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I've got the eating thing too! I'm up to 40 pounds gained!!!! I think a lot of it is this crazy swelling though!
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Still pregnant.... thought Friday was the night... I was wrong. Now I know to not even get my hopes up. I'm eating like a horse! I had about a pound of king crab legs last night, followed by an entire Delmonico steak, a bunch of grilled potatoes and asparagus... I out-ate my DH, BIL and his girlfriend. Not all of them put together, but I mean, I ate way more than any of them did. And I didn't feel stuffed! I eat like crazy! I'm always hungry!
No more cramping or many BHs today.... I'll be pregnant until July 4th, I've come to that conclusion, and I'll deal with it! :-)
We opened up our pool, but it's not swim-ready yet.... it's killing me, I just want to jump in!

Aubree, wife to a wonderful DH, mom to Colin 12/05, Hudson 6/08, and Gavin, 1/12/11.
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40 weeks + 1 day for me. We think baby is back to vertex but are not sure. Going tomorrow and everyday after that for checkups
I am hoping I start labor tonight!
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It's June-boy o boy I just hope to keep sane. Hopefully we'll start hearing birth stories more often and that will keep the momentum going. Let the final count down begin

Mama of 4 all born at home : Mothering
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Funny the food/eating thing. I've noticed a real lack of appetite lately, but when it hits, it hits! Yesterday around dinner time, after having not eaten much all day, I think I spent a solid hour eating an entire days worth of calories! That's a hell of alot of food! Don't gotta worry 'bout me, lol.

Still feeling crampy, different. And surprisingly zen.

Midwife apprentice and mama to 6, including three UC babies: Jude River, 06/04/08, Elora Wren Isolde, 9/27/10, and our newest addition, Eilish Neve Isebeul, 6/12/14!
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I am never hungry these days. I have no idea why. Dp usually has to remind me to eat.

Vanessa belly.gif, wife to Kev , mama to Byron (5) wild.gif and Billie (2) and  due in June
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I haven't been hngry either... but thanks A LOT FOR mentioning KING crab legs!! YUM!
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Just 36 weeks here. I'm feeling a little jealous of all you mamas so close to your EDDs. DS was 2 weeks early and we had all kinds of nursing issues, so I know I should be hoping for this one to cook a little longer. But being done in a couple weeks sounds soooo nice.

I had another MW feel for baby's position, and I guess we're not breech. I'm not 100% convinced, but I just decided I'm not going to stress out about anymore. Baby is high and hanging out on the right and anterior. I've been having tons and tons of crampy annoying contractions. Some days are better than others. If I have to stay pregnant for another month (or more!) this crampy business better go away.

Otherwise feeling pretty great. No sciatica or pelvic pain anymore! Just feeling big, slow and tired

eta: my appetite is gone too. When I feel hungry I just want to hungry feeling to go away. Food is just kind of yucky right now. Not ice cream though, I could always eat ice cream.

Midwife, Mama
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I felt WEIRD yesterday, cleared out my bowels (sorry) and had lot of painful BHs (contractions?) about 5 min. apart for probably 8 hours, but then they went away (which is fine with me, I was starting to worry!!) and today baby has been really quiet.

I am sticking STRAIGHT out, it is insane how much...
I finished 11 more newborn diapers (so now I have 18 done) today and that felt great. I have several more to finish which I hope I get through this week (that's my plan) and then I'm ready. But honestly, I have several diapers already so I'd be ok if I needed to be...

My hemmy's are getting worse (and now hurting ), but otherwise, I'm doing pretty ok. If I don't feel worse, I'm ok for a while still... as much as I'd love to have this baby...

Mama to 5 amazing little people, and a surrogate mama to another.
Avid Unassisted Birth supporter/Mama
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I felt terribly irritable all day, mostly at dh who really did nothing wrong. I tried to make up for it tonight so we dtd but I'm not quite ready for the baby to come yet. I did clean the baby clothes today but I still need to put them away and organize my birth kit. I'm thinking 2 weeks would be a perfect time to have this baby.

oh and my tooth is feeling 90% better, what a relief!
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I'm 37 weeks plus a few days and I'm fine, guess.

