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elf's Avatar elf 06:32 PM 11-10-2007
Is anyone else worried about weight gain? I had ovarian hyperstimulation in the beginning of my pregnancy so when I wasn't even 4 weeks pregnant--I looked 6 months. I gained 10 lbs instantly--have since lossed 5. Because of my morning sickness-the only thing that helps is eating cr*p all day long. I can't exercise b/c of my ovary problem and as I watch the numbers on the scale continue to creep up...I am getting nervous. Anyone else?

mchalehm's Avatar mchalehm 06:40 PM 11-10-2007
I don't know if your situation warrants this--but I just started taking Zofran. I couldn't keep anything in my stomach aside from sodas, basically, and while I don't love taking drugs while I'm pregnant, I'd rather take a drug that I believe to be safe and that allows me to eat a balanced, healthy diet for my babe, than subsist on a steady intake of nothing but HFCS. Just my feeling on the matter.

As for the weight gain, I don't know whether I'd worry about that or not. I have lost, so far, because I've been so sick, and that's what happened in my last pregnancy too.
mchalehm's Avatar mchalehm 06:41 PM 11-10-2007
p.s. If I understand ovarian hyperstimulation--isn't that more or less temporary water weight? If so, I don't think you should be regarding that as legit weight gain and worrying about that.
ekblad9's Avatar ekblad9 07:54 PM 11-10-2007
How's the zofran working for you? What amount are you taking? I''ve never taken it before but have always gotten violantly ill. I have a script for it. Sorry to be OT.

Weight gain - YES! I'm terrified. I just lost 65 lbs after having baby number 7. I've had weight issues since baby 4. I hate being overweight. My husband is VERY fit and I am just a beat up body that's carried, birthed, and nursed alot of kids. I have to eat a ton of protein to ward off morning sickness. I know I'm going to be big as a house in no time. My belly already looks about 5 months along. I know I'm selfish but I was down to a size 12 for the first time in 8 years and now I'm huge again. Anyway - your problem doesn't sound like you're really gaining weight, though. Just water weight. Still - it's not like you can advertise your condition. I feel for you.
mama to 2 girls's Avatar mama to 2 girls 08:34 PM 11-10-2007
I agree with the others...maybe just water weight....but like the OP said it isn't like you can let it be known to all.

I myself just lost all my baby weight from dd2, I gained 57lbs. with her and everyone has been telling me how skinny I look! I kind of knew because of that fact that I would end up preggo again! :

I am vowing this time to NOT repeat NOT gain over 40lbs!! It was SO hard on me....Towards the end I ached ALL OVER just because of all the extra weight I was carrying. So this time I am trying to eat a LOT healthier....not that I ate really bad last time, but I had that frame of mind where I was eating for 2 so I could eat as much as I wanted! I am 6 weeks and 3days and I have already gained 2 1/2lbs. which doesn't sound like much but everyone I talk to says that they didn't gain ANY weight in the first tri! :

Anyways, sorry for my rambling..
elf's Avatar elf 08:35 PM 11-10-2007
I also take zofran--when I really need to. It is a miracle drug. I have the sublingual kind--it just dissolves on your tongue and instantly works. It really is a miracle drug.

I think my hyperstimulation weight has confused me. Usually you can step on the scale and know if you are getting enough nutrients...or too many. But now--I have these 10 random pounds that should come off in 2 months. So when I lose weight--is it the 10 lbs or is it b/c I am not eating enough. When I gain...what is that?:::
EugeneMom's Avatar EugeneMom 09:30 PM 11-10-2007
I'm really nervous about it but that is largely because I am overweight to begin this pregnancy.

