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June 2008 > what tastes like cool ranch doritos but is low sodium? hmmm....
*mama moose*'s Avatar *mama moose* 06:44 PM 12-08-2007
I know that has to be the oddest title I could post...
My MW has me on a low sodium diet. My blood pressure was on the high range of normal, and she really wants me to keep it down since my BP got pretty high at the end of my last pregnancy....
And I am doing REALLY good, eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies, cut out the processed soy meats and boxed junky stuff almost completely.....
But OMG I would kill for some cool ranch doritos right this minute. I Know its one of those weird prego things, because I don't eat doritos. I avoid food dyes and MSG and all that other nasty stuff in there....but they were a childhood favorite and I was just hit with a craving for them like a mac truck!
I ALMOST posted this in nutrition/food forum, but I was too embaressed
So I thought I'd brainstorm ideas with my DDC who won't laugh at me

So, what tastes like a cool ranch dorito chip that is not too high in sodium? And for anyone who hasn't had this kind of chip, it tastes nothing like ranch, which always amused me, but is also confusing me now trying to figure out WHAT it actually tastes like....

BlueMoonBean's Avatar BlueMoonBean 07:14 PM 12-08-2007
Absolutely can't help you... BUT, if it makes you feel better there are not one but TWO ginormous bags of Nacho Cheese Doritos in my pantry RIGHT NOW! :

I don't usually eat that craptastic stuff either, but.... if I can hold it down, yadda, yadda, yadda.... :
*mama moose*'s Avatar *mama moose* 07:20 PM 12-08-2007
LOL I think I should just go eat some. I mean, I can't be perfect all the time, right? and I'm not taking my blood pressure TODAY...soo.....

SumnerRain's Avatar SumnerRain 07:22 PM 12-08-2007
Go for it, just drink a lot of water and opt for a snack size bag and not a family bag!
balancedmama's Avatar balancedmama 07:53 PM 12-08-2007
I cannot think of a single thing that occurs in nature with that flavor.

Did you know they used to make cool ranch fritos? Yum, all of those transfats. I used to eat them in high school. They discontinued them, probably for the good of all.

I would probably just get a snack sized bag and enjoy every bite. I find w/ pregnancy cravings, if I eat to avoid the one 'bad' thing...I end up eating myself out of the kitchen and then eating the bad thing anyway.
*mama moose*'s Avatar *mama moose* 08:33 PM 12-08-2007
talk about a sign from the heavens. I walked to the corner store, and they were CLOSED! They're never closed, even on major holidays!! We don't have a car, so I can't get them elsewhere either
Its probably all for the best, but I'm still a little sad over it
JustVanessa's Avatar JustVanessa 08:47 PM 12-08-2007
Originally Posted by *mama moose* View Post
talk about a sign from the heavens. I walked to the corner store, and they were CLOSED! They're never closed, even on major holidays!! We don't have a car, so I can't get them elsewhere either
Its probably all for the best, but I'm still a little sad over it
Make homeade baked fries with Ms. Dash (sodium free seasoning) on them....it might curb the need for fried food.
LianneM's Avatar LianneM 08:47 PM 12-08-2007
ohh, so sorry! I was going to suggest getting a snack-size bag too!

And fritos - I don't think those have trans-fats do they? I distinctly remember being ok with munching on them recently
LeahC's Avatar LeahC 11:07 PM 12-08-2007
I have found that if I deny myself my cravings (pregnant or not) then I obsess and obsess and then eat wayyyy too much of it the next chance I get and feel sick. However, if I get hit with the same craving and act on it in a reasonable time frame, then I eat just some and then I am satisfied. I don't eat nearly the amount I would if I kept putting off the craving, KWIM?

So, I say go for it. Treat yourself when you are able to get to the grocery store and enjoy every salty bite! Just drink lots of water and you should be fine!
saffrondaisy's Avatar saffrondaisy 12:49 AM 12-09-2007
Oh, man, why did you mention Doritos??? I haven't thought about them in YEARS, and now I can't get them off my mind! Thanks. :-)