I do get exhausted more quickly, my hips hurt from sleeping on my side the whole time, I have full on heartburn issues, I get swollen feet/ankles/legs if I don't rest and put them up regularly, my belly feels like it is going to burst sometime soon, AND I am hot all.the.time!
But I am thinking: what can you expect? I guess I am still luckier than most, so I will not complain

Nesting is almost done and the house is in a great condition, also thanks to DP, who has been working constantly (check out the nice space DP made for the birth: https://fotoalbum.web.de/gast/franziholub/birthtub) and in three days my midwife plus DH and DD will arrive and stay until the start of July

Soooo.... I am thinking maybe two more weeks tops would be perfect Then I wouldn't have to wait THAT much longer and we would all have enough time to get to know each other before the action starts...
I am SLIGHTLY worried that this could be wishful thinking, but I'm trying to stay positive and expect the bean right around it's EDD, which is about the 20th.

ps: oh, and I have to add the food thing: I can eat enormous amounts of food these days! After I had a really hard time eating at all for a while I easily beat DP now and the bean is growing accordingly... It really feels like my belly is growing noticeably from day to day.

Franziska , DW to )oi , SAHM to Noah 06/2008, Sophia 08/2010, and Junis 11/2012

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I'm 39 weeks today! I had some major cramping on Friday and thought maybe things were starting but I haven't had anything since.
I'd actually like her to wait until next weekend to make her appearance because the midwife that I like the best is on call then (I've been seeing 3 in a rotation).
Overall I feel pretty good except for sleeping - I toss and turn and get up about every hour. My last day of work was Friday so now I can just relax - another reason I'd like her to wait until next weekend. I'd like a week to myself to just chill out and get a few things done!
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I am 38w5d today. How did that happen?!

I am feeling surprisingly good. By the end of the day my lower back is sore and my crotch feels like I went on a 30 mile bike ride, but I guess that is pretty par for the course for how far along I am and for how low and engaged this baby is.

I am now starting to freak out about DH getting home in time for the labor and birth. My labor with our son was 26.5 hours long, but everyone I have talked to has told me how much quicker subsequent labors are. Ummm, my husband works 2 hours away from home everyday. I need to have enough time for him to get here and get to the hospital.

I have nested beyond belief and now feel ready for this little lady to be born. I mean, there will always be something that needs cleaning or a load of laundry that needs to be thrown in, but other than that we are ready.

Leah- wife to Chris : SAHM to Henry (03/06)and to Evelyn : (06/08). She is our heart attack survivor at 3.5 weeks and went on to have open heart surgery at 5 weeks for Coarctation of the Aorta.
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Originally Posted by JustVanessa View Post
Hey all....its June, we should start an update thread.

How y'all doing?

I thought for sure yesterday was the day for no known reason but I woke up this morning still pregnant I am now going to ignore that feeling if it comes again.
I am 38 weeks today.
This was exactly me on Saturday, too. Then yesterday, fine. Imagine that. I nested like MAD yesterday though. Today I'm even more fine.

Well, I still have that funny feeling like it's coming at any time.... and since with my DD's birth, I had no real advance symptoms and only felt really in labor for 3 hours, I probably won't know I'm laboring until it smacks me upside the head. My only clue with DD was a funny feeling. So it's all I recognize.

She came at 37 weeks, so I won't be surprised if this lil guy does too. Come on, lil guy!

And all of your lil guys and girls too! GO MAMAS!!

Oh, and my official daily update: I'm 37w2d today. Lil guy just keeps on a-droppin, which is lovely for my painfully bruised ribs but not so lovely for my pelvis.

I lost my mucous plug last Wednesday. Crazy discharge I wrote a thread on the other day completely went *poof* and disappeared Saturday afternoon and yesterday, but is back in a milder form this morning. No idea what that means.

No regular ctx, just this silly feeling of mine that it's happening, baby!!
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