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this is my 5th, so i really thought this would be really predictable. it so wasn't anything like that.

in my heart i name my children according to what their life means to me in my walk w/ God. i know it seems cheesy, but this one was "submission" bc i was just starting my 1st yr of grad school, we conceived by natural family planning as our contraception. submission bc either this was the worst or best time for another child and we wanted to trust God with the decision rather than force it ourselves. when i started to bleed midway in the pregn. i thought God was showing me that submission doesn't always mean it endsthe way we want, but there was little man kicking away.
And at exactly 38 wks, i started labor, knowing this was it. but a couple hours in and i knew the pain was too intense for the dilation i figured myself to be at and the contractions not regular enough. as it progressed it stayed a bit iregular and sex actually caused my cntrx to stop for an hour. by 3 am they were coming 4-6minutes apart and they were terribly painful, on my pubic bone and my tailbone. we called the mw, and she came at 4:30 w/ them being horrible and me only being 7. baby was still at 0 station. at 10 i didn't feel pushy. my last 4 dialtion went really fast once to 3 and i got pushy at 8-10...something wasn't right. after pushing an hr and a half, baby's head was not coming down. we decided transfer was best. the pain in my groin and back was atrocious and the pokiness of the mw's and the 30 minute dr. to the hospital sucked really bad. i was so thankful that her back up met us at the door and i told him i was ready for my epidural. he said we wouldn't need to. i was a bit dissapointed, but the contx kept coming and i was exhausted. he had me push but the baby would get sucked back up w/ every push. within minutes the doc decided to us forceps and i don't know which cam,e first but he had fingers in my rear too. He said the baby was really wiggly. He asked the baby's name and thought Zion was totally fitting, for the labor that was bringing him into the world (Dr. does missionary medicine). it was so painful and he and everyone kept telling me to push and i could swear everything was tearing terribly. but after my bony baby finally came out, face up,covered in vernix chunks, dr. said no tears. i could not believe it!! i bled a lot but delivered a heavy placenta within a few minutes.

the post pain was as bad as labor and my butt was so swollen that it was plumb with my nates. i had to spend 2 days in the hosp. bc of not being tested fot gbs and i barely slept. the bed hurt my bum and tailbone so bad, i was miserable. homebirth is so much better for recovery!

baby was great and healthy thruout and now all my pain is gone, 9 days later, so i'm really thankful. Sooo thankful.

sorry this is so scattered. i love reading everyone's story but don't always have time to comment, but thanks for answering all my stupid questions and allowing me to journey beside you all. i don't know how to add the pic yet.
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I was already a week overdue, but showing no signs of labor, so DH went to his best friend's wedding on Friday afternoon. He was reluctant to go, but I pushed him out the door, saying, "You'll only be 4 and a half hours away. I'll call if anything happens."

That evening I had some usual BH contractions, nothing really notable or painful, but fairly regular, maybe every 10 minutes, for a few hours. My mom and I rented a video on the way home. I had a glass of wine and relaxed and they petered out during the movie, so I didn't think much of it.

About 2:30 I woke up with uncomfortable contractions, so I got up and wandered around for a while, wondering what to do. We had a bunch of flies in the house and so I spent some time swatting flies. You haven't lived until you've tried to swat flies during contractions. Then I thought I'd better time some before I made any phone calls, so I kept track for a half hour and they were every 4-5 minutes apart. I called DH first, waking him up of course, and told him he might want to come home. He was pretty groggy, so I said I'd call him in an hour if things hadn't changed. Then I called my midwife. She was at another birth but was almost done and said she could come after that if I needed her. Of course I did call DH after an hour and said, "Okay, I don't think things are going to stop, you'd better come home."

