 AM 05-07-2008
Happy babymoon! Congrats!
bugnbean's Avatar bugnbean 02:48 PM 05-07-2008
Congratulations and happy babymooning!
merry-mary's Avatar merry-mary 06:01 PM 05-07-2008
welcome baby!!!!
sadiesmom's Avatar sadiesmom 09:34 PM 05-07-2008