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wildflowermama's Avatar wildflowermama 04:42 PM 10-22-2007
Is this something I should be worried about. I am trying to think when that started for my first three.

Prairiemother's Avatar Prairiemother 05:27 PM 10-22-2007
If it helps, I'm in the same boat. I think I ovulated on Sept. 30 and I don't feel pregnant but my doctor tells me I am! This is my third pregnancy. I'm doing as you - trying to think when it started with the first ones - and I think it was further along, in both cases, because I normally have a 40-day, sometimes more, sometimes less, cycle, and plus each time I expected it to take a while to get pregnant (silly, I know) so it was a while before I missed AF and/or had symptoms... maybe 8 or 9 weeks? Even then, and you would think I'd know better, with the second one I couldn't figure out why I kept falling asleep and why my milk was disappearing.

So hopefully for both of us, it's fine. How far along are you?
kltroy's Avatar kltroy 05:35 PM 10-22-2007
I'm the same... am 6.5 weeks now and nothing. I looked at the journal I kept last time (this is #2 for me) and I didn't feel ANYTHING until I was around 8 weeks last time. *shrug* Even then, I just felt dissatisfied about food - nothing major.
wildflowermama's Avatar wildflowermama 06:47 PM 10-22-2007
About six weeks along.

I am pretty tired all the time and hungry all the time. Not having food aversions does make it easier to eat healthy.

It also hurts to nurse my daughter, but that seems to be getting easier, or I'm just used to it.
DiannaK's Avatar DiannaK 07:08 PM 10-22-2007
Originally Posted by wildflowermama View Post
Is this something I should be worried about. I am trying to think when that started for my first three.
I wasn't sick at all with Rachel ... I wouldn't sweat it ... just be glad!
BirthFree's Avatar BirthFree 09:33 PM 10-22-2007
I've been wondering the same thing - I remember feeling much more pg "ick wise" the other times - but there's nothing to change about it I suppose so I'm trying to just stay positive and enjoy the time I have feeling ok.
Daisy Fleur's Avatar Daisy Fleur 11:24 PM 10-22-2007
I only have very occasional nausea. I don't have any food aversions at all. Some things taste funny though! Or I'll suddenly get turned off to what I'm eating.