I stopped timing contractions and got my Hypnobabies recording on the iPod, crawled under the covers of our downstairs futon and tried it out. What do you know?? That stuff works!! It was pretty neat. Every time another contraction would begin, I'd think, "Oh, no, it's starting to hurt... okay, relax... cue anaesthesia... relax... wow, check it out!" I slept between contractions and woke up to deal with each one. Getting out of bed to pee was not pleasant. At some point I decided things were getting harder and I was having a tough time staying relaxed enough to let the hypnosis do its work, so I called my midwife again and told her to come.

Her newer apprentice lives right across the street, so she came first. She asked me if I wanted her to set up the birth pool, and when I realized my response was, "I don't care," I knew things were moving right along. It was upsetting because I thought by this point that DH might not make it home in time, and there wasn't much I could do about that. Finally I sat up on the bed and was trying to deal with more intense contractions, and my water broke, BOOM, and everything started to open up. I think I probably dilated a few cm in that moment. I shouted, "Whoa, the baby is coming!!" Of course it wasn't going quite that fast, but I immediately felt like pushing and that was very upsetting without DH there.

My mom got my daughter out of the house and had her go to spend some time with neighbors before brunch (she wondered why I was making those noises and my mom told her I was pushing the baby out. She just said, "Oh, okay!") After that I spent time dealing with each cxn while the other midwives arrived and got ready for the birth. I mostly mooed and said, "No no no" during cxns; I know, not the most positive statement, but I really didn't want the baby to come yet without DH there! The pain was intense but between cxns I felt very lucid and willing to interact with others. They got me to drink a little milk. At some point my midwife convinced me to get off my butt and onto hands and knees for pushing. My tailbone was killing me, which I didn't realize until later meant the baby had turned and was posterior. (Argh, what is it about my uterus that produces posterior babies??)

When it was clear that I couldn't hold back any longer I suggested my mom might want to catch the baby. He came out in just a few contractions with a little pushing, face down (remember I'm on hands and knees) into her arms. He felt really big, long and substantial -- one push for the head, wait for next cxn, another push for the body, and a third for the legs. Turns out he was 22 inches long and 11 lbs, 5 oz! His tummy was even bigger than his head (which was 14.5 inches)! He didn't cry a bit and was still in his own little world when the cord stopped pulsing many minutes later. My mom cut the cord and the placenta came spontaneously soon after. I took off my pajamas and nursed him right away. We didn't really see his eyes for two days but he nursed great! I climbed onto the bed and just hung out there, feeling awesome. My tailbone felt super bruised but I had no pain (for over a day) other than that. Natural endorphins are THE BEST!!

My daughter came back about a half hour after the birth and climbed right up to be beside us. She was excited to see her brother. DH arrived shortly thereafter, but was all smiles and did not seem upset about missing the birth. I told him how sorry I was but he said he just was happy to have a healthy baby.

It's been a really super easy recovery. I went downstairs and took a walk around the block the day afterwards, and was totally pain free and back to normal activity after one week. Bleeding has been minimal.

Our little guy, two weeks later, does a lot of sleeping and eating with very little else. I know at some point he will develop a personality and start to complain more, but for now I am enjoying the sleep. He's very cute and looks a lot like DH, with some features like me. Update: we finally named him at 3 weeks. Now it's 6 weeks and he's still pretty mellow. :

I really couldn't have asked for a better birth, but I think it would be nice someday to experience transition and pushing with an anterior baby.
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I finally got here to post this.

Baby Isaiah's Birth

To start off, if you are expecting to hear about a UC turned tragic, this is the wrong story to read. And if you are thinking of a hospital horror story, you would be wrong as well. This is a story that is horrific, yes; but also funny, and totally turned out the way it had to, as there was no way around it.

Around 36 wks my blood pressure began to rise. However it was "stable" at a "borderline" high. This was my one and only real sign of something being wrong. And even my shadow OB was not overly concerned, we were just watching carefully.

Sunday I developed a headache that would not go away. My signal that something was not right. So after checking my B/P and seeing that it had spiked to 210/101, I knew things were going downhill. I carefully rested that night and called my OB first thing Monday morning.

