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So I'm the newest member of this group, I think, and I'd love to learn who else is here. I'm also in a chatty mood tonight because my DH, who is a med student, had to be in the hospital all day today and is on overnight call tonight, and DS is sleeping, so I'm just sitting here eating Oreos

My name is Ellie. My DS, Ezra, is 14 months old and growing into this amazing adorable little boy. DH is in his last year of med school. This pregnancy was not exactly planned but is very welcome; we had hoped to get pregnant in about 2-3 months. This timing is definitely not the best, as I'm due right when DH starts residency (DS was 2 weeks "early", but who knows this time!); we'll also very likely be moving to a new city! Right now we're thinking that we might move a few months early and work out something with his school, so that Ezra can have a few months to adjust to a new home before having to adjust to a new baby.

um, let's see...I'm 25. I have a degree in biology, and I worked in clinical research before DS was born. Now I'm a SAHM for the time being, but I intend to find a career of some sort when we settle somewhere more permanently. We're vegans. I'm a big environmentalist. I was a runner but haven't been able to run much since DS was born due to being underweight (yeah, vegan, nursing, pregnant, and underweight...I get a lot of flak from my mother lol). DS was born in a local birth center, and this time we'll either do a birth center or a homebirth, depending on where we're living at the time.

That's basically me!
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My name is Chris. Im 32 and have been with DH for 13years. We have an amazing 2 year old DD. Im a teacher and DH works in the computer field from home. That is mostly a great thing except at 6am when its cold and dark and I have to get up and leave the house while he rolls over and goes back to sleep.
This pregnancy was planned and nothing short of a miracle since it took me 3 years to get pregnant with DD. I nursed DD until she was 23 months and loved it. I gave birth in a hospital and I had a good experience (I gave birth in 5 hours) so I plan to do it again. We are foodies, do a lot of organic and local food and avoid the processed stuff (for the most part).
Im excited about this pregnancy but so scared too since having a previous mc. I have a Dr.appointment on sunday.
Im thrilled to have found this board and to share my pregnancy with you all!
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Hi, my name is Chris too -- I live in brooklyn ny with my DH & DS (6yo). Was pregnant last Oct. too, but had to terminate at 12 weeks b/c the fetus was "not viable". It was a tough one and has taken some time to recover from it, emotionally. Under the care of a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine we conceived this month after getting some discouraging fsh levels from a fertility specialist. I really give the acupuncture and herbs a lot of credit for our current pregnancy -- DH did the acu and herbs too! A bit out of his comfort zone but he was very game. We're going for an ultrasound this week (I'll be 5 wks on tue.) to see what's going on this time around. I'm trying to give myself the freedom to feel optimistic, the idea being that lightening doesn't strike the same spot twice -- though realistically, sometimes it does!

I love to knit and cook -- I am preoccupied with Indian cuisine these days. I'm also a postpartum doula and run a perinatal mood disorder support group.

looking forward to making this journey with this group!
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I'm Lisa, 26 married to DH, 24 of almost 2 years. We were married 3 months when we ttc DS, we were successful our first month. He was born in October '06. We knew we would like to have our kids close in age so we decided to ttc again, it took us 3 months. AF still wasn't regular so I kept getting the days off, but I apparently got it right

Used a MW for everything prenatal and was planning a homebirth. I developed pre-e and ended up having a hospital birth, but my MW was a birthing coach as well as DH. I was induced and handled it until an hour before DS was born, I got the epi and fell asleep at 3cm. I woke up an hour later at 9.5cm, nice! The birthing experience wasn't terrible, but afterwards with them taking the baby and all of that was annoying. DH stayed with him the entire time though, and he slept in the room with us. DS still nurses and I'm not sure when he will wean, we'll see what happens. My milk supply isn't as grand as it used to be. Four days after DS was born I bled a lot and needed a D&C, they wanted to give me a GA but I said I wasn't cool with that, so they gave me a spinal. The same doctor who was there for his birth performed the D&C so that was good. He's an awesome doctor.

