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And we're all PP

I've been really lucky. Dh took off the first week and Mom has had 2 of the kids since week 2. She'll also have them this coming week. I've had dd1's caregiver coming in every morning and staying through lunch so I have been a lazy butt. I've got another week of laziness before the reality of 4 kids sets in I'll still have the sitter come in until mid Aug so - still feeling pretty lucky to have so much help.

My big problem is motivation. My brain doesn't work. I have to make a call to dd1's Sp. Ed. counselor. It's not going to be a fun call and I just keep putting it off. I can barely put 2 sentences together w/o blanking out I'm just going to make my list of unpleasant things to do and get it done.

I feel like a first time mom again. This new LO likes to be held most of the time - like ds1 - and I can't get anything done. When I can put him down, I don't know what to do with myself so nothing gets done!!! Isn't that crazy? The house is driving me crazy with it's messiness and I just can't be productive.

The great part of it is I am so loved and appreciated. Little Phin is smitten with me. When he looks at me, I can tell I am his world. That's nice His looks, his appreciative gulps of milk, all the grunts and sighs of gratefulness that he can nurse and be close. It's awesome. It's addictive. Maybe that's why I can't function - it's like being in love for the first time and you can't think of anything else, yk?

Hope everyone is doing well!
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Originally Posted by elfinbaby View Post
It's awesome. It's addictive. Maybe that's why I can't function - it's like being in love for the first time and you can't think of anything else, yk?
Aw, this is such a sweet description.

I am having a hard time balancing both kids. I really want to have some alone time with each of them, but it just doesn't really happen. DD will only nap on me (sometimes I get 30 mins in the afternoon when I can put her down) so I don't really get any time with DS. I crave the time that we used to have together. But at the same time, I want to be able to just sit and talk with DD and get some real interaction other than just giving her milk and strapping her on me while I run around trying to get things done. I'm sure we will find a groove at some point, but we sure haven't found it yet!

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Family wise - kids are adjusting better so I'm doing better... it's such a slow process and someone is ALWAYS not happy. It wears me down. Jade doesn't let me set her down just about ever so I either do stuff 1/2 arsed and 1 armed, or not at all. That gets SO old!!

Sleep wise - Jade still doesn't sleep great, but we're starting to understand each other a little more these days in terms of me knowing how to help her not be so fussy and to sleep at night.

Emotionally wise - still fragile at times. I have too much to do for my family and kids and I just want to sleep... : sigh : My DH could help a lot more.

Physically wise - pretty good. I'd like to stop bleeding some year, but I can't complain much. I fit my regular clothes (with the stomach "muscles" that hang over some of course) and my boobs are getting to be more normal sized .

Did I mention that all I want to do is sleep?

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Physically, I'm doing great. Bleeding stopped a week or two ago. I managed running last night (in a downpour, from Target to my car, while dd1 held the baby and stayed with our cart).

Dh is still mostly home (I know, it's been awesome) - he had a couple of 1/2 days last week and will have a couple this week. He's taking off the last week of July and we're going to our family cabin for a week. While I'm very excited to go, I'm a little worried about the carride! Juniper doesn't like the car for long periods and doesn't sleep much during the day.

Juniper is still comforted by me. Still doesn't like others holding her, but is getting a teensy bit better. Had a couple of cranio-sachral sessions with a friend. Think we may need to try a chiropractor.

Nursing is great - no more pain, she's not needing to nurse 24/7 anymore. She sleeps okay - not much during the day, but can get about 9-10 hours at night (waking to nurse every 2-3 hours). I'm not exhausted, so that's good!

I've been back to work since she was 3 weeks old and that's going fine, too. I just don't answer the phone anymore as she's likely to start screaming at any moment! LOL!

Okay, she's screaming. Gotta go!
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Hey all!
3 1/2 weeks post partum, feeling really good all around!
DTD last week... went pretty good. Not as bad as I thought. Midwife had said 3 weeks was her "ok" time, it was up to us. I was feeling pretty good (only had a couple "skid marks", so not much healing to do) so we decided we'd try and if there was any pain we'd stop. No pain, but we had to finish quickly as DS2 started crying! Oh, and of course we used LOTS of lube! Definitely couldn't get too crazy, but it was comfortable.
Jiggly belly still of course! Not fitting into prepreggo clothes yet but I'm not too worried about it. Bleeding is just about done. I mean, bleeding is done, I just have annoying light light light brown discharge. Pantyliner is good for that.

