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I'm wondering how other mama's fur babies have reacted to the new arrival...

We were expecting trouble from Achilles, our Main Coon, mostly because he's the youngest and kind of a punk, but strangely enough, he's taken to being Alia's guardian. He won't leave her side, and is very upset when we lock him out of the bedroom away from her crib, which he sleeps under whenever she's in it.

The only female cat we have is skittish as ever, but she's actually ventured into the room where the baby is, which is an improvement.

The problem we're having is with the other male, Hasu, who was previously the king of the castle, till we got Achilles, but he was still very sociable and sweet after that. Since the arrival of the baby, he's super jumpy, won't come anywhere near the baby, and generally looks sad. He won't even let me pet him after I've held the baby, as if her smell puts him off...I really hope he gets over it and rejoins the family soon!
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Our furbabies (both dogs) have really taken to him. Baloo even gets upset when we are burping him - we think that he thinks that we are hitting him.

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Our cats live outside during the summer months. So far they seem interested in him but not overly so. They are much more concerned about staying away from Byron and his squirt gun.

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My cats were definitrely James's guardians... we thought it was cute. But this time around they were like, "oh another one of THESE again?" It could be that they're so preoccupied with a 2 year old who chases them around the house and won't leave them alone that they're too busy to notice the baby. She really doesn't make too much noise yet....

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Our animals are pretty much ignoring the baby. Our cat Shasta is completely ignoring her. She won't even look at her. Our dog Casey will occaionally walk over and sniff or lick, but otherwise doesn't really pay any attention to her. They've both gone through this before. We're also packing to move, though, so I think they're agitated about that.

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My cats don't seem to care one way or the other. They've all sniffed her and walk away. I guess she's just not entertaining enough for them! Sullivan is our resident "kisser" and he licked her head the first day she was home. Last night he managed to sneak in and sleep in her pack and play...with her. I would have freaked if he wasn't such a good boy and kept himself firmly on the other side, but I did take him out.

My dog is 13 and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure a week before she was born. He's extremely attached to me and had to see me hobbling around in pain after my c-section and unable to pick him up. He's doing soo well though now! He's super curious about the baby, but scared of her at the same time. When we're in the car, she's on one side and he's seat belted on the other side and he keeps a constant watch on her and tries to edge himself over so he can sit by her. It's adorable!
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1 dog, 1 cat, they couldn't care less. They're way too worried about DS pouncing on them.

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my most beloved, bestest cat ever ran away. i'm totally not kidding. we're so sad.

Midwife apprentice and mama to 6, including three UC babies: Jude River, 06/04/08, Elora Wren Isolde, 9/27/10, and our newest addition, Eilish Neve Isebeul, 6/12/14!
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i'm so sorry about your kitty. i hope it returns soon!

when we brought norah home we were super worried about our dog. not only was he pretty much home alone for 4 days except the occational person stopping by to walk him, but he's super obnoxious and still a puppy. he actually just turned 1 a week ago.

so we brought her home and he knew right away not to jump. anyone who's holding her doesn't get jumped on now. he stopped having accidents in the house and sleeps next to her bassinet. he will get up on our bed when she's in it and let her use his snout as a foot rest.

and our cat...i wish i had this on video. i sat down on the couch with norah on my lap and tigger hops up, lays next to us, extends one paw and places it gingerly on her head...and pets her. sooooooooo cute!

Shirl, (f)un!-married to my love since 05', Momma to (Rosey!) Norah Rose *5/08'* & (Brutus!) Blaze Noah *11/12'*
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