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37w4d. Not preggo anymore. See my thread!
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36+6 here. Can't wait for midnight!! I love being officially "term" even though I still want more time to bake. They scared me so badly about being didelphic during my first pregnancy that a little part of me still holds my breath the whole time, even though I can demonstrably carry large babies (9lb5!!). Knowing that this was the first time I've used the "other" side of the uterus has made me a bit more nervous, too!

So, yea!! My doula is coming by tonight (if one of her other clients doesn't go into labor) and we're doing our final prenatal. Since she's one of my good friends, this is really just an excuse to get together and let her practice being a sort-of midwife. She's an assistant right now and will be getting certified a little later. She's the kind of person you wish your midwife was, IYKWIM. She's going to be an amazing asset to the homebirth community. Well, actually, she already is, but whatever.

Dh picked up the prefolds that I had ordered in a coop, and I'm finishing up the birthingday sweater that I'm working on. I *think* those are the last two things that I had on my must-be-done list. My like-to-be-done list is still pretty long, though.

So, everything is good here... it's exciting seeing all the babies turning up left and right, isn't it? I'm starting to realize that I really will have a soft, snuggly newborn sooner-than-later. You'd think this would have occurred to me earlier than this, wouldn't you?
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Originally Posted by R8chel View Post
I have a question for all of those "packing a bag". Is this for a homebirth? Do most people pack a bag "just in case"?
Yes, I think most of these people are referring to hospital births. This is our 4th homebirth and it's never even occurred to me to pack a bag, write a "what if" birth plan, etc. I guess I feel that that'll jinx things? I don't know...
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38w5d....today was ok, felt really nauseous until lunch time and then again in smaller spurts. Don't know why, I didn't do anything different today, slept pretty good last night, who knows!

Definitely was feeling more run down than usual, but I'll chalk it up to a busy day, no nap, and the weather.....VERY HUMID, hot and sticky! I kept looking at my toes all day expecting them to turn into sausages, but no swelling yet! Last preg, I was sausage toed for weeks!

DS and I actually saw a foot this morning! perfectly shaped little foot, it was really cute!

All these babies being born is so neat! It is so much fun to share this last leg of our journey!
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I'm an emotional wacko today. Kinda strange because I've been so good until now.
I'm also dealing with just a total lack of energy...not really tired, just easily winded, etc.

Had my dr's app't and I'm Group Strep Negative -- Yaaay!

He had the report of my u/s and says everything is perfect!
He also told me that alot of his patients are coming in all worried because of that one u/s technician. Maybe he's new or just doesn't realise that you'd actually be interested in seeing your baby....not like it's a kidney u/s or something...LOL
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Originally Posted by BirthFree View Post
Got meals done for about 2w of meals, shopped so I think we could skip an entire week of grocery shopping at least...
Wow! I'm so impressed. I have done none of this. I'm hoping my friends pull through.

37w 3d here. I think I ruined my baby's ears by going to a parade today and exposing her to middle school marching bands for 2 hours. I'm sure she'll scream her little head off every time she hears Louie Louie from now on (which is ok by me, actually.)
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Originally Posted by sunmamma View Post
I kept looking at my toes all day expecting them to turn into sausages, but no swelling yet! Last preg, I was sausage toed for weeks!
Ah, just wait!! My feet didn't swell until I turned 40 weeks. That weekend, my right foot swelled up like crazy. Mostly the ankle - definite pitting involved, too. But, I was really lazy that day and hadn't been movin' around much. Spent the next couple of days on my feet more (getting the circulation going), eating protein and drinking lots of water. It helped quite a bit, although tonight they're swelling again.
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Originally Posted by steelcitysistah View Post
37 weeks & 5 days

So ready to be done with work. I'm having such a hard time being here lately.
MW appointment tomorrow - hoping my BP is okay cause she wasn't happy with it last week.
House is clean (thanks in large part to sweet DH's cleaning spree last night) and my labor bag is packed - which eases my mind.
Noticing more aches and crampiness in my lower belly than I have so far. Hate to start wishing that it may be something - but I'm so anxious. I only made it to 36 weeks with DS - 40 weeks seems like so long (even though I know I'm almost there...)!
I know, I have one day left of work and I think my bp was up due to the humidity. But with every cramp and everytime I have to poo I get excited, and I can't keep this past 40 weeks, can I?
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I'm feeling some rib pain today. I think my ribs are bruised or something.
I had to be at a workshop all day today...yuck. I could barely sit there.
It was so uncomfortable.

I am hoping to get some sleep tonight!!!!!

ZZzzzzz ZZZZzzzzzz ZZZZzzzzzzz

(wishful thinking!)
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Well my bowels cleared again and I am getting crampies in my back and lower abdomen.
Sigh.....my hopes aren't even up that this is labor. My body is just giving me diarrhea as a teaser.

Vanessa belly.gif, wife to Kev , mama to Byron (5) wild.gif and Billie (2) and  due in June
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Middle of week 37.
I am just counting down the days left of work. Two. The people who will be doing my job while I'm gone came in and I gave them an update of current workflow and showed them where everything is in my office.

My foot swelling is way down, almost back to normal. However, my right foot still hurts like crazy, even if I'm not applying any weight to it. It only feels okay when elevated. I'm so tired of being immobilized by that. Nobody knows what the problem is.

Saturday my sister is giving us the infant carseat and her inflatable ball, and whatever else she has to pass on.

I'm tired.

Anna ~ Mom to Ansel (6-17-08), Wife to Mac since 12-18-04, human companion to Cayley.
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