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quarteralien's Avatar quarteralien 04:19 PM 11-01-2007
This is my fourth pregnancy, and I've bled in every single one, during the first trimester. For both my DD's pregnancy and my chemical pregnancy earlier this year, the reason I figured out I was pregnant because I was randomly bleeding. I'm just tired of it. Pregnancy is supposed to be a break from blood. This time around, I spotted for a week, and thought it was done Tuesday morning. Today, I had a brief spot of blood this morning, after hanging up some laundry. I rested and drank RRL, and it's stopped now, but I'm SICK OF BLEEDING!!!!

Vent over.

mchalehm's Avatar mchalehm 05:09 PM 11-01-2007
I'm sorry--I cherish pregnancy as a special time to retire my Diva Cup for a while. Does it worry you or are you just used to it?
quarteralien's Avatar quarteralien 05:29 PM 11-01-2007
I'm both used to it and a bit worried, just on the chance that this time it "means something." But mostly it just frustrates me. I just want to be done with blood.
Funny you should mention the Diva cup. I just got one about 2 months ago. I had wanted to for a while, but had procrastinated for no good reason. Then, I got it sort with the idea that Murphy's law would help me get pregnant: here I was getting a cup I wouldn't use until sometime in the year 2009. I did get to use it though, for one cycle. I hope I get about 2 years off of it though.
prothyraia's Avatar prothyraia 10:06 PM 11-01-2007
Originally Posted by quarteralien View Post
Then, I got it sort with the idea that Murphy's law would help me get pregnant: here I was getting a cup I wouldn't use until sometime in the year 2009.
I got some lovely cloth pads that I got to use for a cycle and a half.

And wow, I thought the cramping (run-to-the-bathroom-you-just-got-your-period-cramping) that I get in my pregnancies was nerve wracking, random bleeding would make me crazy
mama to 2 girls's Avatar mama to 2 girls 12:27 AM 11-02-2007
Bronwyn...I hope it stops soon.
jakesask's Avatar jakesask 12:39 AM 11-02-2007
I got pregnant in mid-March and bled at the end of March, middle of April, middle of May, middle of June, and middle of July. Not a lot of blood, but still it was blood, and for like 3 days at a time, and it scared the heck out of me. Nobody could really explain why it was happening; I even had an ultrasound in June when it was going on and it showed nothing out of the ordinary. Everyone just hoped it'd stop. And it did.

It seems like a miracle that I've gotten to 35 weeks with no other problems whatsoever; I'm perfectly healthy and presumably my baby is too.

I guess it must be something to do with our particular hormonal profiles. Some girls have all the luck. :
meowee's Avatar meowee 02:09 AM 11-02-2007
I had bleeding for my three previous pregnancies, the last two I continued to get "periods" for a couple months.

So far no bleeding this pregnancy. I improved my diet (no more sugar) and eat healthier foods-- I think this is the reason.
Ahimsa's Avatar Ahimsa 08:56 AM 11-02-2007

I hope it gets better.
quarteralien's Avatar quarteralien 10:38 AM 11-02-2007
No blood today so far.
I actually expected to be a random-bleeder type even before I got pregnant the first time. I often had mid-cycle bleeding that wasn't connected to ovulation. And then one of my sisters told me about her first pregnancy, where she didnt' realize she was pregnant until around 10 weeks because she had had 2 periods. I figured I would be the same. And I was right, sort of. You're right, jakesask, some people have all the luck. Lucky me.