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What do you still need to / want to get done before the baby arrives?

I feel like I'm a bad mama at this point. There are a couple things that really do need to happen before this LO starts the labor train:

1. I need to pack my bags, I have some (minimal) stuff set aside but it feels like most things can't be packed until the last minute.
2. I also want to read all my stuff on labor (hypnobirthing, articles that made me feel good about labor last time, etc) We didn't take a class or anything this time around but I'm feeling like I need to prep myself. For some reason I have this huge fear of labor this time so I've been procrastinating on my reading.

At least I've taken care of most stuff - DD is all set with who she'll be staying with when my labor starts. That was a big peace-of-mind thing to take care of. And we've got names for this baby so I'm not panicking about that any more!

Am I the only one who still has a couple major things left to get done? Or does anyone else out there feel this way?
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I have nothing ready to go yet, but I'm homebirthing so it's not that big of a deal. Well, it kinda is because I did the same thing last time and I was in transition and completely unable to move or talk and my poor parents and husband were trying to find everything that only I knew where it was. So I've got to get on that and be a little more prepared My mom and sis were over today and we spent the whole day deep cleaning my house, unfortunetely nesting seems to not affect me, so I need some help and prodding to get me to clean. Not one of my favorite things to do! Other than that I think I am ready... Probably not, I seem to be the type to not worry about stuff and procrastinate. But I figure it's all ok, lol!
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>>my poor parents and husband were trying to find everything that only I knew where it was

I gotta tall ya (a general you ) that this makes things very complicated for birth attendants! It's a terribly awkward position to be in to have to interrupt mom and dad's birth space/rhythm to ask where their recieving blankets, trash bags and heating pad are!

If you're having a midwife assisted homebirth, ladies, please --for your sake ultimately, be prepared and get organized! Thank you, and that is all.

Midwife apprentice and mama to 6, including three UC babies: Jude River, 06/04/08, Elora Wren Isolde, 9/27/10, and our newest addition, Eilish Neve Isebeul, 6/12/14!
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I need to get my bags packed, clean out the car, and get the carseat base installed. I'd like to get my house a bit cleaner but I'm not too worried about that part. Other than that, I'm ready! Come on, baby!

Lacie, mama to Ethan (5), Logan (2), and Dylan, born 5/12/11!
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Eh, I got all the big stuff done - including having the freezer stocked with lots of easy to make food. Some things are even healthy!
A few plants still need to go out into the garden, but it's supposed to rain and rain and rain at least until the weekend, so that ain't gonna happen regardless of whether kiddo comes on it's due date or not.
So some gardening things still need doing, but I can also rope my sister and mom into helping when they come visit to meet the newbie, and I may be able to convince a few other folks to help me with that kind of stuff, too.

I do need to send out a few packages tomorrow, and fold the 2yo's diaper tonight. Besides that, I'm done. No energy, not to mention I just can't move around too well anymore.

And I did get all the midwife requested stuff out. Well, except for a few things in the kitchen that I will not leave out because of my kidlets. A bottle of olive oil left on the counter can only mean one thing to them. Plus I figure I'll have at least a few minutes of light labor to whip around the house and put things out and in sight as need be. Last time I did that and updated online friends that my water broke, had a snack, and did something else. Apparently I freaked out hubby.

Wife to an amazing hubby, mother hen to four chicken3.gif 
(If you're curious, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2010, and yes, it's a busy house)
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Man! I think I kinda *screwed* myself. I am a planner and a preparer-er so I am packed, DD is packed to go to Grandma and Grandpa's, the bris stuff is ready, the house is as clean as it's going to get, and now I'm waiting. Waiting. I've got 2 weeks to go, which as we all know could turn into 4. I'm so tired and big I can't get much accomplished, but because I did everything at week 36, I've got nothing left to prepare and I feel like I'm just WAITING! It's killing me!
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Ugh, I just *knew* someone was going to post a thread like this, and that it would make me realize how much more stuff there is to get done!! Ok, to be honest, I already knew there was more, but I've been trying to ignore it...lalalala!

I need to:
  • Pre-register at the hospital
  • Take a short tour of the L&D ward if possible
  • Hypnobabies: I'm only on week 4, so I need to get through to week 6 and practice practice every day.
  • Diapers: I need to make at least 18 more fitted diapers and buy/wash 12 more prefolds as well as a few more snappis. This is what's really making me freak.
  • Covers: either need to knit a few more or consider buying some bummis covers.
  • Frozen meals: DH still has to stock our fridge and since he's been working he's got no time!
  • Storage: still need to build shelves in the hall closet and take boxes over to my folks' garage to make room for items received in the baby shower (stroller, baby chair, etc), as well as room for linens and pharmaceutical.
  • Need to install car seat base inside dad's car.
  • Need to finalize my birth plan with my doula and print it out.
  • Birth bag: need nursing bra, robe, a comfy dress to wear while birthing, contact lens solution, deodorant, batteries, camera, breast pads, mama pads, another sheet washed in Ivory, and arnica. The rest has already been packed away in a duffel bag stored in our lobby.
  • Cleaning: I give up. My body hurts too much to continue cleaning the house madly.

