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Hi ladies! I thought I'd introduce myself, since I've been kind of lurking here and in all likelihood I will be delivering in June.

You can see most of my info in my siggy, but my name is Tiffany. I've been married for 8 1/2 years to a wonderful man, Matt. We have 2 children, Samantha and Tevin. Plus, we have a cat and 2 big dogs. Sage is a 100 pound purebread German Shepherd and Casey is an 80 pound Siberian Huskey/Lab mix.

We met in college, got pregnant 3 months after we started dating and got married when I was 6 months pregnant. Needless to say, she was very unplanned and we conceived VERY quickly. That's why it was a huge surprise when it took over a year and a half to conceive #2. I had done 3 rounds of the depo provera shot. If there's ever a lawsuit against them, I'm first in line because I truly believe it screwed me up forever. We got our boy and we were elated. However, I never felt our familiy was complete. I've always wanted 4 or more children, but that's still under debate with my husband who until we had ds, only wanted 2. We never did any form of birth control after having ds, and it took us 2 years from the point we started actively ttc this time. It was long and depressing with many very faint positives and high hopes with miscarriages before implantation. This time, though, I'm 19+ weeks and still goin' steady.

Dd was born via emergency c-section at 41w4d weeks. It's a long story, but I went into labor, contractions stopped, had Pitocin, she got stuck because her head was too big, she was posterior, and she went into distress. So the labor I wanted to be done completely unmedicated ended up being done with me unconscious (no time for an epidural, her stats were dropping too much) but she was healthy, so I guess the end justifies the means?

With ds, my water broke at 37w5d. But again, the contractions weren't progressing anything. After hours of walking and jacuzzi, breaking the water more, and all kinds of fun, we went for the Pitocin. A few hours later my little man flew out after a few pushes.

This time, I'm very fearful of going too long. I don't seem to go into labor on my own nor can I apparently handle a big baby. During my d&c this summer, the Dr. said something about my cervix or uterus being "off" or something. I'm not sure, but that could have something to do with it. My OB said she would be comfortable trying induction at 39w this time if I'd like. I think I'd feel more confident that way. Hopefully we won't need Pit, but if we can go for a slightly smaller baby (or more importantly, a slightly smaller head) it will be more likely that I will be able to repeat VBAC. I'm thinking we'll induce on June 27 and in all likelihood have the baby June 28.

Sorry this got very longwinded. I'm just so excited to be pregnant again, I feel like I could talk for days.

Tiffany, loving wife to Matt, Mommy to Samantha (10/99), Tevin (8/04), Cadence (6/08) and babymooning with our sweet little Lauren 6/24/10
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Welcome Tiffany!
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Just thought I'd post an intro even though I'm a bit late to this board. We moved to Ohio from England last summer and I have to admit to being a bit stuck on my UK forum, but seeing as we're here to stay I thought it was about time I moved my virtual life too, and thought a Due Date club would be a good place to start.

I have a 21 month old daughter who was a home water birth at 40 + 11 and is still BF although I did nightwean her before Xmas. I am due again on 18th June but fully expect this one to be 'late' too, and we found out last Friday that it is a boy. I would dearly love to have another home water birth but with the current situation for midwives in Ohio I have decided to go for a hospital birth this time. I have found a natural birth friendly ObGyn and a great doula who is really helping me to understand how it all works here, and how to get around the system. I won't be able to have a waterbirth at the hospital but can use the tub for labour. I decided that an hour's drive to the nearest birth centre where they do waterbirth could be too much, as my first labour was 12 hours total.

Anyway, look forward to getting to know you all.

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I'm Amoreena, 29 yo homeschooling mama to Lilly 1/03. Although I'm not pregnant, we're expecting #2 in June per the miracle of adoption.

We're doing a domestic open adoption so we've been getting to know the Bmom and been able to be involved in her pregnancy and already know we're having a boy. Been busy talking to lawyers, social workers, trying to re-lactate, etc.

Look forward to chatting w/ y'all!

Urban homesteader wanna be and homeschooling mama to the artist : 1/2003 and the peanut 6/2008 :
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Hi, I'm Eloise and I'm 27 years old and pregnant with my second child due on 18th June. I work as an artist from a studio at home, my DP of 8 years is a graphic designer and we have one DS who is 3 and a half. We live in London but will be relocating to Scotland in the summer to live on DP's parents farm in view of taking it over. Both of us have a lot of country experience despite being city types and manage to live a fairly self sufficient life even amongst the smog.