Breastfeeding is going great. He latches perfectly, sore nipples gone at 10 days PP. We're having some issues with dairy sensitivity I think. DS1 had it for a month or so (obviously not too bad), and I think DS2 does as well. I cut out dairy a week ago, and his crankiness after nursing seems to be getting a bit better in the last day or so. He spits up ALL THE TIME, but so did DS1, so I'm used to it. Laundry problem more than anything.

DS2 sleeps great at night. A good 9-10 hours waking every 3-4 hours or so to nurse. I have him in bed with us, so I barely even wake up to latch him on, then go right back to sleep. And DS1 sleeps fairly late as well, so I'm getting lots of sleep and feel SO much better PP that I did with DS1.
Not getting nearly as much done around the house as I did with just DS1, but I guess that's to be expected. He likes to be worn. I'm great with the pouches, ok with the Moby wrap (but so darn hot!), and not so great yet with the ring sling. We're working on it though.

It's really hot and humid out here so we're not getting outside as much as I'd like. We have a pool, which is great for DS1, but obviously can't take DS2 in yet, and DS1 is too little to be around the pool without me being RIGHT THERE with him. And even to play outside in the yard, it's fine for DS1 and me, but to wear DS2.... it's too hot right now. I'm kind of sad about that, but as soon as the humidity goes away, we'll start going out a bit more.

Also, I just want to add how much better I felt immediately afterwards with my natural birth than I did with my pitocin/epidural birth. My hormones were much more stable. Not saying they're not up and down, but not nearly as crazy.

Aubree, wife to a wonderful DH, mom to Colin 12/05, Hudson 6/08, and Gavin, 1/12/11.
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6 weeks out here and feeling much more stable and adjusted. spend lots of time in my glider rocker and have another on order to put in another area of the house. relearning to multi task w/ my feet, as baby lives in my arms. still doesn't sleep much during the day (he actually does about every other day) but does great at night so that's my trade-off. i have yet to feel sleep deprived by this lo, just shower deprived. *grin*

getting lotsa smiles lately that just melt our hearts, lotsa little coo's too, especially first thing in the morning. I love it when they start interacting. he's so super aware and loves looking around. walking around the park in the early evenings so that he can take it all in has become a favorite activity. dh began doing this during fussy time and it's become routine for the two of them.

feeling frustrated that jeans still don't fit comfortably because i'm eating so good, and i'm really tired of draw string pants, but that's to be expected i suppose--it'll happen soon enough; hopefully before summers over.

he hates the car and the $200 swing we caved in and bought him (that we've already returned) but he LOVES his paci, being swaddled and worn in the ring sling. o, and music turned up farely loud.

Midwife apprentice and mama to 6, including three UC babies: Jude River, 06/04/08, Elora Wren Isolde, 9/27/10, and our newest addition, Eilish Neve Isebeul, 6/12/14!
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5.5 weeks pp here

Physically- pretty good. Bleeding is almost done, my boobs are huge and I am going to get fitted for new bras, I think I am in an H. I have around 20 lb to loose.

Sleep wise-Baby is doing better....taking one really long nap a day (4hrs) and cat naps, sometimes hard to settle at night due to the reflux. I put him down and he pukes.

DS1 is having a really hard time adjusting. He is night waking again and his behavior is really bad. I am going to phone for some advice from the Child Development Center tomorrow.

Emotionally....PPD has hit again. I start taking Zoloft on Thursday so hopefully in a couple of weeks I start to feel better. I am pretty miserable and can't get motivated to do anything besides the computer or reading my book.

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Am I the only one with 25+ pounds to lose?! Pre-pregnancy clothes? Yeah right! I am up 3 sizes. I really have yet to lose much since birth. It is like it just stayed. Yikes.