With one look at my B/P, my OB sent me to the hospital for an induction. I had delivered every one of my other children at home, and had never been in the hospital, so this was not an easy decision to agree with. But, after having done some research on inductions the night before (because somehow, I just knew this was going to come up), I decided to follow through and at least find out what she was willing to offer. Knowing that I could walk out at any time.

So, after picking up my Hubby from work, we headed to the hospital.

Arriving at the hospital at 1pm Monday, we immediately went to L&D where we were met with the standard paperwork.

Here my story begins.

Filling out the first form, I read the small print on the back, with the clause of "General Consent". My first "battle". I marked out the "General Consent" clause; hand wrote "I do NOT give general consent" and handed all the paper work back to the nurse. She read what I wrote, rolled her eyes, and made her way to inform the others that "one of those" had arrived!

We quickly made a name for ourselves, one that will probably not be forgotten in a long time.

We were shown to my room and I was instructed to change into a gown, crawl into bed and she would be back to start the IV. To which I told her I would wear what I had on and be perfectly fine. She stammered and stuttered. But finally, hesitantly, "agreed" to "let" me. Then she said she would also bring more consent forms for me to sign.

My Hubby and I just laughed. It was going to be a good day!

Coming back in, she brought a handful of forms, and explained each one. We were to sign and date them, and then the OB would be coming in. She left again to gather the IV supplies while my Hubby and I carefully read the forms, word for word.

The first "consent" was for the OB to provide "basic" care and "routine procedures"...Oh, and a c/s "if it becomes necessary". To which we said "no". Going down the form, we marked all of the "consents" with a "no" and signed the bottom, as well as wrote, "I do not give 'general consent'". This totally threw the nurse off, and she did not know what to do. She said, "I will insert your IV now", and I said, "I would like a hep-lock instead" very nicely as I smiled at her. Slightly flustered, she agreed and then left the room to re-gather needed supplies.

Her patience was wearing thin, and I could hear her talking about us in the hall with the other nurses. We were going to be trouble.

After she inserted my hep-lock, she started to collect our paperwork. But when she realized that we refused all general consent, she said she would have to find the OB before she did anything. This is where the real fun began.

A very short while later the OB came into the room. Now, having seen this OB my entire pgcy, I was still unsure of how things would go. But it actually went much smoother than I had anticipated. I just told her that I would not give a general consent, but would consent to specific things as we went along. And she, not being a hospital employee, was OK with that.
She asked me what I expected, and what I wanted. We discussed what options I had and what I would allow, and decided that we would draw blood, and then start on a low dose of Pit, expecting an easy accomplishment of our goal, Baby out.

However, the nurse was not as accommodating. She refused to draw the blood or start the Pit before calling the supervisor, since we refused to sign a consent form. So we waited again. And finally the supervisor came.

After spending a little time talking to us, she tried to convince me that signing the general consents would NOT be giving up my rights and such, but finally relented and allowed me to hand write my own, very specific consent form. This was better than I had anticipated. I hand wrote very specific consent forms, stating exactly what I would allow to be done and what I did NOT consent to.

I would consent to a pit induction, I would consent to EXTERNAL monitoring, I would consent to low dose IV fluids, I would consent to blood draws.

I would NOT consent to internal monitoring, I would NOT consent to remaining lying down, I would NOT consent to an epidural, I would NOT consent to a c/s, I would NOT consent to my baby being removed from my room-at all-ever-for any reason. And in the event of my incapacitation, my Hubby had my authority to make the consents for me.

From there it began.

After taking a full hour to "consent" to treatment, my journey began, at 2:15 pm.

Pit was started at "2", to be raised by "2" every half hour, to "6". I began at 3&50%. Contractions started quickly, feeling like mild b/h. By 4pm, the OB came to check me and found only 4&60%. This surprised us both, since I was birthing number 9 and always had short labors. I consented to having her break my water and taking the Pit to "8". The contractions were somewhat intense, but easily manageable.