I am dreading starting my prenatal appointments solely for the fact that I will have to get on a scale, which I haven't done since my postpartum appointment almost 2 years ago! I'm trying not to let my neuroses upstage my excitement about the new arrival!
jr'smom's Avatar jr'smom 09:30 PM 11-10-2007
Worried? This is a great time of year to get to eat a little extra! No, I'm not exactly worried but I did just lose 20 lbs in the last 6 months preparing to get pregnant. (I wanted to be at the weight I was before I had the first baby. I didn't have long enough between babies to get down the last time.) I'm just glad I'm starting here and not 20lbs heavier.
veganf's Avatar veganf 10:36 PM 11-10-2007
I've kept an extra 10 pounds per baby. Ugh. I didn't intend to get preggo again until next summer, but here I am.
As far as weighing goes, I have decided I am not getting on a scale AT ALL during this pregnancy. It only drives me crazy to see the numbers. My midwife doesn't care one bit, but I decided to weigh myself in private last time. : All it did was serve to depress me. So NO SCALES AT ALL for me this time!
So I'm just going to do my best to continue exercising (if I can keep the m/s away) and eating well. With #3 I lost 11 pounds but gained 35 after 26 weeks when I could finally eat again : .
JunebugsMom's Avatar JunebugsMom 10:51 PM 11-10-2007
I only gained about 17 pounds with my son so I'm not terribly worried. but then I'm a bit overweight to begin with. I'm just trying to eat healthy and enjoy my food because m/s hasn't kicked in yet and everything tastes sooo good right now!
mrs rockstar's Avatar mrs rockstar 11:45 PM 11-10-2007
Originally Posted by mama to 2 girls View Post

I myself just lost all my baby weight from dd2, I gained 57lbs. with her and everyone has been telling me how skinny I look! I kind of knew because of that fact that I would end up preggo again! :
This is me. I gained somewhere between 50-55 with #2, finally lost it and well, here I am. I just called my sister and offered her all of my skinny "someday" jeans because it looks like someday ain't comin'!!!

I'm with vegan and not stepping on a scale this time. No thank you. Don't need to worry about that.
mchalehm's Avatar mchalehm 01:17 AM 11-11-2007
Zofran is a miracle drug for me, or it was last time. This time it is still working really well to control vomiting but I still feel queasy a lot. I wonder if it is because they came out with a generic and it's not sublingual but a regular pill.
Spark's Avatar Spark 01:23 AM 11-11-2007
Elf with overstimulation, are you carrying multiples?

Originally Posted by mrs rockstar View Post
I'm with vegan and not stepping on a scale this time. No thank you. Don't need to worry about that.
My rule has always been to jump off the scale if I see the needle approaching 200. I usually weigh about 170. Sooo, I guess, I do what Vegan's doing, but with a tweak. Somewhere in my mind, it's all good up until 199... but then I'd rather not know.

I've always lost weight the first trimester, but I'm SO HUNGRY this time, it might be different. With my first, I lost 16 lbs. My second, I lost only 6lbs. With my third, I lost about 25 lbs in 6 weeks. Notttt recommended.

But, with being SO sick my last pregnancy, it really changed my perspective on weight during pregnancy. I see gaining as healthy. Really really healthy. I think if we eat as best as we can, the weight we gain is what we need. Yet... somehow I still don't want to see 200 on the scale.

May we all gain just what our babies and we need!
Ahimsa's Avatar Ahimsa 06:21 PM 11-11-2007
I gained 50lbs when I was pregnant with my son and only lost 30lbs afterwards. I am hoping not to gain too much weight. I may try to not weigh myself and just focus on eating healthy and trying to excercise. Today I weighed myself and I have already gained a few lbs.
pazerific's Avatar pazerific 09:00 PM 11-11-2007
i've had off and on nervousness about weight gain during this pg. i was pretty freaked out about it when i was carrying dd, so i just didn't weigh myself. about 2 weeks before my due date i got on a scale backwards, and told dh to look, but not to tell me until after i'd had dd. once i'd had her it all seemed ok, and i ended up losing all my baby weight and then going down 2 more pant-sizes from nursing(which made me look way too thin). so i kind of face a bit of a yo-yo effect with pg and nursing. i gain a little more than the "target" while pg (40lbs last time) and loose more than the "target" while nursing (50lbs last time).
meowee's Avatar meowee 09:58 PM 11-11-2007
I am worried about weight gain but more about my food intake. My diet was ridiculously healthy before I got pregnant but I've had such bad m/s, such weird cravings/ aversions, I can easily see myself going down a pretty bad path foodwise. This is also my 6th child and I am 12 years older than when I conceived my first... I know women who are older are more likely to gain. I've been lucky though never to have a serious weight problem, in fact I started out slightly underweight, but I know women who have gained a lot of weight in a single pregnancy. It's just so unpredictable, with your body going haywire and your cravings going insane. It's stressful.
finnegansmom's Avatar finnegansmom 10:20 PM 11-11-2007
I am. I gained 62 pounds last time, and I was on the fluffy side to begin with. I lost those 62 plus another 10. I'm going to really work hard to NOT eat lots of junk and try to use our elliptical a few times a week. Last time, my first trimester I was SO nauseous, all I ate was Lay's potato chips, ginger ale and jelly belly's. Umm, I gained almost 20 pounds my first trimester alone! Who gains 20 pounds with Morning sickness???!!!!
Mom2Lex&Cay's Avatar Mom2Lex&Cay 11:26 PM 11-11-2007
I worry quite a lot about the weight gain!