Wife to DH of 10 years
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I'm doing great all around, much better than I thought I would be doing. Physically I feel fantastic. Recovery was an absolute breeze. However, I do wish the bleeding would stop. I remember I bled for a solid 6 weeks after my daughter was born, so I guess I shouldn't have expected better this time. It's not heavy, just annoying.

Weight-wise, I'm actually about 20 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, which for me is not saying a lot. I started out overweight, so I definitely have weight to lose. I have been watching what I eat and the weight is coming off some. I hope to continue that trend.

Sleepwise, I have no complaints. Max goes to bed at about 10:30 at night and sleeps until about 3 or 4, nurses for half an hour and sleeps until 6. At 6 he has a good, long nursing session and goes back to sleep for about 2 hours. I'm able to pick up the house and get showered during this time. The rest of the day is a pretty mixed bag. Some days he nurses a lot and needs to be held all day and some days he'd just prefer to just nap. We usually get out mid-day and go for walks and run errands. He typically stays asleep for most of it.

My daughter is adjusting pretty well. She was a bit clingy at first, but she's really gotten past that. She seems to be enjoying having him around.

Breastfeeding is okay. Max is a bit of a lazy eater and tends to latch well, but fall off pretty quickly. He also likes me to hold the breast while he eats. No hands-free nursing for me. He is also a terrible spitter. I spend most of my day covered in spit-up.

Candace - Mama to Molly (02/06), Max (06/08) and Maggie (03/10)
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Well My DH is building and on a very small window of time till our Grand Opening of our Children Entertainment center so he only actually has taken 3-4 days since June's birthday. That said I did have some meals given to me and my MIL has helped when she can but it was right back to work with one more kiddo for me.
June is a sweet pea she sleeps a lot but when she only wants me and seems to be gassy (I am watching my diet for her). I feel fantastic! That's good because at least body wise I feel great. I am getting used to the lack of sleep.
Biggest concern giving everyone the love and attention. The poor dog is so the last on the totem pole. Poor earnest. Anyway ladies it's a surreal thing finally having my bonus baby after such a LONG pregnany. That's my update

Mama of 4 all born at home : Mothering
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I'm about 8 days postpartum and I'm *beginning* to feel normal.

Emotionally, it's up and down. Anything will set me off (a really sad episode of House last night reduced me to tears) and it doesn't help that DH's back is killing him so *he's* moody too. I keep having these horrible dreams that Alia isn't breathing anymore, or that DH has disappeared and that I can't find him. I think I'm a bit anxious

Physically, things are still a mess. Floppy belly, sore lower back, generally tired and weak. At least it doesn't sting when I pee anymore...yay, but I still have I'm not bleeding a lot, even this soon after the birth, which seems weird. I'm way less sore down there, but um...TMI warning here, my, um, clit is VERY painful I don't know why either. It started 2 days ago and whenever I cough or sneeze or just get up, it throbs painfully. I was told I tore near there so maybe that's why, but I don't know why the pain appeared later rather than sooner. Anyone else have this?

Breastfeeding is going ok, though my nipples still hurt when she latches on. I've gotten better at reading her signals and I unlatch her whenever she shows signs of arching her back and wanting to pull off. I can't wait to be able to breastfeed while doing other things...right now, I'm so focused on latch, positioning, etc, that I can't do anything else but breastfeed 24/7

Alia has developped really bad gas in the past 2 days, and I don't know why. It just appeared all of a sudden and it hurts my heart to see her in pain. We have to stop to burp after every 10 minutes or so of feeding and sometimes, the pain from the gas makes her wake up with a pitiful cry. I wish I knew what to do for her...DH bought us some gripe water, so we'll see if that works. Today was a "diarrhea all over mommy" day, so maybe once that's out of her system, she'll feel better. Aside from that though, she's a wonderful baby. Almost never fusses, sleeps long stretches at a time, and loves being held by pretty much anyone. She falls asleep right away if I put her on my naked chest...It's such a wonderful feeling!

My biggest cat, Achilles, has taken to being her guardian and he won't leave his sight. We thought he would be a problem because he used to be the baby, but somehow the baby's arrival has made him grow up. The other two cats are petrified of the baby and won't even go hear her.