At this point the OB came in very worried because my labs had come back, and I was in Severe Pre-E with HELLP. Suddenly, my very life was on the line (I had shown no symptoms other than high B/P). And the OB was convinced I was about to seize and die. We needed to get the baby out, NOW, and start me on magnesium sulfate.

However, MS, does not "cure" this, only "possibly" prevents seizures as well as makes you as sick as a dog and lethargic. So, because it did not "cure" my problem and we were in the middle of induction, I told her no, I would not do MS, but we could continue with having the baby (the "cure"). She was not overly pleased, but willing to permit me.

Did I mention that I questioned everything and asked why for every "suggestion" and an explanation for every activity? The nurse was thrown out of whack so many times because she just did not have any answers for some of my questions. (Like, what affect does the Pit have on the baby? Or What liver enzymes are normal and how far off are mine from that normal frame?) They were so used to people obeying that they just did not know what to do with me.

Around 6pm my contractions began to be continuous with no down time (over stimulated uterus) and intense, though I could still walk and talk through them with no problems at all. The OB said to turn the Pit off for a while. However once the Pit was off, my contractions did not stop, but continued to increase (only, at a normal "wave" rate). The Pit, used properly, actually started my own labor. However, I was only 4&75% at this time.

During all this time, I had to have my B/P monitored every half hour. The "contractions" of the B/P cuff hurt worse than any of the uterine contractions I was having. And, to the dismay of my nurse, I continued to take the cuff off all the time, only to return it just before the "scheduled" B/P time. My OB OK’ed this.

My own labor picked up quickly and by 8pm I was breathing through contractions (this is the point where I would find "my spot" and I just knew I was really close) but when the OB checked me I had no change at all. I was shocked. She was shocked. I should have "gone" way before now, and it was already six hours in, and we had not made hardly any progress at all. She asked if she could restart the Pit, to which I told her no. If the contractions were increasing, there was no need to add Pit to increase them.

The contractions continued and I stood to labor; again, against what my nurse "insisted" I do. I relaxed during contractions to allow Baby to descend and the cervix to open. I would squat during contractions (about every 2 minutes still) and felt a bit pushy when I did. But I always messed up the monitors, which sent off the alarm bells, and sent the nurse running. She would re-adjust them and we would continue.

A quarter to 9pm Baby's heart began to decel during contractions (not "dangerously" so IMO). However, they would quickly recover. Contractions began coming 1.5 minutes apart, and became very intense at this time. This is how normal transition contractions were, and I had to concentrate and breathe through each one. The nurse was insisting that I stay lying down on my left side because of Baby's decels. But I told her I would not, because it doubled the pain and intensity and made them unmanageable. This flustered her so much, but she just kept insisting.

I crawled back on the bed for the B/P check just before nine and suddenly realized that I was totally exhausted. So (although I could not lie on my left side, I did stay on the bed from that point). I raised the bed to a high sitting position and lay back between contractions. Shortly after this, I began to rest between them, which saved me, because they became so intense with me sitting/reclining, that they registered about a 9 on a 1-10 pain scale. And at this point, all I could do was to ride them out and breathe through the intensity. However, with them coming every 90 seconds and lasting about 75, I did not have much "rest" time. As they were intensifying, I began to think of getting an epidural. My strength was suddenly gone and I felt like Baby was not going to come out.

The OB came to check in on me about 9:45pm. She checked me and although I was 95%, I was only a 6-7. I was floored. I was tired. I was ready to quit. She insisted that we had to get the baby out and asked if we would consent to a c/s. I said no. So she asked to start the Pit again. I agreed, but only if I got an epidural, because if I could not handle what I had, I just knew I would not be able to handle it with the Pit added on.

