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This is my third pregnancy, but second to term. This one has been so different from my first, I'm wondering what other second time (or plus) moms are noticing.

Could be because I'm less fit, older or just because pregnancies are different...
I've had many more ailments -- heartburn, swelling, back/hip/pubic pain and general discomfort. I felt awesome from the fourth through the last month the first pregnancy. However, I also had pre-term labor and bed rest the first time. Not a sign of anything happening now (just over 36 weeks.)

I've read that in second+ babies, they don't 'drop' until labor. Feeling a little bummed about that. It seems like such a good clue that things are progressing.

What has been different for you this pregnancy?
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I think this one is similar to my second... I'm convinced my guy is sitting lower, and I noticeably dropped with my second.

What I don't remember is being in so much pain waking up to turn over, but I could just be repressing it! LOL
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This is pregnancy #5 for me.

I've never had a difficult pregnancy. But this one has definitely been the easiest. I attribute it to exercising regularly throughout the entire pregnancy (I've slacked off some the last couple of weeks). This is something I'd previously done.

I've had a lot more very strong/intense BH's this time. Previously, I'd have very few, especially near the end. Yesterday, I had regular ones all day. Nothing progressed (didn't think it would), but it was something anyhow!

I'm sleeping really well this time, I don't remember that being the case before. Other than getting up to pee a couple of times, I get right back to sleep.

I've had a lot more "me" time with this pregnancy. I have more care/help with the kids than ever before and they're 3 years older than they were last time. Dh also has more regular hours this time than last time.

All in all, if this is my last pregnancy, I can't complain!!!
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Each one is a total gamble (feeling wise) for me. Some of it is that my body is older I'm sure (but by the ages of my kids you can see not THAT much older each time ), but even if I exercised, I have had yucky times. I don't know... this time has been the most difficult emotionally, but not physically. So I'm not sure what causes it, but each one is unique for me.

As far as dropping - it just depends - mine have been noticeably lower the last few weeks before they were born, but I'm not sure what this one will do (37w today). I always figure - same me, but different baby with different personality and needs and uniqueness to their labor and birth. It's one of life's surprises that I love being a part of... as a doula I've learned I can never "call a birth" how I think it will go - so I try to refrain from thinking I know about mine too.

I hope we all have it relatively easy though!

Mama to 5 amazing little people, and a surrogate mama to another.
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This is my second pregnancy and its actually been worlds easier than my first. I think this is partly an expectations game - it was really hard for me to adjust to sharing my body and feeling limited in any way with DS. I really struggled with it, pushed myself too hard and had a bad attitude. But, last time I had bad sciatica, gained tons of weight, had more swelling, had carpal tunnel syndrome and bursitis. This time I haven't had any of that, except a little mild sciatica and pelvic soreness. I think I can attribute it partially to walking everyday (until recently ), a better attitude and luck.

But, I've been having annoying, constant contractions for a month now. Which has limited my walking and increased my soreness. Baby hasn't dropped yet, so his position is different everyday and thats definitely new.

Midwife, Mama
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This is my second pregnancy and easier by far. I had pre-e and HELLPS last time.
I haven't had a worry this time. I have no swelling at all and feel generally ok, if a little tired.
My ds dropped at 33 weeks and this one didn't drop unil 36.5.

Vanessa belly.gif, wife to Kev , mama to Byron (5) wild.gif and Billie (2) and  due in June
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This preg:

+ Baby dropped on mothers day (way less heartburn since - DS didn't really drop)
+ No migraine headaches (as with DS)
+ No weird spots on my gums
+ Way more interest in sex
+ Less frequent BH

- More hip and back pain (so, so, so bad)
- More painful BH
- "False" labour for 7 hours already (although I had prodromal with DS)

= Bleeding gums are the same
= Exhaustion

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This pg is much harder than my first. Morning sickness throughout, (still now at 8.5 months) heartburn, reflux that makes it impossible to sleep, insomnia, and the dizzy/breathlessness!! Ooh I HATE the breathlessness! I'm having lightining bolts of pain my cervix and I swear the baby is trying to tear out my appendix every few hours.

This poor sweet child. Everything was all rosy when I was pg with DD - I loved being pg, every minute of it. But I also had the time to focus on it... photos of my growing belly, reading several books that told me minute by minute what was happening, relishing when people told me my belly was huge... etc

This time I'm older, less fit and my time is not my own. I can't just sit when I need to - I have a three year old!!
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The second and third haven't been as wonderful as the first, but definitely nothing to complain about. I was 16 with my first, 25 with my second and 27 with my third, so I am attributing the differences to age.

Mom to DS1, DS2, DD1 and DD2! h20homebirth.gif
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my first was a horrid pregnancy, and my second was the polar opposite. I carried very similarly for both. I don't remember "dropping" w/ either one, although I'm sure I did. Not something I notice, I guess.

This one is another completely different pregnancy from the first two. I thought there were really only two options: great and really bad, but there's a 3rd option which is just have any symptom you've never had before, and add in most of the "normal" ones, (hip pain, etc) too.

I was actually in better shape this time around, and I'm carrying differently, but it has by far been the pregnancy to convince me that we are done. stick a fork in me. I feel like I've been pregnant for 2 years. sigh.
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Well each one had been different in terms of so many things except great care, over all great health, and great birth's although each as unique as my children. That said I think from what I can remember being preggo with my first I was able to pamper myself more I was the only one to be thinking of. I was more focused ALL the time about the pregnancy because it was my whole life! This time I have 3 children needing my energy and thoughts all day, a husband consumed with building a huge new bussiness and venture for us, and living away from more friends and family. So I am more distracted. This has been the hardest emotionally pregnancy for both me and hubby because of the unplanned pregnancy and timing but I have also moved through many months quicker then ever because of our life! So I guess much different in most ways and yet so much the same

Mama of 4 all born at home : Mothering
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Each pregnancy has gotten harder for me. I've had worse morning sickness/hyperemesis, heartburn, more aches & pains, less energy, etc. I think that not only the # of pregnancies, but the amount of time (or lack thereof) inbetween each pregnancy makes a difference.
#1 - Average, normal, not bad...I walked to work until a few days before my due date.
#2 - A big harder to get around, but still not too bad.
#3 - Hard, sick, but alright.
#4 - Just shoot me!

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