That's my long-winded update
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Originally Posted by Halfasianmomma View Post
TMI warning here, my, um, clit is VERY painful I don't know why either. It started 2 days ago and whenever I cough or sneeze or just get up, it throbs painfully. I was told I tore near there so maybe that's why, but I don't know why the pain appeared later rather than sooner. Anyone else have this?

Yes I had this too - along with the general feeling that I had been beaten up and kicke \d in the crotch. Like many things it seemed to clear up by ~2 wks.

Things are good for me - my girl is 1 month tomorrow. HOW did that happen??? Bleeding is basically stopped but every time I sit down not ccarefully I pull on the small tear that I have which has remained 90% healed for the last 2 weeks. Think I popped the 2 stitches open Doing ok balancing the 2 kids but we don't seem to manage to get outside until around 4:00 or later most days partly b/c of the heat and partly b/c that's when DH calls it quits and can help. I haven't found a good way to carry them both b/c Claire is so little I want to keep her outr of the sun but I can't do that in my sling. Plus I don't want her too close when it's so hot... been experimenting w/ putting 2-yo D in the Ergo on my back and strollering Claire (mostly for shade). It's a good workout b/c he's going on 30 lbs.

I'm a little sad this weekend b/c it's the 100th Race To Mackinac and the boat that I crew on is over half way there by now... I would be too but am not, for obvious reasons Probably won't next year either b/c of breastfeeding... 2 years from now I guess *sigh*

Mom to James (ribboncesarean.gif 5/2006), Claire (vbac.gif 6/2008), furry kitties Calvin and Bob, and wife to Dennis. 

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I'm healed and the baby is sleeping wonderfully uninteruppted from 12 to 7, but my ppd is starting to become less manageable and I'm afraid to take my meds becasue they make me sleep. I'm seeing my doc this week to discuss options.

Still haven't dtd. I'm afriad to because of the "stretch mark" up to my clit. Plus I have absolutely no desire, which I'm guessing has to do with the depression.

My bleeding has finally stopped and my nipples don't hurt anymore. My milk supply is dropping a bit though.

Callie is doing great.
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Been busy! I mostly have been lurking the past few weeks while nursing, I cant NAK with my laptop.

We are 6 weeks PP and the boys have assimilated pretty well to Ellie. I feel great, I have managed to take the kids, w/o DH, shopping and to the park. DH is taking his last class and is only away from home for an hour a day : He has been immensely helpful.

We are getting ready to move across the state so things have been a bit chaotic this week- out two year old definitely knows something is up. Plus, we are having landlord drama here (they refuse to clean up the flood mess downstairs)- always a little drama going on in the background.

I am the heaviest I have ever been I started running again, but I am going to have to get a new sports bra for the ladies, the bounce is just too much. My goal is to fit into my pants, without anything hanging over the sides, by fall. I am pretty sure I can do it. Our new house is right off a bike path that will allow me to walk the kids to the park and the Y. We are also within walking distance of the library, grocery store and Starbucks

My hope is to get Ellie's Birth Story written soon. It was such a wonderful exp. and I want to share it with everyone, but I have little time to sit and type it out. I hope to do it soon and before out DDC closes.

Mom to DS1, DS2, DD1 and DD2! h20homebirth.gif
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Mateo will be 4 weeks on Thursday and it feels like he has been part of our family for years already! The transition from 1 to 2 has been sooo much easier for us than from 0 to 1. He still sleeps a lot during the day, so I don't really know what to say about him sleep-wise. I am able to put him down really easily, which is a sharp contrast to his sister.

Nursing is also so much easier the second time around. I have a very fast let-down so he is gulping a lot of my milk, making him pretty gassy. We have to burp him a lot! I had his frenulum clipped for tongue-tie when he was 12 days old and I was able to stop using the nipple shields. I was very happy about that!