This necessitated my Hubby rewriting the consent form to consent to the epidural. The OB sent for the anesthesia person, and walked out the door. The first contraction that I had as she stepped out, I suddenly began to bear down, and the on 1-10 scale, it suddenly became a 12.

The nurse, standing beside the bed, staring at the monitors (of course), asks me if I was bearing down. To which I did not respond, because, duh! I was in the middle of pushing. The contraction ended, and all I could do was to catch my breath. Another contraction came almost immediately and I began to push again. To which the nurse, AGAIN, asked if I was bearing down, and when I did not respond, she instantly called the OB back in the room. By the third contraction, the OB was back in the room and I was pushing again. It hurt, REALLY bad, but I had no choice, though I think the nurse thought I was doing it on purpose.

The OB asked me to consent to a c/s, and even during a contraction, I yelled, "NO!" Baby's heart was deceling, my contractions were suddenly on top of each other, 90 seconds apart, lasting for 90 seconds. Not a breath's break in between. She asks several times if I would consent, I said no, my Hubby said no. I kept on pushing.

In my head, I heard everything that was going on. I knew what was going on. And I knew it was suddenly going to be ok. She suddenly stuck her hand up inside me (I know this had to be done) and said that suddenly (within the five minutes and four contractions since she last checked) I was 8&100%. And Baby was moving down, heart was deceling, and we were going to be birthing baby out whether we liked it or not; NOW!

Suddenly, the room was filled with people, and the OB was screaming for the neonate specialist dr to hurry in, knowing we were going to lose Baby. The head of the bed was dropped flat and raised up so that I felt as if I was standing on my head. My scale of 1-10 pain suddenly became a 20. She said she was going to have to push back the cervix and I would have to push through this. I was continually pushing with contractions, as I had no choice, and I never responded. My legs were shoved into stirrups and I was told to push. I did take a breath to yell out, "Don't cut me!" At the same time Hubby heard a nurse ask the OB about an episiotomy, and was told I did not need one.

I continued to push when I felt the urge, even though they screamed at me to "PUSH!" The OB reached inside and stretched my cervix as I pushed and everyone was screaming for me to push. I pushed with all my might (with the contractions) and breathed when I could, even though they kept saying push. My Hubby was holding one of my legs and a nurse the other and they kept pulling them back (Hubby kept saying, "they are trying to open the pelvis, come on push". He was really a great help, and I focused on his words). Then I felt Baby moving down, and it hurt like no other birth had ever hurt. And Hubby said, "I see a head, he's is almost here!" And I pushed some more. With all my might, I pushed. That "ring of fire" you feel when Baby crowns? Well, I felt that from the very first push on the cervix. And it continued until his head emerged. I felt the pain and registered his ascent (since I was on my head-or so it seemed) and knew moments before his head was out that he was REALLY coming out, NOW! His head was born, and from that moment, PAIN, like I had never felt in my life (or ever hope to feel again) began.

The moment of truth hit. The reason that labor never progressed; the cord had lassoed him in. Literally. (Wrapped around his neck, shoulders, chest, and then feet, keeping him from descending into the birth canal). He could not come farther out.

**From my "point of view", the OB reached in and began jerking and wiggling and pulling his little body out. Then suddenly she uttered the terrifying "shoulders stuck" as she twisted and pulled on him. Pain radiated through me, as I continued to push with all my might. At the same moments my mind was screaming that if only I was squatting, he would not be stuck.

**From my Hubby's POV, the OB reached to pull the baby, but her hands kept slipping, so she did not actually pull. Then he heard "Shoulders stuck" as she reached up and grabbed his head. So he swatted her hands away and told her "Don't pull!" A nurse asked him to back off, and he told her "No!" He said he just knew that if she would just give me one more contraction, I would push him out, and I did. (The doctor did have to loosen, and then cut the cord from the shoulders before his body would slip out, though.) Then the slippery little guy nearly slipped right through her fingers.

Time stood still until suddenly he was ripped from my body and I fell back exhausted, spent, and utterly happy to have to pain gone. And it was gone as suddenly as it had begun.