We are using the same MW this time. Hoping for a homebirth again.

I didn't really have any MS with DS but I do this time. Preggie Pops actually are working quite well. I was surprised Thanks for the suggestion!
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My name is Susie, this is our fourth baby. We have two girls (6 and 4) and a boy (2). First two babies were born in a hospital with an epidural, Owen was born at home. We're hoping to do another homebirth, it was a really pleasant experience. I'm 7 wks tomorrow, feeling pretty good, doesn't seem to feel as tired as the last couple of pg, and ms seems to hit at night, I wake up feeling nauseous in the middle of the night... probably has something to do with the insomnia I've been experiencing! Oh, and I'm already making trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, hard to believe someone the size of an appleseed has so much influence already!

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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I'm Lacie, I'm 25, and this will be our 2nd baby. We have one son, Ethan, who just turned 2 in September. I've also had 2 losses, both after the heartbeat was seen, so pardon me if I'm a little paranoid for the first tri. I'm a WAHM - I have a small card design business.

We live near Chicago, and I'm really, really hoping that they'll get a freestanding birth center up and running around here before next June! If not, I'm torn between another hospital birth (with a CNM) or a homebirth. My son's birth was with a CNM, but I had a lot of interventions that I didn't want, so I'm hoping for a better labor this time around.

I look forward to getting to know all of you and I hope I get to stick around the full 9 months this time!

Lacie, mama to Ethan (5), Logan (2), and Dylan, born 5/12/11!
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I'm Julie, I'm 31, this is my 4th pregnancy and will be our 4th child. We have 3 boys (5, 3.75, 14m on the 18th) and my husband and I have been married almost 7 years.

I'm a SAHM, WAHM (I am 1/2 of the dyeing team of Selah on Hyena cart), I LOVE to knit and anything re: birth. I'm a doula and midwife assistant when I can be. I had my first at the hospital (a homebirth-to-hospital-transfer after 38 hours of labor), my second at home and our third was an unassisted waterbirth. My husband owns his own business and together we make a wonderful team.

I'm a fraternal twin and have a niece that is 6 days younger than my youngest - I LOVE being an aunt!! Overall I enjoy my family tremendously.

Mama to 5 amazing little people, and a surrogate mama to another.
Avid Unassisted Birth supporter/Mama
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I'm MacKenzie, I am 23 (which I normally don't readily share because people tend to think I am a young naive mama- which I am not!). I have been married for 4 years on New Years Eve to Jeremiah and have an 18 month old DS- Roman. I am currently just over 4 weeks along, due June 19. I am a WAHM (I own a business that helps teach mamas about the natural choices they have in parenting while helping them see that they don't have to go totally granola to parent naturally- I also sell product), and I am also training to become a postpartum doula.

My first birth was all natural (including no IV) at a local level 3 hospital, and although it went mostly how I had layed out in my birth plan, it is not an experience I want to repeat. We are planning a homebirth with the only CNM in the area and I am so looking forward to birthing in my own peaceful home environment. However, my CNM is a little nervous about the baby since my brother has spina bifada, so I have much higher chances of having a baby with the same birth defect. We have made the decision to wait until the 20 week ultrasound to find out if there is a problem and I am trying to just put it in the Lord's hands and not let it worry me. This baby will be however God intends and I just have to rest in that- I am trying to have peace in the mystery.

I am still nursing DS- he is a total boob man so we will have to see if he starts showing signs of weaning as my milk decreases. I know DH would really like him to wean, while personally I would like to hold on to this connection for a while longer. We shall see.