I had a very successful homebirth with DS (despite him being almost 10 pounds) and hope to do it again with number 2, whose sex will be a surprise. It's been an exhausting pregnancy this time round and I'm looking forward to it being over.

I did have an account a while back but I have totally forgotten the login so here I am again, anyway nice to meet you!
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I'm new to the Mothering forums.
My name is Anna and I am expecting my first (and maybe only?) with a due date of June 23rd. My husband is a graduate student at UCSD in Computer Science, and I have an MFA in Fine Art, but I work as a Faculty Asst to a group of professors in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

We are both vegan and have been for many years. In fact, we found each other through a VeggieDate. We've been married for a little over three years.

We have two cats. One is a mellow chubby old black cat named May. The other, Cayley, is a small feisty calico. She's full grown, but still has a kittenish look.

If all goes as planned, we'll have our son at a local birthing center. I'd love a home birth, but it doesn't seem right to have the baby in our apartment knowing that 1) we will move out of here next year (I'd be more willing if it were our own home); 2) Our neighbors are right on the other side of the wall and would probably hear the entire labor; and 3) the birthing center has nice big tubs for labor and delivery if I should feel like using one.

I love to sew (I'm not very good at clothing, though, so I tend to sew handbags and other similar items) and I love to cook and bake. I read a lot- both fiction and nonfiction. In the past few years I've become a huge fan of all of Joss Whedon's tv shows, although I have really hated television for most of my life (largely due to my aversion for commercials, so dvds have helped).

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here!

Anna ~ Mom to Ansel (6-17-08), Wife to Mac since 12-18-04, human companion to Cayley.
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I love this club! Thought I'd formally intro myself even though I've already been posting and hanging out a little...
Live in Pa with DH and DS who is 2.6. Took year off work with #1 and plan to do the same with this one, sex is unknown. Plan birth center birth and having lots more aches/pains/illness {colds/flu/pneumonia} with this one. But I'm starting to see the light at the end and this community helps, too. Big on lactivism, gen. integrity, and all things Peggyesque. Also nutrition and astrology. What else? 3 cats and a mutt.
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Hello! I'm also new here!

I happened on here by accident and was excited to find a group that could be of so much use to our family!

I'm 28 years old, and American. My Dutch husband and I are currently living in The Netherlands. We have one son who is 5 in May named Sebastian. He has PDD-NOS but very mild. We're expecting our 2nd child, a daughter who we are naming Zoë on June 25 this year!

We feel like this is a second chance to do things differently. We are not vaccinating, we've discovered BPA free bottles although I'm still debating about trying to breastfeed her if I can. I suppose right now I'm taking it as a 'if God wants me to, he'll give me milk' thing. I had a breast reduction in 1999 and I didn't get anything with my son in 2003 so don't expect to this time. While I'm not into cloth diapering (can admit my limits!) we are planning to use Nature Baby diapers which are available worldwide I think. They are supposed to be better than reg disposables. They also make other products without chemicals and I plan to get those as well.

I was an attached parent with my son and will be with my daughter as well. I have never been comfortable with cry it out, maybe just because I'm weak. I tried cosleeping with my son and he didn't like it and we actually didn't sleep well with him in our bed so we aren't planning to this time. I make up for that with sling time of course!

I wanted a homebirth with my son but once you are 2 weeks overdue here it's not allowed, and you can't have a midwife anymore either I lost too much blood to birth at home this time but I am hopeful that at least the midwife can do the delivery!!!

I'm so glad to be joining you all and I love all your emoticons! I will have to make a signature with them soon!


Mom to Sebastian (5/16/03) and pregnant with :Zoë due 6/25/08
Brayden (11/12/01) :
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Hi, my name is Aisha, I'm 28 yrs old, I am Pakistani-American and I've been married to Ziad, a Lebanese-Egyptian Trekkie, for 10 years. We began TTC 5 yrs ago and I am now expecting our first baby in mid June 2008.

