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that I made about my dh over the past few weeks. I ate my words yesterday.

I was really wanting the yard cut before the baby gets here and our lawn mower is broken. Now, mind you, we have an acre and 1/2 and my dear, sweet, husband, knowing that I wanted it done, took a gas weedwacker and did the entire property!! I can only imagine how long that took but he knew it was important to me, so he did it. How nice is that??

That got me thinking, maybe we can have a dh appreciation thread. What has your dh done for you that really made you realize just how lucky you are? Or anyone close to you, for that matter. I know, the further along us preggers get, the more miserable we are and the new mamas are so busy with their new babes, it's easy to forget the nice little things that our loved ones do for us
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DP stayed home from work the past 2 days to cheer me up
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Um... he renovated an entire house for me in 6 weeks!!
I couldn't love him more
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Trips to the store just for somthing I want, rubbing my back constantly, cheering me up, telling me how much he loves me... oh just the usual.

Breeder Mama: = wife to an amazing man + mama to J-Bear (07/02) and E-Train (06/08), nanny to Little Bird (07/10).

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awww! how sweet!
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aawww.... nice husbands rock.

Dd is at the stage that she's a constant stream of questions...

In the car yesterday, she asks, "Mama, why does Daddy rub your feet *EVERY* night?"

I said, "because you have the best daddy in the whole world"

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agreeing to homebirth our breech baby (despite the risks)

burning my little pinky toes off with moxa sticks and not getting angry when i yell at him because it hurts (hey, i guess its good practice for labor! teehee)

just being him.

living light husband wife loving life two sons to birth for our light loving earth. :
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DH does everything he can just to make my life easier......he always, always gets our 6-year-old ready for bed and tucked in, never complains if something isn't clean, dinner isn't cooked, or if I'm snippy with him just because. Even if he's apprehensive, he's fully supportive of my desire for a homebirth, knowing we are paying for it completely out of pocket. Never once did he complain or bat an eye about the cost. He doesn't complain or whine when we are having AWESOME jumping weather on the weekends and he knows he has projects to get done at home instead. He walks behind me and *pushes* me up the stairs at night when I don't know if I can make it on my own! It's not always what he actually does, but what I know he WOULD do if I asked, which is anything I wanted or needed. He would bend over backwards to fulfill any request, which sometimes is all I need.....just knowing he would do anything for me.
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My dh should get a medal for his patience with me. He's been managing all three of our older boys every night...including dinner and bed so i can rest and work on my bp getting under control.

I told him my frustration over certain things I cannot clean, and he's agreed to not only do a list of chores for me, but do them how I want them done so I can quit obsessing over them...stupid little things like using a cloth rag to clean the slider door, cause paper towels leave little lint fuzzies that bug me real bad. How sweet is that?!!! I've felt kinda guilty and have yet to actually put the list out on paper.

He IS a good guy! Thanks for pointing that out!
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Goodness...where do I start? He is amazing, he does everything he can to make my life easier, even when it makes his life harder. Most of the time I don't even have to ask him to do something for me, he just somehow knows. It's everything from housework, taking care of the boys, doing something for me, etc. He NEVER complains about it either.

He takes my horrible moods/snotty attitude and doesn't throw it back at me.
He takes the brunt of my frustrations, even when it has nothing to do with him. It's totally unfair for me to do that to him, but he is so understanding.

Tells the boys they have the best mommy in the world, which is nice to hear esp when I haven't been feeling that way.

Has been extrememly supportive and helpful with deciding on the VBAC or c-section issue. He's very involved with everything regarding the baby and I really appreciate that.

Has been absolutely wonderful with the health issue with the baby. We've been doing really well with it all and I really think it has a lot to do with the open communication we have. He's scared like I am and it's nice that we can talk about it and share the things/thoughts that we do. He knows that we have to be strong together and he does everything he can to make sure we do that. He's not normally one to share all that is going on in his head, but lately he has been and I think that's huge for a guy to do.

Mommy of 3 super charged kiddos
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GREAT thread!

Mine never complains about cooking if I haven't gotten it done during the day.

Rubs my back at bedtime...sometimes for an hour if I need it!

Gets up in the middle of the night to get me whatever I need.

Getting the boys all bathed and ready for bed on his own if I'm wiped out (which is always these days)

Just being so darn patient about everything.
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Great thread! I could fill pages...

He drops whatever he's doing if I "need" him to hand me something even if it's just a few feet away from me and he's in the other room.

