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MamaHen2J&J's Avatar MamaHen2J&J 03:02 PM 06-21-2008
Whooosh what a WHIRLWIND!

My water broke at 8pm on Wednesday and I gave birth less than four hours later!

Such an amazing experience!

Josiah David Willard was 7lbs. 15oz, 21 inches long.

I'm sooooo in looooove!!

Belly rubs to those still waiting for your little ones, you're in my thoughts!

Twwly's Avatar Twwly 03:07 PM 06-21-2008
beanmakes3's Avatar beanmakes3 03:36 PM 06-21-2008
congratulations...nice and quick, too!
BlueMoonBean's Avatar BlueMoonBean 04:32 PM 06-21-2008
Congratulations!! Glad you had a joyful birth! Enjoy your babymoon!
Chalex's Avatar Chalex 05:11 PM 06-21-2008
Congratulations!!! Awesome birth mama!
butterfly1001's Avatar butterfly1001 05:27 PM 06-21-2008
Congratulations! So excited for you!
skg_7's Avatar skg_7 06:23 PM 06-21-2008
Lovely name, Mama. What a quick birth. Congratulations to you and your family!
BirthFree's Avatar BirthFree 06:58 PM 06-21-2008
That's so awesome!! Congratulations!!
greenbeing's Avatar greenbeing 07:03 PM 06-21-2008
Wow, that was fast!! Congratulations on your little one!!
Kylahroo's Avatar Kylahroo 07:16 PM 06-21-2008
Anna GS's Avatar Anna GS 07:42 PM 06-21-2008
Yay! Congratulations!!
Halfasianmomma's Avatar Halfasianmomma 08:46 PM 06-21-2008
Wow you birthing queen! Hooray!
halaroo's Avatar halaroo 09:05 PM 06-21-2008
LeahC's Avatar LeahC 09:52 PM 06-21-2008
Holy moly!! You rock!

BaMo's Avatar BaMo 09:57 PM 06-21-2008
4 hours! I can only hope mine goes that fast.

SunnieP's Avatar SunnieP 12:10 AM 06-22-2008
we had the same edd- you win!
franjapany's Avatar franjapany 01:49 AM 06-22-2008
Congrats! What a fast labor...! Enjoy your bundle and don't forget to check in on us every now and again !
MeloMama08's Avatar MeloMama08 09:49 AM 06-22-2008
Congrats mama!
I had a crazy fast birth like that too, it was CRAZY! Way to go!
mamaprek's Avatar mamaprek 10:54 AM 06-22-2008
Way to go!!
sunmamma's Avatar sunmamma 12:04 PM 06-22-2008
lab80's Avatar lab80 04:48 PM 06-22-2008
Congrats Mama
messy mama's Avatar messy mama 10:43 PM 06-22-2008
Congratulations!!!! He is adorable!!!
aswbarry's Avatar aswbarry 12:53 PM 06-23-2008

Welcome baby
berkeleyp's Avatar berkeleyp 01:13 PM 06-23-2008

Yeah for whirlwind labors. Mine was about that long too but I slept through the first hour .
PiesandAbrosmama's Avatar PiesandAbrosmama 01:17 PM 06-23-2008
Congrats!! happy baby moon
saffrondaisy's Avatar saffrondaisy 02:35 PM 06-23-2008
Wow, he certainly was eager to get into his mama's arms! Congrats!!
klink2's Avatar klink2 05:15 PM 06-23-2008
Congratulations! What a cute baby.
blessedmom68358's Avatar blessedmom68358 11:36 PM 06-23-2008
Oh, isn't he sweet? Congrats on your new little guy and wonderful birth experience!