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hjrowan's Avatar hjrowan 11:21 PM 06-23-2008
Well, first a big thank you to all those who replied to my worries about having an induced birth last week. I printed them out and reread them before going to the hospital on Wednesday morning.

After starting Pit at 9am at a low dose and being 2.5cm and +1 station, my doctor decided to break my waters and turn up the dose at 1.45pm after the lower dose did nothing but make my BH contractions more regular. Blimey that worked alright!

By 2pm I was having painful contractions and we think I was in active labour by 2.30. My wonderful doula got me through an hour of intense contractions (pit was turned off) 2 minutes or less apart and then we moved to the tub when unbeknownst to me I was in transition. My doctor checked me after about an hour in the tub (when I was thinking "please don't let me be 5cm!") and told me I was 9cm - relief!

So I dragged myself out between contractions and after 45 minutes of pushing (what an awesome experience to feel your body just do this!) little Thea came into the world after about 4 hours of unmedicated labour, which definitely wouldn't have happened without the support and skill of my amazing doula.

After being told she was "too small" for a hospital midifery practice at 37 weeks, it was ironic that she was 6lb 9oz, 18 inches and definitely NOT IUGR!!

Welcome to the world Thea, love mummy!

blairinargentina's Avatar blairinargentina 11:25 PM 06-23-2008
congrats mama! i am not from your ddc but read your birth story and wanted to comment... they told me i had an IUGR baby too... and she was almost the exact size as your new little one! take that IUGR!

Lizafava's Avatar Lizafava 11:51 PM 06-23-2008
Congratulations! What a great birth story!
BlueMoonBean's Avatar BlueMoonBean 01:06 AM 06-24-2008
Congratulations!! Way to manage an induction!
saffrondaisy's Avatar saffrondaisy 01:15 AM 06-24-2008
Congratulations! I was so glad you posted the induction question when you did, because I too was induced (unexpectedly) on the 18th (didn't give birth until the 20th, though), and I found such inspiration in having read other people's successful stories. Yay for having another one to add to the list! So happy for you and Thea. Congrats again!
greenbeing's Avatar greenbeing 10:42 AM 06-24-2008
Congratulations, mama!!
Qerratsmom's Avatar Qerratsmom 10:50 AM 06-24-2008
Good Job Mama! Congratualtions!!
halaroo's Avatar halaroo 10:58 AM 06-24-2008
aswbarry's Avatar aswbarry 11:51 AM 06-24-2008

Welcome baby
kltroy's Avatar kltroy 12:11 PM 06-24-2008
Congratulations!! Sounds like a great birth!
Oonah's Avatar Oonah 01:49 PM 06-24-2008
LeahC's Avatar LeahC 03:10 PM 06-24-2008
I am so proud of you for going without an epi with having an induction! You rock!
skg_7's Avatar skg_7 04:50 PM 06-24-2008
Yahoo!! Huge congratulaions from one induced mama to another! Such a happy ending.
Anna GS's Avatar Anna GS 01:09 AM 06-25-2008
congrats, it sounds like you truly made the best of the situation.
sunmamma's Avatar sunmamma 01:31 PM 06-25-2008
congrats mama! So glad things went well for you and Thea, and YAY for doulas!!
beanmakes3's Avatar beanmakes3 03:20 PM 06-25-2008
congratulations, mama! and thank heavens for great doulas, huh? welcome thea (lovely name...)