He praises me like I've done something heroic when I manage any basic household chores or cook dinner .

He fills his weekends with endless baby-prep chores and house-cleaning and with the little time he has left over he's building a super-cool toy for our baby!

He's gone with me to every MW appointment except one, which means now he has to take 2 hours off every single week, which is hard enough for him anyway, but especially hard now that he's wrapping things up to take 2 weeks off once the baby gets here.
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Well, I was feeling like crap yesterday due to a nasty cold so he...

-drove out of his way after work to pick me up some yummy wedding soup
-took dd to the park after dinner so I could rest
-put dd to bed and stayed in her room on a mattress on the floor, so she wouldn't wake me up in the middle of the night

yep, i was pretty happy this morning
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He will go out of his way to get me anything I want, even if it is a banana split at 11pm and he is in his pajamas.

He is patient with me, even though I am less than patient with him and the kids.

He has put our youngest to bed probably 90% of the time these last few months, even though it used to be a 50/50 job.

He does not complain when I ask him to cook or when I don't feel like making real food.

He gets up early on the weekends so I can sleep in, even if he is exhausted and wants a day to sleep in himself.

He does not complain when I sleep until noon.

He had totally supported my homebirth decision, knowing that it means spending about $1,000 more than a hospital birth and we are living paycheck to paycheck. He even offered to tell my parents off so they would quit stressing me out about the decision.

He acted like I was the best wife in the world when I brought him lunch yesterday at work, even though it ended up giving him a stomach ache.

He puts up with me calling 20 times a day just so I can hear his voice and tell him something our preschooler did without complaining.

Heather: Mama to my amazing boys A-14.5, C-13, & M-5.5, and my sweet girl S-2.5 and introducing our little surprise Liam Michael, born 12/28!
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Mine's being pretty awesome, too. Whatever I want, he says, "Yes, dear."

DS1 2004 ~ DS2 2005 ~ DD1 2008 ~ DS3 2010 ~ DD2 born at 31 weeks Oct. 2014
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Mine's wonderful awesome - does everything I ask and anything he can think of that I haven't asked for!

Mrs. S - Crunchy child of The King, Wife to my best friend, and Mama to my many blessings.

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I like this thread. My husband is amazing. I am regularly impressed because I so don't deserve him. I have not had the easiest pregnancy in the history of the world and he has bent over backwards doing everything for me. He has done 90% of the cleaning/housework/cooking for the past few months. He will run to the store and get me anything I want at anytime I want. If I stir in the middle of the night and say I want water he jumps out of bed to go get it for me. He spent the last two weekends building furniture that I wanted and doing chores he has put off for months and months because I told him that I was frustrated with things not being done.

And the best part isn't just that he does these things, but that he is doing them with a smile. He is so cheerful. This is a big deal because normally he is really lazy and I have tons of energy so I do everything around the house. This switch where I *can't* take care of everything has been really hard and frustrating on me. Normally he is such a couch potato and he hasn't done that in months. I'm really proud of him for stepping so far outside of his comfort zone because he knows that I shouldn't be doing all the work.

And he's a certified massage therapist and he does body work for me all the time. And he's a great cook. And he has not pressured me in any way to uhm put out when I am not up for it, but he is completely enthusiastic and instantly in the mood if I say I am. I win!

My advice may not be appropriate for you. That's ok. You are just fine how you are and I am the right kind of me.

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Mine bought me a new bathtub even though the old one is fine - we're renovating the bathroom next week.

(I wanted a new tub because the old one was hard to clean - the finish was coming off. Also, it was green and all the new fixtures are white - and will now match!)
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Originally Posted by Nate'sMama View Post
Um... he renovated an entire house for me in 6 weeks!!
I couldn't love him more
Holy moly, can you send him over to my place for a couple of days! I just have one teeny bathroom that needs finishing! My sweetie DH tried hard but we gave up aiming to finish before the birth...I love him anyway, though

DH brought home flowers for me the other day, just out of the blue. And today I found a loaf of ciabiatta bread that he picked up when getting a few groceries last night, cause he knows I like it for sandwiches. It's the little things that get me, I guess
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Makes me 3 meals a day and even cuts up my food so I can eat one-handed (nat? nursing at table ).

Took 2 weeks off work to be home to help after Sophie was born.

100% cares for dd1, letting me lie-in and be w/Sophie.

Changes all of Sophie's diapers.

Is an all-around fabulous dad and dh .

Mama to M (7/05) and S (5/08) my surprise !!!
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