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mamatosaskia's Avatar mamatosaskia 02:00 PM 10-25-2007
Hi ladies:

I thought I would introduce myself, although I am a little nervous to be here!

I'm Jacqueline, 32 and mama to one awesome little dd (3.5). I have had two miscarriages this year (one blighted ovum and one very early pg, didn't even know I was pg). Both times were oopsies, this was the first month we tried again to get pg with #2. My due date is June 26th, the same due date I had with my dd!!

Anyway, I hope that this one sticks and I can ride out the next 9 months in this due date club.

Looking forward to chatting with you all over the course of our pregnancies!


momma2be's Avatar momma2be 02:25 PM 10-25-2007
Welcome to the Club! Sending lots of sticky vibes your way!
Chic_Mama's Avatar Chic_Mama 02:32 PM 10-25-2007
Welcome! Make sure to post in the due dates sticky!
imbarefoot's Avatar imbarefoot 01:56 AM 10-26-2007
Welcome. I suffered a m/c in July and hope this one sticks as well!