Lets see, hmmm, what else? I love to knit and do crafts in general. I used to be an awesome homemaker but lately that has slipped a bit- need to get a handle back on that. We intend to homeschool and I would like at least 4 children biologically, and possibly adopt after that. I guess that is all for now! I am looking forward to getting to know all you ladies over the next 8 months!
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Hi I am Vanessa. I am 26, and partenered to a wonderful man named Kevin who is 40. I have one son Byron who is 2.5 from a previous marriage and he is fantastic. He is weaned but we are a very attached mama/son. He doesn't cosleep which is just fine by me, he finally sleeps through the night!
Right now I work assembling out-going orders in a grocery warehouse, I also put away freight. Which means all day long I lift boxes 10-80lb. Needless to say I have been dog tired after work this last week. I plan to be a SAHM after this one is born.
I had a very very miserable pregnancy with ds. I had exreme fatigue/low bp, complete hip seperation at 20weeks, pneumonia which landed me in the hospital and pre-e for the last 12 weeks of pregnancy. I was induced when I went into liver failure which led to 3 days of labour, an epi, and a c/s.
I am really hoping to have a nateral childbirth this time. I don't think I will consider a home birth (too scared with how bad the last one was) But I do want to have a midwife attend me with no drugs etc. We will have to wait and see I guess. I may end up in the same boat if I get pre-e again.

Vanessa belly.gif, wife to Kev , mama to Byron (5) wild.gif and Billie (2) and  due in June
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Hi! Welcome everyone! It's so interesting reading about you all, I wish we were neighbors!

My names Erin, I'm 29, my dh Geoff is 34. We have one son Kylan, he'll be 2 in November. Both pregnancies were planned, and I'd like to maybe have one more. I'd like to have a homebirth this time, but I haven't completely decided. I was 10 days late with ds and induced with pit, although I did it without epi. I birthed at a hospital birthing center with a 'medwife'. My labor was not all bad, but I was unhappy with the constant monitoring. This time I will have a doula, I discovered last time that my dh is not a birth coach (although he is a great masseuse!)

I am a sahm and a part-time nanny. I watch a 10mo boy (since he was 6w) and his 6yo sister.

I have been very tired and been taking naps with ds any day he is willing. I usually like cooking, but not for the past few weeks!

We are a vegetarian family and strive to live as green as possible. I enjoy gardening, canning, cooking, sewing, and knitting.

Homeschooling mama to Kylan (11yo), Everest (9yo), Bodhi (5yo), and Meadow (18mo)
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I can't believe I am posting here.... I am still in a state of shock of this pregnancy so please bear with me..

My name is Yonit and I just had my 4th baby 8 months ago. My kids are 17, almost 8, 6.5 and 8 months. I seem to have this weird history as my 2nd and 3rd are just about 17 months apart and so will these 2. But I also have these wide very infertile gaps between kids (including a bunch of miscarriages) I will be 40 in about 2 months.

I actually had an appointment to discuss birth control of some sort with my doc next week. MY DH is elated, I am less so. Although I know I will come on board soon.. Right now we aren't telling anyone.

I am now 5 weeks pregnant, due with #5 on June 15. We will be planning another homebirth (our 3rd out of hospital birth). I homeschool our kids - although my oldest is now a sophomore in college.

I am also a doula and childbirth educator. Although, I haven't attended any births in a while due to having my own baby. I did just take a job teaching CBE in a maternity center though. I also work as a trainer for a doula training program. And in my copious amounts of spare time I am working on a doctorate in Naturopathy.

So, I guess that is me
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My intro will have to be quick....2yo dd running wild. I'm Susan. 4wk6days pregnant with #2. Feeling good but cannot wait for 'very early' pregnancy to be over!
We are very excited. Will plan a homebirth. Had my first in a hospital out of necessity. I'm a SAHM for now and loving it. Married 6years (together 11) to my dh. We're both 34.

That's all I can think of!
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So - I'm Anna, I'm 23, have been with Harry, 26, for 1.5 years. We weren't planning this pregnancy. I'm doing a masters in medical anthropology at the moment, & this babe has been given a due date RIGHT in the middle of the exams. Going to have to get an extension of a year or so on my dissertation. DP is a 1st year medical student. We live in London.

