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June 2008 > Whoa - that was brutal. But awesome. My baby is here!
francesca's Avatar francesca 04:48 PM 05-16-2008
34 hours after my water broke (11:45 pm, May 15), Gemma Yvette was born weighing 5 lbs 12 oz and measuring 18 inches long. She's tiny! I thought for sure I was having a boy, too! My OB was really great about not pushing pitocin until my water had been ruptured for more than 24 hours, but at that point I was only contracting every 5-6 minutes and still only at a 3. We decided to go with pitocin and that was really hard on me, mentally. Oh, and physically. I had back labor the whole time, and pitocin, but DH and my doula were really fantastic and I still got the natural birth I was going for. My nurse was awesome, suggesting so many different positions - my birth ball (leaning on it, while on my knees) was wonderful, and the squat bar was great. My OB was super attentive and stuck with me for the last hour and a half when I couldn't move past a 9. And then there was ctx, layered upon ctx, so it felt like I just had one huge ctx for 8 minutes. And then I felt the overwhelming feeling to poop. They kept telling me not to push because I still had a cervical lip (they thought) and I think I asked them to remove it (like, "CUT.IT.OFF!") but my body was in control and it was doing the pushing. She came out pretty quickly and had the cord around her neck a couple times pretty tight. She pinked RIGHT up, though, and nursed within an hour.

It wasn't the blissful peaceful enjoyable birth I was hoping for, but I did it. And I did it naturally. And I never ever want to do it again.


Good luck, mamas! Can't wait to read about the rest of our babies!

AKA_PI's Avatar AKA_PI 04:53 PM 05-16-2008
How precious and congrats on your birth.
tonia_jo's Avatar tonia_jo 04:56 PM 05-16-2008
Halfasianmomma's Avatar Halfasianmomma 04:59 PM 05-16-2008
What a trooper...congrats!!!
Kylahroo's Avatar Kylahroo 05:03 PM 05-16-2008
She is a tiny little squirt! Congratulations!!
LianneM's Avatar LianneM 05:05 PM 05-16-2008
aswbarry's Avatar aswbarry 05:07 PM 05-16-2008
What a sweet pea!
Nicole B's Avatar Nicole B 05:08 PM 05-16-2008
What a sweet lil peanut!
I can't believe the June births have started already!:
Qerratsmom's Avatar Qerratsmom 05:12 PM 05-16-2008
What a sweetheart! and way to go to you Mama! Back labor and pitocin and you did naturally, YOU ARE AWESOME! Enjoy your baby girl.
PS I've loved following your pregnancy because our kids are the same age and we are both on our third.!
spewie's Avatar spewie 05:15 PM 05-16-2008
Congratulations! You get a double award for going natural with pit (aka the DEVIL!) Happy babymoon!
Desert Rose's Avatar Desert Rose 05:20 PM 05-16-2008
Congratulations and much respect! I am in awe!
bellydance2290's Avatar bellydance2290 05:23 PM 05-16-2008
She's beautiful!! Congratulations!
Chalex's Avatar Chalex 05:24 PM 05-16-2008

Congratulations on your daughter!
(cringed at the thought of your back labour--eek!)
MamaHen2J&J's Avatar MamaHen2J&J 05:30 PM 05-16-2008
She's GORGEOUS! Congrats momma!!
kltroy's Avatar kltroy 05:50 PM 05-16-2008
Congrats!!! She's beautiful!
StacyL's Avatar StacyL 06:06 PM 05-16-2008
Congratulations! Gemma is a great name!
Barcino's Avatar Barcino 06:19 PM 05-16-2008
She is precious and I love her name! Awesome Job mama!
Jazzmin's Avatar Jazzmin 06:22 PM 05-16-2008
mamatosaskia's Avatar mamatosaskia 06:25 PM 05-16-2008
Wow, seriously pit without an epidural sounds like a heroic birth to me!

What a darling little peanut she is. I love the last line of your post "and i never ever want to do it again!" That really brought home how hard you worked.

Congratualtions to you mama!! How exciting!!!!

halaroo's Avatar halaroo 06:46 PM 05-16-2008
Congratulations! She's beautiful!
catholicmama's Avatar catholicmama 07:05 PM 05-16-2008
congrats!!!!! lucky duck to be holding her!!!
Oonah's Avatar Oonah 07:13 PM 05-16-2008
she's adorable! congrats!
lab80's Avatar lab80 07:17 PM 05-16-2008
*Karen*'s Avatar *Karen* 07:36 PM 05-16-2008
She is so tiny! Congrats!
BlueMoonBean's Avatar BlueMoonBean 07:40 PM 05-16-2008

She's darling! And, WOW Mama!! Way to get your natural birth!! Enjoy your babymoon... you've DEFINITELY earned it!

beanmakes3's Avatar beanmakes3 08:01 PM 05-16-2008
congrats to you and yours. she's beautiful!
rpar003's Avatar rpar003 08:55 PM 05-16-2008
Congratulations and welcome to the world Gemma!
I had nasty back labor with DD and just LOVED my doula. I totally think everyone should have one!
Lizafava's Avatar Lizafava 09:12 PM 05-16-2008
Congratulations to you!! She's beautiful!
JustVanessa's Avatar JustVanessa 09:50 PM 05-16-2008
Welcome Gemma! Congrats on your birth!
Summertime Mommy's Avatar Summertime Mommy 10:12 PM 05-16-2008
She's beautiful! Congrats!
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