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June 2008 > Woah, gained 4lbs in a week!
BirthFree's Avatar BirthFree 03:36 PM 12-12-2007
Hello weight gain, holy cow! My oh so wonderful husband made me feel great about it. "Honey, I gained FOUR pounds this week!!" (He, smiling: ) "That's GREAT Honey!! (nodding)."

Obviously I knew at some point I was going to start to gain weight, but that took me by surprise - is that dumb?

kltroy's Avatar kltroy 03:41 PM 12-12-2007
Haha good for you! (is this before or after peeing? ) I remember last pregnancy in the 4 weeks surrounding Christmas I managed to gain 8 lbs. I was amazed... I guess all those desserts really *do* add up.
JustVanessa's Avatar JustVanessa 03:58 PM 12-12-2007
I remember once during ds's pregnancy I gained 10lb in 2 weeks (between 26 and 28 weeks). Even though I hadn't gained anything yet and knew it was coming it was still a shock.
Congrats to you if that is the only weight you have gained.
Kendra_'s Avatar Kendra_ 04:05 PM 12-12-2007
I want to gain four pounds in a week :/
I'm starting to feel like a bad mom because i lost weight again
I eat.. i swear
probably doesn't help that morning sickness still hasn't gone away
BirthFree's Avatar BirthFree 06:12 PM 12-12-2007
kltroy, after.
It's the first weight, I lost 2lbs with feeling soooooooooo sick. I can't eat sugar most of the time (long story) so I actually haven't been eating all that different, but after reading here I was supposed to be eating 2800 calories if nursing AND pg I felt ashamed, no way no how was I eating that. So I've been trying to do better - and, um, looks like I have.

I still have that ANNOYING society training though, I didn't feel good about that weight gain - blah. Just my first shocked moment, I normally don't care. I'll shift to "health" mode.