It has taken me a long time to feel okay with this, but hopefully I am there. I've had an abortion before & despite my doubts the situation feels very different this time around... We were being investigated for a suspected ectopic pregnancy, so we got to see the little jellybean on Friday, measuring at about 7 weeks. That was fantastic, & has made me feel much better about this adventure...

I'm hoping to have a homebirth - under the NHS all women are guaranteed the right to have a homebirth - assuming the pregnancy is trouble free.

Off to the library now!
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My name is Lori. I am 29 years old. I have been married to my DH, James, 30, for a little over a year. We have one son, who we call Bean, who is 16 mos. I am a SAHM who just very recently finished my MA is sociology (Yeah me!!). My DH is a botanical technician for a local timber company. We live in beautiful, rainy Humboldt County. I really want a VBAC but it seems that the only place that offers them are revising their policy on VBACs, so who knows. My birth with my son was really traumatizing, so I try to not to stress too much on how this birth will be. I'm still kind of surpirsed that I'm here. We only tried for one month, and even then we barely tried. I guess we are just really fertile. I was on the pill when Bean came along. I really can't wait for the gross part of being pg to be over. I feel like poop all of the time.
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Hi Everyone! I just found out on Friday, but after three HPTs and 3 BFPs (although faint) I'm here.

I'm Sara-29, been with my guy Adam-28 for 5 years. We have a 2yo Cody who is still nursing and co-sleeping. No plans to stop any of that anytime soon. Although this last week I have been working on night-weaning as I know I will need my sleep!

I am a full time student, which I am sick of, but I only have one quarter left so I just want to get it done. I will graduate in March (accounting) which will give me a few months to relax before baby is born. Then I will be a SAHM until some later date when I feel like getting a job. DP is an electrician apprentice which means he also goes to school two nights a week in addition to a 40-hour job. We just bought a house this summer and are doing some remodeling (ourselves). WE have one room to get done and now that a baby is coming, we better do it soon because that's where I want the tub for my home-water birth!

My DS was born in a birthcenter in the water. It was an amazing experience and perfect in every way. This time I *think* I"m going for a homebirth. As long as I can find a great midwife. If not, I will go back to the birthcenter, I loved my midwife there. We just moved 45 min away from it, so I didn't really want to have to drive in labor, but we'll see.

I love to cook (but not lately), garden, read, sew, I'm hugely into environmentally sensitive living and strive to be better everyday.

I did have one mc before DS so I'm very much holding my breath here and no one IRL knows about this except DP. I'll probably wait a bit to tell people. Oh, and this will be my last kiddo.

Nice to *meet* all of you!!

                                       DS 7 ~ DS 3

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Hi Everyone!
I am Michelle, 32 DH is Edsel, also 32. We've been married for 6 years but together for 12. This is our first and I am 5 weeks, 4 days today, due June 12th by my own calculations. I live in Atlanta and there aren't any birth centers here, my husband is terrified of homebirth, so we will be having a hospital birth. They do have birthing tubs and allow waterbirths so that is what I am shooting for.

This pregnancy was a little bit of a shock in the sense that we were ready but not really trying yet. I had been tracking my temps and charting so I was pretty aware of my fertile time. I guess I just didn't think it would happen so soon (first month we kind of tried). We are thrilled though!! I feel great so far, just a little tired. Last night I started getting a scratchy throat so hopefully I am not getting sick!

I currently work full time at a mortgage company and plan on SAH once the baby comes so I am trying to come up with something to do from home to supplement income. I know we can do it, we'll just need to get creative. I do have moments of panic about this but then I remind myself that it will all work out one way or another!

Lets see, what else? We strive to live as naturally as possible, we eat mainly organic, not processed food. We do eat meat but lately I haven't wanted it much. I used to be vegetarian so we'll see what happens throughout this pregnancy.