I have been living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for the past 10 years. I continue to practice the habits I learned as a kid while growing up in California, like conserving resources where possible, recycling, and making use of local resources like food and clothing rather than rely on imported stuff. My cousin gave birth to her first child last June in California and she really opened my eyes to the world of natural birth and attachment parenting. I am now working with a British midwife at the local gov't maternity hospital to be the first woman to deliver there w/o drugs, episiotomy, enema, and practice skin-to-skin contact, breast-feeding from birth, and "rooming-in".

Following Dubai tradition, I also look forward to the perks of hiring an Indian woman to give me and the baby daily massages at home during the first two months. Recognizing my limits, I do not plan to cloth diaper, but I do plan to breast-feed, co-sleep, and wear my baby in a sling.
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I just realized that I've never introduced myself!

I'm Chrissy. I just turned 31. We are expecting baby #2 on June 23rd. Amelia, my dd, just turned 2. She was two weeks late, planned homebirth to emergency c-section. We are desperately hoping to avoid a repeat of that experience, even though my c-section went really well and I have very few hard feelings over it. It was still my birth experience.

We do not know the sex of this baby. I'm kind of hoping for another girl because I love my little girl so much, but a boy would be wonderful too! This will be our last baby.

I am a SAHM, but I work part-time from home when dd allows. I enjoy yoga, cooking and reading, but lately have spent most of my days sitting in the sand at the park. After the birth of dd, I became an accidental lactivist. I never for the life of me thought nursing a child would be the greatest thing in the world.
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Hello all,

I have been on other forums and some how just discovered the due date club, I am pretty new to the forums, so thought it made sense to post an intro here. Its getting a little late now as I am due on/around June 20. But I am glad to be here.

My name is Rebecca and I am having my first baby, I am planning a homebirth with a doula and midwife. I don't know the sex of the baby. I am 37 and having my first, which has its postivies and negatives. I feel fortunate to have had many years traveling and working and finding myself and now I get to share all of that with a DS or DD. I have been married for almost two years and we recently moved from Anchorage, Alaska to Seattle. I am a consultant and work from home, we have moved for my DH's job. Most of my family is in CA so I am getting closer, but not as close as I would like, especially with baby on the way.

I have not met many people here in Seattle, so give a shout out if you are in the area. I am interested in yoga, farming, eating locally and politics, aside from my full time job marketing other people's products. My husband is a bit less liberal than I am so we have many discussions about circ, home birth, naming conventions, etc. So I gravitate to other posts and members who have some of the same issues to resolve in their families.

I plan to cloth diaper, breastfeed and co-sleep. I am glad to be amongst you all and will get a signature together one of these days.
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Welcome Rebecca! Glad you could join us for the last month. My sister lives in Seattle (Fremont) and is expecting her 2nd child this September Seattle's a great town with lots of like-minded people - I hope you enjoy it and get to know some other families soon!

Mom to James (ribboncesarean.gif 5/2006), Claire (vbac.gif 6/2008), furry kitties Calvin and Bob, and wife to Dennis. 

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I'm superbly late joining here and introducing myself, but better late than never, right? My babies have all been late too so perhaps it is fitting. :P

I'm a homeschooling mama to 3 girls ages 9, 7 & almost 5. Our 4th girl is due tomorrow. I've been lurking and reading for months now so I kind of feel like I already know quite a few of I thought I should really join in.

My other girls have been born after their due dates, dd9 was 9 days "late" and 8 lbs birth with OB, born sunny-side up, epidural for a couple hours, episiotomy.

dd7 was 6 days late and 9 lbs birth with midwife, natural, PPH

dd5 was 13 (!) days late and 9 lbs 12 oz, "home" birth with midwife at a local hotel suite, PPH

This one is of course due tomorrow...dh is going for surgery on Friday though so unless the stress pushes me into labor, I'm thinking she'll be at least another week or two. We tried a herbal induction last week but it was a no go...she's not ready.

I hope you don't mind me joining so late, but I could use the friendship of some like-minded mamas.

Cindy, loving wife of 15 years
homeschooling mama to 4 wonderful girls, and 1 boy!  praying for #6, sch, due 4/14/2013!



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I added you to the Birth stats sticky at the top of the forum.
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Hi Stacy -- can you add me to the birth stats sticky too?!

Due June 20 and hoping for anytime next week!
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