Physically I feel good. I am not getting any sleep during the day though, which is a problem. Dd doesn't nap anymore and we are working on quiet time when I can lay down. Neighbors and friends have been stopping by and taking her though, so I do get some down time. Dh is off on Wednesdays, so it breaks up the week nicely. I am not in my pre-pregnancy clothes yet, but I was pretty thin before this pregnancy, so I am enjoying a little bit of extra padding for a while. The only problem is my boobs! i am in a wedding in a few weeks and I don't fit in my bridesmaids dress because of my boobs. I ordered a larger size than I normally wear, but forgot how big the girls get when nursing a newborn. By the time I weaned by dd at 3.5, they were pretty much back to pre-pregnancy size.

I better wake Mateo up and nurse him and go to bed. When are making the switch to the new board?

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Daniel is just over 6 weeks old now and things are getting easier. In a nutshell:

-- Bleeding stopped after about 3 weeks

-- HAM, I also had the TMI problem you describe (and oddly, it was also not evident until a week or two after the birth). Seems to be getting better now.

-- Daniel's major gassy/colicky stuff is slowly getting better after weeks of strife and struggle. I think he's outgrowing some of it, and I think also we may have had thrush. His latch is much better now, as well, which means less swallowed air. But I'm still on a really boring diet and he still had difficult evenings. I've ordered something called ColicCalm after abandoning the other things we've tried.

-- Sleep-wise, the kid seems to go in bizarre cycles where he sleeps practically all the time for 24 hours or so, waking only partially to nurse, and then he'll have 24 hours where he hardly sleeps at all. It ain't pretty. When ths cycle is not happening, he sleeps OK at night (2.5 to 3 hours at a time) and semi-ok during the day.

-- He's breaking records with his weight gain: 47 grams a day when the average is 15-30 grams a day. He was born at 6lbs, 11oz and is now 10lbs, 4oz.... While he's gaining, I'm losing. I'm now at my per-pregnancy weight, 26 pounds lighter than the day I gave birth. But this is due to breastfeeding, 2 stomach flus (really), and a restricted diet.

-- Emotionally, I'm WAY better than I was for the first few weeks. I really struggled with sadness and lonliness and general disorientation-of-the-heart until about 4 weeks. Now I'd be feeling like a million bucks if I could eat what I wanted, drive the car (Daniel *hates* the car) and go out and about without worrying that he'll get into a hysterical cycle. He does that. Generally speaking, he's high needs-ish.

Glad to read everyone's news and Mandalin24kd, I'm thining about you and the PPD. I really hope you can get some good help and get on the mend.
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I had my baby 16 days ago via emergency c-section.

She is wonderful! She's breastfeeding fabulously, she's happy, super mellow and just amazing! I've never been happier in my life. She's everything I ever wanted and more. I could cry just thinking how much I love her.

Physically I'm finally feeling back to myself. It was the hardest part about having her that I literally couldn't move for a good week and a half. However, I still had to move b/c DH had issues changing her diapers (cloth), my dog has issues, etc... I'm not sleeping much, but it's not because my baby is a bad sleeper. She goes a good 2-3 hours between eating and will just hang out with me in bed if she's not totally tired. My dog is on a ton of medication for heart failure and he's super needy right now. The responsibility for both him and his meds and a new baby is a lot, especially when I don't get a lot of help from DH. It's mostly my fault because it's easier for me to do it myself than explain to him exactly what needs to be done. He's willing to help, he just doesn't know how.
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Things are good.

Sleep - DD does a nice three hour stretch followed by 1-3 hour intervals. (DS was every 45 min so this seems like cake).

Weight - I've got 7lbs left. I have the sunken souffle tummy big time though. It looks fine when I'm standing but as soon as I sit or bend... DD is gaining nicely I think.

Still bleeding.

Emotionally & physically doing great. I had mondo birth-high for the first couple weeks. Was just flying. Was out and about the next day, really didn't take more than a minute to recoup. The only downer were the contrax when nursing during the early days PP (so painful I had to breathe through them) but those have long passed.

DS has been really great with his new sister. Kisses her, helps with her. I feel bad for him though at naps and bedtime. If he wants to cuddle me and DD starts to cry and gets the prime mommy time he just rolls away from me and won't let me touch him.

