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I was wondering if all you smart mamas () could answer this question for me. I sort of tried to look this up (but not very hard) and couldn't really find a good answer...

I've always heard that labor is generally shorter for women who have already had a baby. Is this due to changes that take place during pregnancy or changes that take place during labor and delivery? If a person has one or more c/sections should she expect a shorter labor or would it be that same as for a woman that has never had a baby?

I know the terms "shorter" and "the same" are objective and that someone's short labor could be someone's long labor, but I'm just curious and wondering what to expect. I have never been far into labor and am planning a vba2c this time.

Any insight would be helpful.
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I think if you have had 2 c-secs, it depends on how far you got into labor before having the c-sec. Once your cervix has dialated before, it will be able to dialate faster after that, so if you made it to full dialation for your csec, you should dialate faster this time. If you only made it to 5, you might dialte to 5 faster than you did the first time, and then take a while to go the rest of the way. But pushing will be the same as for a first vag birth, from what I've heard. But some people push their first baby out no prob, etc. It really depends on so many things: baby's position, mom's position, etc.

btw, my 3rd was my longest labor.
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Not in your DDC, but everyone is so different! I've had four babies:

1. Very long prodromal hospital birth - several days.
2. Very, very fast home waterbirth (baby came about an hour after the MW's).
3. Very hard home waterbirth - started pushing too soon which added several hours to the birth overall. About 12-24 hours, depending on how you count the hours.
4. Much easier birth (another home waterbirth), but still not quick like my 2nd. About 12-14 hours.

I'm expecting my 5th in June and would really like a repeat of #2!!
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This is #3 for me, so I'm interested to see how it turns out. For #1 it was 9 hours from AROM to birth, but only 3 hours of that was active labor. (Things didn't get going at first because DS was posterior, once he rolled over and descended enough to put pressure on my cervix things went fairly quickly.)

#2: Just over 2 hours from me waking up (my cats were watching me labor and woke me up) to babe in arms. Midwife got to my house 15 minutes before DD was born.

I'm hoping for another quick one this time, but we'll see how it turns out.

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this is #3 for me... I'm interested to see whta happens as well.

my #1 was 7 hrs from the 1st contraction to birth - with 20 mins of pushing.

my#2 was 8 hrs, and she came out in 1 contraction.
However this labor was sorta of stalled by phsycologically... se my DH *had* to (I mean had too.. it was friday and we NEEDED his paycheck) leave during the labor and I just totally shut down whiel he was gone. I wouldn;t even walk or sit up. I was toally primal and just on pause untill he got back. I barely registered it at the time.
So I think had DH been there the whole time - it would've been faster.
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Well, I think mostly, I have an even number. About four hours of labor.

With my first, I had PROM, but my labor did not kick in right away. When it did, it hit full force and was just over four hours.

My second was right at four hours.

My third was just under six hours, but I was traveling and trying to slow things down until we reached our destination (birthing on the side of the highway was just not what I wanted to do), and he was (at that time) my largest baby, a pound more than my first two.

My fourth was four and a half hours.

My fifth was three and a half hours.

My sixth was barely over one hour (VERY quick)

My seventh was five hours, but he was not only posteriour but two pounds more than my others, and weighed in at 9.5 pounds.

So, I just figure, about four hours, about seven to seven and a half pounds and I am pretty sure to be right!

Any misspellings or grammatical errors in the above statement are intentional;
they are placed there for the amusement of those who like to point them out.
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My 3rd labor was in between the length of #1 & #2, but overall my easiest labor.

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First was about 19 hours and I pushed for five minutes.
Second was about 13 hours and I pushed for five minutes.

So hopefully this one will shorten by 6 hours too and my pushing will be consistent! That'd be great.
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1st was 4 days of prodromal labor, in and out of hospital, etc... (yes, I meant days!)
2nd was about 12 hours start to finish.

Hoping the 3rd will be something similar to the 2nd--I had time to do things around home, relax as much as possible, and that I'll have enough time to get the kids to grandma's and still get to the birth center in enough time to get in the tub for the hard labor.
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Expecting #3 here too, but I dont' know if it's totally fair to compare with my past pregnancies. I've learned so much since then. I didn't eat the greatest diet with either of them, and I certainly didn't take any herbs like I am now, and let's face it, the first time, I was unprepared and scared. So yes, I'm hoping for shorter/easier.
#1 was 16 hours from waking up with contractions to birth. That includes 12 hours of pitocin (which I now know probably contributed to his rapid weight loss immediately after birth) and 1 hour of pushing (directed, coached, semi-sitting, epidural, I shudder now when I think about it)
#2 was 18 hours from first contraction, but I spent all but about one of it in the hospital, so I found it sooooo much more manageable. 10 minutes of pushing.
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Each labor is different and there's a lot of factors that play in. I didn't realize that your emotional state and where you are in your head with the pregnancy as a whole could play so much into the labor and how it goes, but it can.

#1 - hospital birth, 31 hours, no induction
#2 - hospital birth, 7 hours with induction
#3 - hosptial birth, 27 hours with induction (that was a doozy, all that time with a pitocin drip? Yikes!)
#4 - birth center birth, 15 hours
#5 - homebirth, prodromal labor, 105 hours because of emotional hangups regarding my relationship, etc.

This is #6. Emotionally speaking, I'm about 10x worse this time than last. So I am trying for a birth center birth but honestly, I'm not holding my breath. Maybe I am setting myself up, I don't know. I hope I don't end up in the hospital - maybe that whole "multiple children, faster labor" thing will work for me this time.

Good luck to you!!!

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i'm hoping for short and sweet this time around.

first was 26 hours of awful labor(drugs and pit in hospital for most of it), pushed for only 10 min though.

second was about 5 hours, only last 4 being intense. pushed for a couple of minutes through two contractions. i was really prepared(menally and physically), so no fear/issues/interventions. i really think that makes all the difference sometimes.

i don't know if it counts, but with my miscarriage i had about 6 hours of bad contractions(almost as bad as dd's, except my uterus wasn't as big, and i don't think i dialiated all the way to 10cm).

so i'm hoping for about 5 hours again. that will give us a little bit of time to get everything in order before we have to head to the hospital!
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My labors (5 so far) have all been about the same length, about 8 hours with 4 being "intense." Except for my 4th birth-- I stalled at 10 cm and had prolonged pushing stage. I think I was in labor 12 hours with her.

I think one of the biggest factors is how the baby's head manages to get lodged in the pelvis before birth (facing up, down, squished to the side). In my prolonged labor we think either her head was tilted, or her hand or arm was up and it was only when she retracted it that she slid out. She had a huge cephalohematoma that calcified, right where a hand or arm would have been up against her head.

I think baby size might be a slight factor, my smallest was easier than my larger babies, but not by a lot. My fastest birth was with a 7 1/2 pounder (compared to 6 lb 3 oz and 9 lbs for my smallest and largest). I didn't even have to push... she just came out on her own very quickly.
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Thanks for all of you answers everyone. Its so interesting to hear about everyone's different experiences. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens for me. Someone told me to ask my mom about her first labor (that would be my brother) and that I might have labor similar to that.

I'm trying to be prepared and I've finally hired a doula, so hopefully everything will go smoothly.
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