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Congratulations! Others have answered your questions, so I'll just leave it to them. Well done, mama. Try to rest, but don't be afraid to get *little* bits done.
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Sounds like you're doing great! To reiterate some other posts:
1. I agree - don't get the scale. Just look and see how she's doing, and make sure she has wet/dirty diapers. YOu'll just make youreslf nuts with a scale and fall into that whole "how do I know if she's getting enough?" trap that frequently causes moms to doubt their body's ability to feed their babies.

2. I agree about ditching the bottles asap. Try an SNS if you need to. Also try pumping just a little to get your milk to let down and then latch her on. This will take away some of the hard work that she needs to do so she should be able to get more without tiring so quickly.

3. As for feeding "on demand" yes, it sounds like maybe that should be revised to say "on demand or at least every 3 hours, whichever comes first".

Keep it up - things will get easier from here, I promise!

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I'm a bit late seeing this, but wanted to add my "Congratulations" on your tiny, new, and sweet baby girl!

I'm 35wks today, so it sounds like we were close gestationally-speaking. I haven't had a preemie, personally, but I was one. I know nursing can be hard to establish with early ones, but good for you for giving it your all. I agree with the PP to pump less and BF more. I've rarely gotten much pumping but had satisfied babies. Don't let the pump be your measure. Your body can (most likely) supply your precious LO with exactly what she needs. FWIW, one of my babies was FT and still very, very sleepy and I couldn't even nurse him on demand early on.

Anyway...congrats to you and your DH and family again!
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Finally getting a chance to reply to this. Gotta warn you, though, I am a resource freak. So here goes....

First of all congrats! Sounds like you are hanging in there and really committed!

I remember the first day with my daughter and tripping at all the crazy noises she made! I am a believer in offering the breast first no matter what, even if you think she is full. She may just want to suck for comfort sometimes. But I also like alot of what Aletha Solter says. Reading this article in the early works seriously saved my life I think! Of course if she is just making some small noises and not really crying, I might try the patting.

Just as an aside, I got a son who wouldn't sleep at all unless he was right next to me. I agree with those who said to wear her as much as possible, even when asleep... if your back can take it. My back went out shortly after he was born, and I just couldn't babywear as much as I wanted to. Also, it took me awhile to bet used to sleeping with somebody on top of me, so I got severely sleep deprived in the beginning. I had to let everything go as much as I could. It got so bad that I realized I needed to try and sleep as soon as he nursed to sleep, so I was having my husband feed me during nursing time! Is there anybody else in your community you can reach out to for a little help, maybe with housecleaning and such?

I also reeeeally second all the suggestions to get off the bottle if you can. Moms I know seem to prefer the LactAid to the SNS, and then there are all sorts of other ways to get pumped milk in. If you don't know about Kellymom, it is a great resource. Here is their page about alternative feeding methods:
Scroll down past the bottle stuff!
And then their general premie page:
Interestingly enough, there has been interesting research showing that bottle feeding is actually more physiologically taxing to premies than breastfeeding!

Not sure if you have solved your sling problem, but I learned a really neat trick at a conference awhile ago. You can turn a sweater into a podegi type carrier by threading anything long and thin you have through the sleeves. That way it extends the sleeves into being like the straps of a carrier. Let me know if that doesn't make sense.

And finally, thought I would shoot this ABM protocol out to you just because it is interesting.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by *Karen* View Post
I could never feed my early baby on demand. I woke him every two hours during the day and every three hours at night until he was two months old. Not only for his nutrition, but for my supply. I had to put cold wet washcloths on him and leave him naked. It was hard, and I felt bad for him. But he had to eat!
I'm jumping in here very late...and I'm not even in your expecting club...but I just feel very compelled to comment.

I have nursed 4 babies--all full term. I COMPLETELY agree with Karen...I fed them all at least every 2 hrs in the daytime for the first 6 weeks--this was so that I could get more hours of continuous sleep at night AND make sure to get in enough feeds in a day. With a 3 hr feeding schedule, you are only getting in the minimum number of feeds per day that a breastfed baby needs. My kids weren't down to 8 feeds per day until they were several months old--hard to remember exactly how old, but I'm thinking close to 6 months. As an adult, I eat 5-6 times per day, so I don't expect a baby to go long between feeds.

At night I went by a rule of thumb of not letting them sleep more than 4 hrs straight until they were 4 weeks old (that would be 4 weeks *corrected* for you), and then I would let a baby sleep for the same number of hours as weeks of age...not that I was usually lucky enough to get more than 5 hrs before they were many months old--LOL! I got the 4 hr limit from advice that was in the AAP breastfeeding statement that was current when my first daughter was born.

Also...on the pump thing...I pumped at work for all of my babies. After pumping at work I would just wash the pump parts with as hot of water as I could get out of the tap, and then set them to dry on a paper towel on a counter...waiting for my next pumping session. I took the parts home at night and ran them through the dishwasher. I'm not sure what you are doing to "label" bottles...but I think you might be able to cut back on that. I just put the new ones in the back of my fridge, and pulled the older ones forward. I knew how much milk I could use before it would spoil (7 to 8 days in the fridge), so if I had reached that point, I'd pour the freshest milk into Tupperware ice cube trays (they have lids) to freeze. Once frozen, I popped the cubes into quart sized freezer bags labeled with the month and year.

Hugs & good luck! I hope that nearly a month out here you are doing better. I read your post about loosing your FIL, so I know (having just lost my dear grandfather last week) how stressful that can be. HUGS again!

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