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I'm nearly in my 38th week and I'm ready for this pregnancy to end. There are so many aches and pains and emotional issues that seem to overwhelm me that I often lose sight of all the good things. I was reminded of this in my prenatal yoga class. At the end of class our insightful instructor asked us to close our eyes and focus on one thing that we are grateful for. I was amazed that I had so many things to think about. Here are a few.

-I'm SO grateful that this pregnancy has gone as well as it had. I have a healthy baby growing inside me and I'm going to meet her soon!
-I'm grateful that I don't see any reason why I can't have the unmedicated birth that I'm looking forward to. Of course I'm not being naive in thinking that complications won't occur, but so far everything is going as well as it could: baby's head is down, I don't have any conditions that would label me "high risk" (other than my age), and I really feel like I am mentally and physically prepared for a natural childbirth.
-I have a job that allows me to stay at home when I'm not feeling well enough to go (which lately has been nearly every day!)
-I have a wonderfully supportive DH who is so looking forward to being a daddy.
-We have all the support we need after baby arrives. MIL is coming to stay with us.
-And in general I'm just very happy and well.

So now it's your turn:
What are you grateful for?
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I am sooo grateful husband that I have... He's downstairs taking care of our girls so I can lay here, eat m&ms and rest!!

Seriously...this sounds like nothing...but I'm in heaven right now!
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I am so grateful I don't have pre-e again.
I am grateful for my dp and beautiful son!
I am grateful that my mom is coming 12 hrs to stay with me after the birth.

Vanessa belly.gif, wife to Kev , mama to Byron (5) wild.gif and Billie (2) and  due in June
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-- my amazing husband
-- my 2 beautiful daughters
-- my 2 beautiful, healthy sons
-- that I carried these boys to 37 1/2 weeks, no complications, etc
-- the labor/delivery that I wanted!!!!!
-- my wonderful circle of supportive friends
-- that God has continued to bless me, over and above any of my wildest dreams!!

Catholic homeschooling mom of 5 - a teenager, a kindergartener, twin boys and a tiny princess. Follow the Adventures! 

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I'm grateful that...
~ This kiddo's baked to 39+ weeks - I've gotten rather used to healthy, term babies.
~ My hubby's awesome about dealing with me and my moods and cravings - pregnant or not. Especially when pregnant.
~ My freezer is stocked with meals and such all ready to go. If we didn't need things like fresh produce or bread or milk, I wouldn't have to leave the house (hee, or send the hubby so I don't have to even put on underwear!) for like a month or two.
~ My garden's coming along and things are growing really well so far. Always fun to see that become a success - especially when it feeds us.
~ Hubby's bosses appreciate him so much - he got a darn decent raise just today. Yeehaw! Gives us a little more wiggle room in the budget for debt and gas prices, which makes me happy.
~ That the other two kidlets are happy, healthy, and currently asleep after the tantruming today. They know something's up.

Wife to an amazing hubby, mother hen to four chicken3.gif 
(If you're curious, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2010, and yes, it's a busy house)
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- Another healthy full-term baby for me
- This one is head-down (I'm SO greatful for this!!!)
- I'm looking forward to my first birth experience the way Mother Nature/God intended
- A wonderful husband and son
- My mom's flying in from NH to stay with us for a week or two
- It's finally spring/early summer and the weather's getting nice
- DH bought me a new washing machine a couple weeks ago and I LOVE it! Who knew one could get such (sick?) pleasure out of having clean clothes. I can't wait to give it the diaper test.

Mom to James (ribboncesarean.gif 5/2006), Claire (vbac.gif 6/2008), furry kitties Calvin and Bob, and wife to Dennis. 

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~I'm greatful to get to be a SAHM! I worked all during my first pregnancy, and this time it's much more relaxed and pleasurable.
~This baby is considered full term
~Having family close this time when the new LO is born, last time I was a state away.
~I'm sure there's tons more, I really am greatful for all of the little things I have in life!
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--Having a fairly easy and low-risk pregnancy, only starting to feel discomfort now at 36 weeks.
--my baby's head is down! yay! and moving constantly!
--Not having any financial worries
--having a very supportive friend volunteer as my labor partner and a husband who's convinced he wants to help me have an unmedicated birth.
--having a supportive "insider" at the hospital I plan to deliver at; she gave me access to a lot of info from the midwives.
--having a good temp solution to my household help dilemma.
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What a great idea for a thread!