DD is great health wise, although I am a bit concerned about the quantity of some of her spit ups (once a day she pours her entire stomach contents all over me/bed/floor). Not just a couple tablespoons. Ounces and ounces. And she wheezes at night quite a bit. I'm thinking maybe dairy sensitivity and I'm trying to cut it out of my diet.

Homebirthing, homeschooling AP, gardening maniac running a working farm. No circ, no vax, no cable TV. EC'd and CD'd, tandem BF'd.  Cheese and soap making goat and child herder.
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Lets see how long it takes me to type this

We're 2.5 weeks PP, doing ok here. DH went back to work on Friday and I'm having a bit of a time balancing the needs of the two girls alone (and nevermind mommy's needs! ) but I'm surviving, even if just barely! We also had to cut DD1 off from the TV completely, she was getting way too addicted, so even though I know its better for her to be TV free its been SO hard to resist putting it on when I need a break. I've been trying to take her outside a lot, and thats good for all of us, its just hard to get us all dressed and ready, its like a huge production just to go in the front yard!
Liberty has gotten a little more fussy in week 2, mostly in the evening, but nothing like August was at this age, she had colic/probably silent reflux and when Libby gets fussy I just have to remind myself that shes a lot easier to calm than DD1 was, I will survive this! I think Libby might just be a little gassy. I tried some gripe water last night and DH rocked her outside and she calmed right down, not sure which really helped....
anyone have any gassy baby tips? I don't think its my diet, but I do think I have a bit of overactive letdown....

As for me, my recovery is ok, my bleeding mostly stopped after a week, but every few days I get a little gush (annoying because by the time I get a pad on its done so I have bloody undies and a wasted pad!), mostly when I've been chasing DD1 around too much.
I lost all my pregnancy weight, but the sucky part is I'm still fat and still have 40lbs to lose to get to my ideal weight, I was on weight watchers before getting pregnant so hopefully I'll be starting back up with that once I get some money....
Overall I guess I'd say things are going ok for us, I'm feeling really frazzled and easily frustrated at DD1, which kinda sucks but I guess its to be expected. I feel kinda sad that I don't get to spend time just soaking in my newborn really, I'm constantly trying to protect her from DD1 or carting her around in the sling while I chase DD1 or make lunch or clean the house, etc. I'd really like a moment alone to just snuggle and bond with her....

ETA: for the record that took me 45 minutes to type! Now you see why I'm just a lurker lately, August requires constant attention, even if Liberty does let me NAK!

mama to August May (8/06) Liberty Kiana (7/08) and Calliope Rose (6/15/10)
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6 weeks and a couple of days!
Overall, we're doing pretty well! I should sleep more (now...) but, it's hard not to do a few things for myself when I have a couple of moments!

Nursing is going great! I'm amazed how much more comfortable I am the second time around. I remember with DD, I had to prepare to nurse and was always wondering how I was doing. This time around it seems MUCH more natural. 2.5 years of nursing made a big difference!

Sleep is pretty good. He sleeps great in a sling - and at night snuggled by me. He is on and off about laying down during the day by himself in his bouncy seat. He does like to let out a little cry before he falls asleep - not always, but I've noticed it's becoming a routine.

I have 10 lbs to lose. I do not fit into my preprg clothes... that would be great. Physically, I feel pretty good. Most days emotionally I feel good. However, I feel really bad when DD loses it in the evenings... it's not always, but sometimes she just breaks down when it comes to bedtime. She wants me there, and often it's too hard because it's DS's "fussy" time as well. He likes to walk around when DD needs to go to sleep. I also am more short with her than I used to be. I think we both miss "our" time, which is hard to find these days.
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Its been 5 weeks foe me. I've been out and about quite a bit by myself with all 3 kids but I do tire easy and any brain power is lacking.

Physically I have only ever so slight bleeding (don't even wear a liner) but I am worried about a uterine prolapse and go to see the doc on Friday. Also went camping at a music fest for 4 days this weekend and ended up with mastitis. It was horrible! It seems to have cleared up now though and i am feeling much better. Now the baby has a stuffy nose though so I was up most of the night holding him upright so he could breath and sunctioning out his nose.

Emotionally I seem to be ok, sometime overwhelmed and resigned to the fact that my house is going to messy for awhile.
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