With DD1 I gained 55 lbs and the OB and medwives at the hospital made me feel terrible about it. It was to the point that I would cry when I ate. I'll admit that I didn't eat as well as I should have, but was very active. Took the eating for 2 a little too literal.

I kept about 20lbs of that weight and I still regret not being more careful. The extra weight has been harder to lose, I got a ton of stretch marks, and tummy skin stretched much more than it needed to. I feel like until a tummy tuck is possible I'm stuck with that and it does affect how I feel about myself. My DH has never been anything less than loving, supportive, and reassuring, but it's hard to shake my own bad feelings.

DD2 I was so sick I lost about 15lbs by 12 weeks. Into the 2nd trimester the MW bothered me about gaining too slowly, but I was a bit overweight already and eating very healthy, so I was happy. In the end I gained about 25lbs and lost it very easily. I was back in my reg pants in days.

This time I'm still carrying the extra 20 and hope it goes about like last time. (minus getting so sick and losing weight) I'm aiming to get a reg exercise routine in.

I also have a fear of the 200 number on the scale! It freaks me out! I just crept over it the last week with my first, but was under with my 2nd. It gives me such anxiety the closer I get. I feel like I need to watch the scale to check myself, as I get out of control very easily with weight gain. I try to keep it within reason.
veganf's Avatar veganf 09:49 AM 11-12-2007
Originally Posted by meowee View Post
My diet was ridiculously healthy before I got pregnant but I've had such bad m/s, such weird cravings/ aversions, I can easily see myself going down a pretty bad path foodwise.
Ugh. This was me with #3. When I could eat more than water, the only things I could regularly keep down were plain white bagels, strawberry smoothies, strawberry soy yogurt, and strawberry candy (ie. Twizzlers). Yucko. Talk about a recipe for weight gain. And an occasional rogue craving for cold spinach or spicy Thai curry : (which I usually scarfed down and promptly threw up). That lasted until about 26 weeks. Please please please not again!!!
mhenry's Avatar mhenry 10:20 AM 11-12-2007
I gained 70 lbs with ds, lost it all by five months pp. I do not want to gain that much this pregnancy. I felt so miserable the 3rd trimester. When I'm not pregnant I have a really fast metabolism, but last pregnancy it really slowed down. It sucks, but now I know that I can't eat the way I usually do, if I'm pregnant.
delightedbutterfly's Avatar delightedbutterfly 04:06 PM 11-12-2007
I'm extremely worried. Last time I started to heavy and ended up around 225. Then I started losing BUT I lost my gallbladder. Now my body gains and never loses. Doesn't matter what I eat or exercise. So looks like I'm really worried. My friends think i don't look over 180 so I must carry it REALLY well.

I'm hoping if I up my exercise a bit and keep eating all the raw veggies I'm craving I won't gain much. Just enough for the baby but nothing more is my hope.
elf's Avatar elf 10:27 PM 11-12-2007
You crave raw veggies???????????? I am so jealous. I crave...and only eat...cookies, pizza, nachos and french fries. The thought of a salad makes me want to hurl. I was a super healthy eater pre-pregnancy. I was a marathon runner that usually ate a high protein diet. Not anymore!!!
Lorette's Avatar Lorette 10:31 PM 11-12-2007
I never got rid of 20 lbs from my pg with ds. Now I'm only 6 wks pg and I feel like I've gained 10 lbs already. I'm kind of feeling depressed about all the weight I'm going to gain and how hard it's going to be to ever be a nice weight again. But there's nothing I can do about it and I want to grow a big healthy baby so I just have to accept it. Maybe I will start to feel better in a few months when I start to look pg and not just extra fat.
njbeachgirl's Avatar njbeachgirl 12:40 PM 11-13-2007
I'm not super worried but definitely being more careful than with my first pregnancy. I ate three healthy meals a day.... plus the occasional fast food.... and the not so occasional ice cream I gained 55 pounds. Totally healthy pregnancy but this time i'm really trying to gain less because it took a long time to lose.