I am grateful for many things:
that I am feeling good
that my blood pressure is not going up and I'm not swelling at all yet
that I have the luxury of wonderful midwives who can be with me at home or
at a hospital as my primary providers
that I have made a decision of where to birth after months of obsessing-I think we're gonna try the hospital this time
that I will be staying home for at least three months
that my dh is really awesome and supportive
that I have lots of family and friends who I can call for help anytime
that this baby is head down and full term
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definitely grateful for DH & my 2 wonderful boys.
That so far the bean is healthy, active and full of "personality" already.
That I'm healthy, and able to plan for the home water birth I so loved last time, and hope to repeat this time.
That I only have 4 more weeks to wait until we meet this little nugget!

There's more, I know it, but it's hard to list them for some reason.
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That I am over all so HEALTHY during pregnancy and my body does a great job of it!
That I have been blessed with 3 perfect babies and 3 fantastic homebirths and expect the same again!
That this time around I have zero money problems including paying the midwife in full before the birth
That despite having so much stress in our life with the build of our bussiness, DH really is the best and I am so glad he will be here with me helping me through birth!
Having a great midwife even in a state that is illegal for her to practice, and knowing she will be so amazing and taking such good care of me-I am so blessed to have her!
That I have planned and prepared meals for after the birth and have set up home to be the most relaxing place to be including fun summer actvites for the older kiddos!
And most important that each of my babies/children brings me into a closer connection with my purpose of living and understanding of this world. That they have graced me with there presence in my life and are willing to forgive me all the time. That motherhood as hard and as challanging as it is, is the best thing to do with my life ever

Mama of 4 all born at home : Mothering
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- That this pregnancy has been complication free and I'm on track for another homebirth.
- That I live in such a wonderful, beautiful place.
- My DS and DH.
- My amazing MIL.
- That I sold all my paintings and have two more shows booked in for next year.
- That I get at least 3 months with new baby and DH before he has to work again.

So many things, I feel truly blessed.
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I am grateful for my kids. They are truly the most amazing kids in the world. Very compassionate and I know they will make wonderful siblings to our new bean
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I am so grateful that I've had a healthy/low-risk pregnancy and that I've been able to enjoy my pregnancy.

I am so grateful that DH will be here for the birth. So many of my fellow military wives don't have that option. I am so lucky that he will be there for the birth. Sure, he won't get much time off afterwards but at least he will be here.

Wife, mom to DS (4), DD (2) and baby heart 2.7.13

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I am so grateful for.....

A healthy, easy pregnancy
A wonderful, supportive DP who is an incredible father and who makes or buys me ice cream and rubs my feet almost everyday
My awesome, supportive friends and family
DS - a sweet, super kid, who is going to be a great big brother
My home and my garden. I feel safe and happy here.

Midwife, Mama
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I am grateful for...

DH finally working a great full-time job where he just landed a promotion (yay!)
Finally starting on the road to financial good health
My parents being *there* and super supportive for me after the big conflict we had when they first found out I was preggers
Being generally healthy this pregnancy (no GD, no GBS, no pre-e)
Having an awesome doctor seeing me (when I could've had a horrible one)
Finally being in Montreal after years of living in Toronto, horribly unhappy
Finally having several months to rest and enjoy my baby after *never* having taken a vacation in my life
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so much to be grateful for....
my dp is the best ever, and has worked his booty off between regular work to get our kitchen done, and it is beautiful....the whole house feels/looks different!

I am grateful for this beautiful space to labor in!

a patient(for a five year old!) son who has really been a great helper these last few weeks(especially with feeding the dog and grabbing things off the floor!)

an amazing tribe of friends/family who are so supportive and loving

a fantastic pregnancy

having a friend who is my midwife as well

the mothering.com forums....it has been really fun to share with all you mamas!
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Thank you for this thread. It's just the reminder I needed on this otherwise-frustrating/upsetting day.

I am grateful for my beautiful little family: partner Johanne, 3-year-old Jonah and the baby boy growing inside me.

I am grateful to be in good health.

I am grateful to be finished work as of Friday!

I'm grateful for MDC and all you Mamas, each of us in our own universes of challenge, joy and raw, elemental life.

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I'm grateful that this pregnancy has been a struggle that has brought so many things to light in my marriage and allowed us to work through them and start a healing that's been needed for many years.

I'm gre=ateful that we are all healthy and that my children aren't to afraid of me and my crazy pregnancy hormones
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