It's so great to read all of your intros and *meet* all of you! I am looking forward to this journey together!
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I'm 31 and so is DH. We've been married for almost 8.5 years. Our oldest is 5.5 and she was 2.5 weeks early - very hard back labor - not fun delivery. Our second is 2.5 and he came 4 weeks early because my water broke. But he weighed almost 7 lbs, so I'm glad he did. His delivery was MUCH easier and they kept us 24 hours only because he was that early. It was a wonderful experience.

We moved to the Denver area about a year ago, so this will be my first child with this new doctor. But, he comes highly recommended by several friends, and is very understanding on what I do/don't want from this pregnancy. I'm excited.

DH is an art director/designer and I'm a SAHM, though I write freelance on occasion. Mostly I just love hanging out with my kids and our neighbors. We have a great little community here and it is a nice, more relaxed, change of pace from the area we moved from (San Francisco Bay Area).

Oh, and I'm due June 5, but who knows WHEN this baby will make his/her appearance. We aren't finding out what we're having since we already have one of each (and the clothes to go with it) and this will be our last child. Whee!
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Hi ya'll! I'm Dianna, 34, married to DH Brett, who is 41. I'm momma to Abigail, age 12; Rachel, age 18m, and the new baby is due 6/1/08. This is my 4th PG .. had a miscarriage at 8-10wks before having Abigail.

I'm a nurse in the ER, working 2 days per week. DH is self-employed, as a realtor and an appraiser. We were lucky to have him stay home with Rachel for her first year.
I'm also involved with a cooperative playgroup, Brilliant Babies, with some of my other AP mom friends! It's LOADS of fun .. I feel like a pre-school teacher, while I'm hanging with other like minded moms!

Feeling pretty good so far with this PG .. I'm not nauseated .. but it's a weird "OMG, I MUST eat NOW, or else I'll throw up" feeling. Does this make sense to anyone? Kind of like a strange, borderline low blood sugar kind of feel.
Current cravings ... SPAGHETTIOS with meatballs ... did the same thing with Rachel, too.

I am still nursing Rachel .. no plans to stop that; but I am TRYING to night wean ... mostly for my sleep! We're co-sleeping, and I may look at attempting to put her in her bed (which is in our room) soon. I just know that when I get bigger, it's going to be a struggle to get comfy ...

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!


Catholic homeschooling mom of 5 - a teenager, a kindergartener, twin boys and a tiny princess. Follow the Adventures! 

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I'm Tanya, 33, and pregnant with my 5th baby! We have 4 children - Kylah is 11.5 and my only hospital birth, Jonah is 8.5 and was my first beautiful homebirth, Griffin is 5.5 and was born on my birthday at home, Finnley is nearly 2.5 and was also a home waterbirth. Two boys sandwiched between two girls.

While we were planning to have another child, we were hoping to start this winter. Guess this baby had other plans! In all honesty, I'm still shocked I'm pregnant. I've been charting forever (to avoid pregnancy). We BD'd on cycle day 9 and I didn't ovulate until cycle day 14-16 - dh's swimmers lived for a LONG time in a very dry environment. Suffice to say, we're thinking "baby girl" which would be just fine as I have a lot of little girly clothes that need more use!

Dh, 34, is a 3rd year resident. Ellie, when I was pregnant with our last, he graduated a few days before my due date. She was 12 days late, but dh had about 6 weeks off before starting residency so we had a good month with him before he began his intern year. We also were not moving which helped a lot! He's currently a resident in adult psychiatry, applying to the child psychiatry program this year and hopes to have only 2 more years of residency.

I'm a small business owner and I work out of the home (I was a WAHM for many, many years). This will be the first newborn with my new WOHM status so I'm not at all sure how that's going to work. The good news is I have a great team of people working for me and may actually get a maternity leave this time that lasts more than 24 hours!

We live in Lino Lakes, Minnesota. Our children attend a local Waldorf school. I love to knit and have been crazily knitting daily for many months now. Gaining new skills every day!