SEE?!! There's still so much to do!!! ARG!!
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Halfasianmomma - you make me feel better! I was beginning to think that I was the only one who wasn't prepared.

Of course there is way more stuff I need to do that I didn't list. Like tackle the big pile of random things that need to be returned to the store (three diaper champs anyone?) But I can't motivate myself to do it because, frankly, carrying even one diaper champ across a parking lot while trying to corrall a three year old feels equal to climbing Everest. I just have no energy any more - or worse, I get dizzy and breathless just when DD decides it is time to explore whatever store we are in.

I think that's the worst of it, my total and complete lack of energy and non-ability to breath. That and having a three year old who decides most of my activities. By the time she's sleeping my motivation is shot.

So, we're in the same boat. I keep reminding myself that babies come into this world all the time with nothing. Mostly I just wish I had time to practice my hypnobirthing stuff.
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Oh my gosh, I have a huge herkin' list. I know there is stuff not listed here that I'm forgetting too. :
  • Need to find the air pump (for our birth pool) and water pump to get the water out (but air pump is more priority)
  • Need to get 2 tarps (one for under, one for covering birth pool)
  • Need to set up birth stuff in room instead of just having them in the bags.
  • Need to finish the small diapers (have quite a bit of work to do on them still - hoping by Friday to be finished with them (there's 36)) - I'm about 1/3 of the way through them now.
  • Need to clean my house (BADLY) - but my best friend is going to come over on Sat. and go nuts with me (thank God!!).
  • Find/wash some baby clothes - I have one outfit out - um, I don't think that's enough - lol!
  • Get laundry done for the rest of the household so that when I'm not doing any, there are clothes (b/c DH certainly won't do any that don't get super duper wrinkled or not totally dry - what is with his inability to do laundry??).
  • Buy my middle son's carseat so that he can move up, move my youngest into his seat and install the seat facing backwards - again after I wash it down. DH is going to hate having his knees squished again...
  • Knit some more, because I love to knit. :

Mama to 4 amazing little people, another little expected 3/6/12!
Avid Unassisted Birth supporter/Mama

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I made a list and have actually had much sucess in crossing things off-
I am working on older childrens "Special Spots" that I promised I would make fun and cozy and special this first week off from school- so I painted today set up curtains, sewed curtains and bought DS his special poster.
As far as the baby goes my DH needs to set up the crib next to our bed and I think I have everything else. Went shopping last week to pick up all the birth supplies
I even bought a car seat last week FINALLY!!
Other then the special seats to convert our family car into one that seats us all coming in the mail everything else is done. Can I add I hope to do some more freezer meals

Mama of 4 all born at home : Mothering
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I still need to BUY a carseat!

I need several more diapers. (I only have about 12 prefolds.)

I also want to buy a few disposable diapers for those first few poopy diapers.

I need to finish redoing my bathroom.

I need to get working on frozen meals.

I need to pack my bag for the birth.

I'm not too worried though, because I don't think this baby will be making an appearance for at least 2-3 more weeks.
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I need a boy name...

well maybe I don't but I feel so unprepared not having one just in case!

That's all I can think of right now. Maybe I'll get to nesting over the next couple of weeks clean like some of you. Otherwise, meh.

I do need to blow up the pool though so it can air out. That's a good goal.

WAHMama to Allen (2-10-05) and Alexa (6-27-08)
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Try to listen to the Hypnobabies CD I was given months ago at least once before I actually go into labour. Ha.

I'd like to get all of my floors washed.
Paint two exterior doors.
Find the baby bedding or borrow some.
Get a mattress cover or shower curtain.
Find my chux pads.
Get the baby chicks outta the brooder and into something outside.
Finish off the irrigation system.

Homebirthing, homeschooling AP, gardening maniac running a working farm. No circ, no vax, no cable TV. EC'd and CD'd, tandem BF'd.  Cheese and soap making goat and child herder.
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Lets see...

I need to:

1. Pack my bag... (I had NOTHING packed for baby number two, born at 39 weeks)

2. Make a pouch sling, I really need to get on it...not gonna have time to sit at the sewing machine once he gets here!

3. Need to shop for and make more receiving blankets...

4. Need to shop for and make dh a pouch sling...

5. Need some pp pads...

I think thats it really... I took the carseat apart to wash it, makes things feel so REAL!

