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MamaHen2J&J's Avatar MamaHen2J&J 10:22 PM 06-17-2008

My mw/drs office called and canceled my appt.. it would REALLY be nice if I never made it to it on Thursday... My family gets in Saturday and I JUST KNEW I'd have a baby by then.

sasha1's Avatar sasha1 10:38 PM 06-17-2008
alright so i had my u/s, nst and md appt today.. everything "looking" good and im now 1 CENTIMETER dilated.. maybe something fun with happen tonight or maybe not.. went for a walk with dh and my moo(sasha)... maybe i can "help" things along..

Originally Posted by ~*~MamaJava~*~
leaking lots of fluid...

thats awesome mj!!!
BaMo's Avatar BaMo 11:23 PM 06-17-2008
Well I started this thread and still haven't put my own update in it yet!

I had my m/w appointment and DH was able to be there for a change. Noodles is still head down, but nothing else is going on. I did my belly cast today and it came out great. I'll have to post a pic once it finishes drying.

Anybody have people say annoying things to them lately? A woman at the comissary today said that I looked really big. : I told her no, I look great. Why do people say things like that?

Labor vibes to MamaJava!
*mama moose*'s Avatar *mama moose* 02:00 AM 06-18-2008
I just called my friend (who is someone who might watch DD for me when I'm in labor, FWIW) about swimming tomorrow, and when I got her voicemail I hung up and decided to send her a quick email instead. Well, she totally called me back in a panic 5 mins later thinking I was in labor
Guess at almost 39 weeks I should leave messages when I call people

ETA:sending labor vibes to mamajava!!!
OpenHanded's Avatar OpenHanded 02:40 AM 06-18-2008
I'm 40 wks 2 days today. A few nights I've been uncomfortable, a little crampy, thinking things might pick up, but so far no dice. I'm doing okay, considering. The first part of pgs are so so much harder for me than the end. But ds came at 39+3, so I can definitely feel this one sinking low, low, lower by contrast. Good to hear others' experiences! I always opt out of the vag exams since they're so unreliable, and hearing your stories just confirms it -- no need to even try to guess. Come when you're ready, babe! Sending ELVs to those of you who are close!
BirthFree's Avatar BirthFree 03:08 AM 06-18-2008
I was feeling Labor-y tonight... and then the feeling let up and I feel normal now. Poo.

But I DID get my tiramisu (and I did leave a bite for you my due date friend elfinbaby). Plus, I got to eat the special desert with my dear friend... so that was a blast.

Labor-y feeling - come back!!!
*mama moose*'s Avatar *mama moose* 03:17 AM 06-18-2008
I'm glad you got yummy dessert!!

I have a busy rest of this week, that means I should have a baby to throw off all my plans, right? right?
Tomorrow we're going swimming with some friends, thursday I have an AP park meetup in the morning and farmers market in the evening, Fri I have a MW apt and my SIL got us box seat tickets to see Sesame Street Live (she works for an insurance company that has a box at the arena, so when I saw the ad on TV I asked her and she was able to get it), and Sat my DH is taking DD to a NASCAR race. That will be the first whole day I've been apart from her, I don't even know what I'm going to do with myself! I might need to find someone to do something fun with me, maybe I'll get a pedicure, I've never had one!
I keep having a feeling I'll go into labor Sat just because DH and DD will be an hour away and my MW is is a bike race that day
But its not a real prediction, I could still have a long ways to go....
Right now I should really go to bed but I'm waiting for my DH to get off work and bring me a bag of ice cubes because we're out and I'm an addict.
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