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June 2008 > So went to the library to pass the time ended in ER
PiesandAbrosmama's Avatar PiesandAbrosmama 05:17 PM 06-18-2008
So I finally decided we would go to the library today stock up on books and vids even though DD #2 is usually way to intense at the library. Then we are there about umm 5 min and she runs down a hall way falls smack into the step ladder and bam gapping wound on forehead. Blood all over o the screaming! My older two are upstairs in the "kid section" I make my way to front to try to get someone to find my children and bring them to me so we can go to the ER. THey get them make a quick report bring us to the back room, luckly hubby was one block away came to me and went with me to the ER. 3 stitches later we are at home. O the drama, I was just wanting some nice quiet time. All is well that ends well. I suppose. Looks like it will heal just fine

kltroy's Avatar kltroy 05:21 PM 06-18-2008
Wow... I guess that's *ONE* way to pass the time, eh? Hope everyone is doing ok now. For a minute I thought you were going to tell us that YOU ended up in the ER.
*Karen*'s Avatar *Karen* 05:22 PM 06-18-2008
Glad she's OK!
beanmakes3's Avatar beanmakes3 05:58 PM 06-18-2008
oh, whew! I thought it was you, too!

glad your DD will be okay.
Oonah's Avatar Oonah 06:07 PM 06-18-2008
Originally Posted by kltroy View Post
Wow... I guess that's *ONE* way to pass the time, eh?

glad your dd is okay!
MamaDee4's Avatar MamaDee4 06:09 PM 06-18-2008
You know, I was just telling hubby yesterday...."I can't believe we've never been to the ER with five kids" (oldest 12). Then I thought, "You idiot! Don't think that--you'll jinx yourself for sure!" That's all we need this close to baby time. ; )

As I sit here typing watching the 12 and 9 year olds take turns on the dirt bike...........

I'm so glad your DD is going to be o.k. I guess the library can always use some excitement.........

BirthFree's Avatar BirthFree 06:15 PM 06-18-2008
Oh oy - the adrenaline rush that would have been! Glad she's ok and it all ended well. Unfortunately my middle son has been to the ER so many times for stitches that they sit him down and say, "J, tell me what happened" and kind of block me out so that he tells the truthful story (which of course is always the same story I said - der) - but that we even invoke suspect tells you how many times we're there for his head in the past year. I hate it too b/c I love their gorgeous skin and I can still see the scarring.

Do you have any Arnica for her? That would probably help with any bruising or swelling. Poor girl...
PiesandAbrosmama's Avatar PiesandAbrosmama 06:21 PM 06-18-2008
Yeah i've got arnica, plus the Doc said where it was on the forehead will move up into the hairline because of her age
Yeah i was surprised that this kinda thing happened at the library. . .the librarians were like "o you would be surprised at what happens here!"
Anyway was one way to pass a day by. thanks for all the support
BlueMoonBean's Avatar BlueMoonBean 06:26 PM 06-18-2008
Wow. I'm glad she's ok! Glad you're doing well, too! Take it easy this evening....
greenbeing's Avatar greenbeing 07:42 PM 06-18-2008
Oh my! I'm glad she's alright!
foogoomomma's Avatar foogoomomma 10:24 AM 06-19-2008
Wow never been to the er?!! I'm amazed. I have 3 and have been in at least 3 times with each of them=ugh Glad she's doing ok