Good luck everyone with your prospective lists!!
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-my house needs a serious cleaning,
-must make some frozen meals (DS1 has major food allergies, so preventing others from cooking for us),
-must put together homebirth kit. will also pack a hospital bag 'just in case' b/c I am superstitious and believe it will prevent me from having to go there.
-finish last of baby laundry and attempt to keep up w/ the rest of the family's
-blow up pool (probably at 38 wks) to make sure it has no holes, is deep enough, etc
-clean out our bedroom so it is at least one iota closer to being an appropriate space in which to birth a baby
-there's more, I just know it. oh well, what needs doing will get done.
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Have DH move all his computer C*** outside into the shed.
Deep clean house, mop, vacuum, trow things away.
Get Soakers and wool covers from MIL( if she has actually made them) and lanolinze them.
Pack a just in case hospital bag ( after reading PP I now am a bit superstitious also)
Learn to set up birth pool
Buy depends
Buy tarps
Have DH take the computer desk out of our room so the co-sleeper will fit.
Buy food for the labor team.
wash baby clothes and bedding.

: mom of Gavin Rhain and Grant, Doula
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Let's see...

-Buy a carseat, nursing pads, a few more diaper covers, and a wrap

-make my birthing necklace

-clean the house

-move ds's clothes to his new dresser

-clean 2 closets upstairs

-make room for the birth tub and pick it up

-finish some liners and a sling
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I need to:

- install the car seat (well, have dh do it)
- shampoo the guest room carpet for when Mom comes to help
- pack my bags
- keep on top of laundry so we still have clean underwear when the baby comes
- buy a few things for labour and delivery
- have dh blow up birthing ball

and the big one:

- supervise the construction of the rest of our deck, landscaping of the yard, and building of the sandbox so I have an oasis for myself and DD when we're housebound for a while.
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funny, a week ago I was feeling super crazy about getting all the things done on my loong list. This week I am all about naps and chilling out. If I get the nesting rush again I would like to:

paint my bedroom
get the back deck finished enough to put the birth tun out there(well, really get dp to do it!)
get the baby's dresser up here from the basement and get the baby clothes&diapers in it(things all washed already)

I guess that's really all! The new kitchen has satiated my need to get everything done on my list, pretty cool!! Plus I exhausted myself from doing soo much the past couple weeks I feel like taking a break!
I feel like I am finally at a place where I can say, eh! I'm sure we have whatever we need for this baby to come!
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I'm so glad that I'm not the only one with a lot still left to do.
  • Do Birth Plan
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Finish washing baby clothes/diapers/blankets
  • Get noodles' clothes organized
  • Update our wills
  • Finish reading about 4 baby books
  • Clean out closets
  • Do some hard core cleaning
  • Make some food (get it in the freezer)
  • Install carseat
  • Get some nursing bras/tanks/gowns

Wife, mom to DS (4), DD (2) and baby heart 2.7.13

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Great thread, I needed to sit down and write this list anyway...

-Finish stocking the birth drawer with supplies
-Deal with BCBS insurance
-Wash all baby's clothes & diapers
-Finish all sewing projects (MamaPads, baby quilt, prefitteds, crib bumper, swing cover, and the list goes on and on...)
-Clean the house

Those are the only things I really feel urgent about. Of course there are a million other little things that I would love to have done in order for everything to be *perfect* but if I did them all I would just be bored waiting for the baby lol.
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I keep asking myself what, if anything needs doing. I keep ending up with the answer "um... nothing I think? Except packing my bags."

Originally Posted by MamaHen2J&J View Post
1. Pack my bag... (I had NOTHING packed for baby number two, born at 39 weeks)
I need to do this too, but I at least have a list on the fridge. I figure I can pack it in early labor, so long as I don't have to think about it too much

2. Make a pouch sling, I really need to get on it...not gonna have time to sit at the sewing machine once he gets here!
This was on my list until I decided it was never ever going to actually get done. Instead I wussed out and got a summer sling from slinglings. It looks nice and wasn't very expensive. Still have to see whether I like it. My fleece pouch is just too hot in the summers here, though.

4. Need to shop for and make dh a pouch sling...
Yeah this was also on my list, but slinglings had a buy 2 get one free deal so I got one sized for me and one for him, and a third for my sister, who is expecting #2 in September.

5. Need some pp pads...
Still have some disposables sitting in my closet from 2 years ago postpartum with James (I never got my period in between pregnancies). Plus I have a couple of cloth pads for after the lochia lightens up some.

Mom to James (ribboncesarean.gif 5/2006), Claire (vbac.gif 6/2008), furry kitties Calvin and Bob, and wife to Dennis. 

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