Good luck finding something to scratch that itch!
lmonter's Avatar lmonter 03:10 AM 12-09-2007
My local grocery store has almond chip thingies... let me see if I can find a box... Ah, Blue Diamond Nut Thins. Kinda close to Doritos, but without the gut hangover. The cheesy ones I've got in front of me have 250mg of sodium per 16ish crackers (which they say is 10% RDI). They're actually more filling than you'd think, too.
anjasma's Avatar anjasma 02:01 PM 12-09-2007
Well, they're not quite Doritos, but I buy Mexi Snax Pico de Gallo flavor. They still have some sodium (180 mg. per serving) but a little goes a long way. And they do not have MSG, trans fats or hydrogenated oils. I get them at Fred Meyer (grocery store) in the natural foods section.
keeganjacksmom's Avatar keeganjacksmom 05:13 PM 12-09-2007
I'll have you know that thanks to this post I'm now eating a snack size bag of cool ranch doritos I haven't had these since I was a kid
*mama moose*'s Avatar *mama moose* 05:14 PM 12-09-2007
I am going to target today and its on the top of my list! LOL
saffrondaisy's Avatar saffrondaisy 05:58 PM 12-09-2007
FYI—Cool Ranch Doritos only have 170 mg sodium per serving. How do I know this? I just got back from the grocery story with my very own bag. :-)
Trail's Avatar Trail 09:05 PM 12-09-2007
I had 1 gram's worth of Doritos Cool Ranch chips with my tuna at lunch today. Snack bags are the best!

bellydance2290's Avatar bellydance2290 09:20 PM 12-09-2007
So, I went to Kroger after reading this fully intending to get a snack size bag of cool ranch doritos. I ended up getting Flat Earth baked veggie chips in tomato ranch flavor. I can't say that they taste like a cool ranch dorito, but they did kind of taste like a dorito and give you a half serving of veggies with every 12 chips! They weren't really low sodium though. I dipped mine in low fat sour cream and they were sooooo tasty.
sunmamma's Avatar sunmamma 03:03 PM 12-10-2007
Hey, just an FYI for those of you not on a recommended low sodium diet. I read (www.believeinbirth.com) that it is best not to cut down your sodium during pregnancy. You actually need it. Otherwise you can actually cause pre-e. A woman's blood volume increases by approx. 40%, and you need sodium to assist this function. That being said, i guess we can't go super crazy on the salt, but I remember craving it last time, and my mw saying it was ok. I ate lots of olives!

BTW I love the blue diamond cheese nut thins and the pico de gallo chips!
june08's Avatar june08 04:27 PM 12-10-2007
As I type I'm munching on Sun Chips -- Harvest Cheddar "flavor". I know they make an onion flavor too, which is reminiscent of cool ranch, but not exactly the same. The Sun Chips taste saltier than the 160mg per serving would lead you to believe, which is good b/c I'm on a salt kick!

Sun Chips might be a good substitute, but I you might go for at least a small bag of the real deal and then try to get by on a replacement.

Good luck!
LianneM's Avatar LianneM 06:07 PM 12-10-2007
I am totally craving some chips about now Sun Chips sound so good! I have the Almond crackers but they are not doing it for me for some reason. Sigh. I almost would just take DS for a walk to the closest gas station but I'm afraid I don't have the energy to do it - like I'd get there and not be able to get us back home :
*mama moose*'s Avatar *mama moose* 07:19 PM 12-10-2007
sunmama, my MW told me to try to not eat anything over 100mg of sodium since my blood pressure is on the high end of normal (it was 122/84 last time) and I was induced w/ August (at an OB practice) because my blood pressure was rising a lot at the end. One thing that I JUST thought of though, was that I was eating french fries before all my OB visits last time! I was talking with a friend about pregnancy cravings and was saying "oh yeah I ate fries like everyday...." then had a big "duh!" moment! No wonder my blood pressure was so high! So I'm trying to keep it under 300-400mgs per meal and focus on fresh fruits and veggies.....
Do you think thats ok though? I'm really worried about pre-E this time.....
sunmamma's Avatar sunmamma 02:09 PM 12-11-2007
mamamoose, do they try having you lay on your left side to take your blood pressure? I know I am a bit "excitable" at any dr. or mw appointments, and usually my bp is a bit higher. I have been to the doc before, not pregs, and told them it would be high. I was right, and asked them to try again at the end of the appointment, and it was always lower! While prego, we would have me lay on my left side and it would be way lower.

So, if they are doing it right at the begining of your appt, maybe try again laying on the left, or at the end of the appt. and see if there is a marked change. And as far as what I've read, you should salt to taste. I don't know what the actual recommended intake is. And if you were eating french fries from pretty much any restaurant or fast food joint, yeah, they have an amazing amount of sodium in them!! But I don't know how much it would affect your bp. I would talk to your mw about how much salt is safe for you, so that you are still getting the amount of sodium your bod needs.
anjasma's Avatar anjasma 02:56 PM 12-11-2007
I would also talk with your mw about how diets affect pre-e. I posted a bit about this in the tea thread, but my mw suggested a diet high in anti-oxidants for pre-e as the new research shows that it helps reduce the swelling in the blood vessels feeding the baby/placenta. She also recommended 1000 i.u. of calcium (separate from prenatals) for me.