Happy to be here!
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I'm Rachel, 27, married to Doug, 29. We've been married for four years and together for a total of 11 years. We have two boys, Colwyn (who will be 4 in a week) and Lachlann (who is 2). With the boys, we got pregnant the first month we tried, so I was surprised this time when it took three months. But three months isn't bad, overall. I'm due June 4th, which puts me at 7 weeks.

My boys were born in the hospital, I had great epidurals with both of them, and the births were fantastic. This time I'm hoping for a homebirth (still haven't fully decided) not to avoid drugs, but to stay in a more comfortable environment and to keep the baby from rough handling/separation/etc. I'm quite nervous about how I'll handle the pain, though.

My husband is a systems administrator/development engineer and I mostly stay at home, though I do work per diem evenings and weekends at the local hospital (in the staffing office). I'm looking forward to not having to work outside the house at all after this kiddo is born.

We homeschool, garden, read voraciously, and love our dog and ferret.
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I'm Anne. My wonderful DH and I have 3 children (see my sig.) We had an ectopic pregnancy before our DD. Then I had a m/c before our first DS. Then I miscarried twins before our second DS.

We were not planning this pregnancy. We're surprised but happy!

I was willing to wait to find out our baby's gender, but my DH wants to know so I guess we'll be finding out. We have several ultrasounds in our pregnancy because of a risk for congenital heart defects so finding out hasn't been a problem.
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I'm Cathy and I've been married to my DH, Nick, since I was four months pregnant with our oldest daughter. Annabel (Annie) is five and was unplanned. She was born in hospital, drug free. DD2, Juliet, has just turned four. She was born at home at 41 weeks. DD3, Natalie, was born in April at home with Juliet present (Annie chose not to be there). I'm an SAHM and we homeschool. Natalie is exclusively breastfed and Juliet and Annie nurse occasionally (which we don't really tell people about... not offline anyway!) Annie sleeps with us, Juliet sleeps on a mattress in our room and Natalie is in a sidecar - she seems to sleep better there than in our room.

This pregnancy is a bit of a surprise. I haven't had a period since Natalie was born, but I had a lot of my usual pregnancy symptoms so I took a test and sure enough, pregnant. We're not really sure about a due date but we suspect early-mid June at this point. The midwife thinks it will be earlier rather than later, but we'll see. We've only told a few people.

I'm really tired at the moment and nauseous almost constantly. While being excited about this baby I'm a little nervous, we didn't feel ready to have another one yet.

Annie '02, Juliet '04, Natalie '07, Maggie '08, Theodore 11/8/10.
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Hi, I'm ShawnMarie 37, married Scott, 28, for five months now. I have a DD Sheridan who is 13.

My ex (married 12 years, divorced 2 years ago) did not want more children and I never thought I'd find someone I wanted to marry after that mess, let alone someone who wanted kids while I was still young enough to have them so this is all a very welcome surprise for me.

I thought it'd take awhile to get preggers because of my age and being on the pill for so long, but it happened 7 months faster than when I was 23 with DD.

My first birth experience was awful in many ways, though I did not have a CS. I almost wish I had since DD was 10lbs 6.5oz and she did a great deal of damage to my insides on the way out. She was late, I was induced and threw up the entire time. I remember every time they upped the pitocin I puked. I also was induced on a Friday and was told, "If you don't have the baby by 5 we are doing a CS. The doctor has to go out of town tonight." Geez.

I have picked different doctors who work in a hospital that I have come to like very much because of past visits for surgery. It is a religious hospital and though I do not practice a religion myself, I find that their routines and appreciation for life are comforting to me.

I'm concerned about another big baby and the fact that I have had surgery for diverticulosis... a third of my colon has been removed and there is scar tissue etc. Plus I have a spastic colon, IBS and all that good stuff. Since I was so young when I had the surgery none of the doctors in the area have had a patient who had the surgery go on to have children so it is kind of navigating the unknown.

My biggest concern is a diverticulitis attack because the medications I have to go on are damaging to me, I can't image what they'd do to a baby and not treating it is not an option - I had a perforated colon the last time. So lots of fiber and hoping for me that I make it through these months without Divertic trouble.

So, that's it for me. I'm not sleeping well and I have night sickness instead of morning sickness. I can't bear to eat or drink anything after 3pm. That means I wake up dizzy, but after a glass of juice I'm usually OK.

Nice to meet everyone.
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Hi my name is Rina, 27 and I am with my DH, 40 for 5 years. We are expecting our 1st kid now. I have Master's degree in History and DH is an electonics engineer. I am going to college again to get a degree in network engineering
I am planning to stay home or go part-time until the kid goes to school.
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I'm Stephanie, mom to 4 year old dd, married for seven years (actually been together for twelve years.) I'm 32 and five weeks or so along now. I had an amazing pregnancy and birth in a birth center with #1, and considering a home birth for #2. My biggest concern is my sensitive girl, I want it to be a postitive experience for her, so hoping our friends can keep an eye on her for a while.

Glad to have found this thread!
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Hello all,

I'm an apprentice homebirth midwife in CO. I'm 33, have been married to a wonderful man for 16 years and together have three home-birthed boys (15, 11 and 8). We didn't plan to have another, but are happy to "start over" again nonetheless! I've attended 60-70 home births so far in the two and half years I've been birth assisting, and I really look forward to experiencing pregnancy and birth from this new angle. Haven't decided yet whether I'll have a midwife attended homebirth, or try for a UC. I figure I have plenty of time to know for certain when the time comes.

I had a miscarriage last June and so am still riding through that "wonder-if-this-one-will-stick" phase. Looking for all those tale-tell signs of present hormones; so far, we've got a little hint of this and a little hint of that. Just having faith that whatever will be will be.

Glad to be here!

O, and my EDD is 6/10. Six little ol' weeks today.

Midwife apprentice and mama to 6, including three UC babies: Jude River, 06/04/08, Elora Wren Isolde, 9/27/10, and our newest addition, Eilish Neve Isebeul, 6/12/14!
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Hi everyone!

Fascinating stories! It's so fun to be comparing notes with all of you, as we move in a clump down the timeline towards June.

My name is Sarah. I'm 34 as of last week, and 5 weeks pg with my first biological baby. However, I'm already a Mama. My partner, Johanne, carried our first child. Jonah's 2-and-a-half now. Johanne and I have been together for almost 9 years, married for 3+.

I'm thinking I'd really like a homebirth with a tub and a midwife, but may instead use a birthing center if I can get in. Major waiting lists here. All I know for sure is I'd strongly prefer not to go anywhere near a hospital.

Johanne has stayed at home with Jonah all this time, though he has just started part-time daycare up the street and he loves it. I'm an executive at a company in downtown Montreal. We're going to have to switch roles when this baby comes! (Actually, I hope we can put away enough money to keep us both home full-time for many months, and maternity leave in Canada is up to 1 year with partial payment, so we can probably make it work if we stay in our teeny-tiny condo.)

We're mainly vegetarian, definitely AP-oriented, and madly/deeply/forever in love with our little toddler. I actually find myself hurting a little on his behalf, knowing that another baby is coming. But I'm also celebrating on his behalf, knowing he'll have a sibling for life.

Anyone else thinking about trying Elimination Communication for the first time with this next baby?
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oops - dbl post
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Hello, I am Beth. I am 22 years old and have been married for 1.5 years. We had a surprise pregnancy in April '07 that sadly ended in miscarriage at 13 weeks. After that we decided that we were ready to ttc. We waited the (almost) 3 months after the D&C and got pregnant again the first month that we tried. So here I am 5 weeks along and due on June 16th!
I currently work as a manager at a drop-in childcare center and my husband works full time and is a senior in college, getting his bachelor's in mechanical engineering. I will be going back to work after the birth but will be able to take the baby with me. I am planning on a hospital birth, hopefully naturally but we will see...
I plan on breastfeeding, cosleeping, babywearing, and all that fun stuff...
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