My Hubby was still holding my leg as I immediately shooed him to be with baby. Just seconds had passed (maybe 3) and I heard Baby "squeak". That was all. He made no other noise, and it's not as though I would have heard him over all the noise in the room. But I heard that "squeak", and I knew he was perfectly fine.

From the moment I was dropped flat on my back, to the moment the pain stopped, was a mere five minutes. But it was the five minute from hell, and more than enough for a lifetime. I suddenly saw pain that I had never seen before, and birth from a view I had never had before. At 9:52pm my son was born; all 9lbs 1oz and 21.25 inches of him.

The nurse was immediately at my side asking me to consent to Pit for third stage management (which I had told her I would not consent to). I told her no. Someone picked up the cord, to which I immediately screamed "DON'T PULL!" And they dropped it and stepped back. Within five minutes, I felt the placenta detach (the nurse was watching the monitor, and likely praying for a contraction so I would not bleed to death as placentas cannot possibly come out on their own) and I said "it's coming". It took her a few seconds to understand and skeptically said to the OB, "the afterbirth". And in a moment's time, I pushed out the placenta and it was over.

The OB's job was done. And she quietly left the hubbub of the room, on shaky legs, I assume, as she was sure one or both of us would not come out alive. I shook her world that night in many ways, and I hope it is good for her. I appreciated her allowing me to manage my own care, and truly do not believe another OB would have allowed me that as easily as she did.

The remainder of the time spent in L&D was just over an hour. During that time, they tried to convince me that Isaiah "HAD" to go to the nursery for observation "because of his rough start". But I figured, if he was on my chest looking around and happy, minutes after his birth, his start was not TOO rough. I told them no.
BTW, though there were decels his heart rate dropped below 70 only one time and was usually in the upper 80 to low 90 during decels, so I did not find it that “urgent” to warrant a c/s, though I totally understood where the OB was coming from.

They had to continually ask me every detail about what I would consent for them to do (which was not much!) and finally left him in my care. The nurse that I had had the entire night gratefully saw the end of her shift and actually passed off my care to the next nurse to transfer us to maternity. She was nice, but utterly flustered as we would not comply with most any of her routines and policies or procedures.

Since the birth was a bit more traumatic than I had anticipated, I consented, on the advice of my Hubby, to stay the night, but refused all meds they offered, which they just could not understand. I felt GREAT! Sore, sure, but not in "pain". I have the tiniest of scratches from the birth, and only know that because of the slight sting, though it cannot be seen.

Much to the dismay of the nursery staff and maternity ward, we walked out of there at noon on Tuesday, NOT AMA either. The OB actually signed me out, though she did note that it was not what she advised.

Thus is the saga of my 23 hours of hospitalization. A time in my life I will never forget.

I have no regrets. I know now that the reason my labor kept stalling before was because Baby could NOT come out on his own. He needed the help. The hospital was there for what it needed to be there for. And I am grateful. Things worked out exactly as they HAD to work out. Though I could have done without the last hour of labor, and would settle for avoiding the last ten minutes. But I kept my head, my husband was my champion, and we all three walked out of the hospital in one piece, and in good spirits.

Any misspellings or grammatical errors in the above statement are intentional;
they are placed there for the amusement of those who like to point them out.
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Birth details:

DD born July 20, 1:15am
41 weeks gestation
10lbs, 1oz
21 inches long
15 1/8 head circumference
25 hours labor
Shoulder dystocia
No stitches

Short Birth Story on personal website

Long, Detailed Birth Story in the birth story forum

Baby Picture on

Karen happily married mother of 3 great children (19, 6, 5), in my last semester for my Masters in Nutrition and started a six-month internship.
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Our birth story…:::

I write our birth story, because it is both Wesley’s and mine. He made this journey just as much as I did. Preparing for a natural childbirth started at about 30 weeks for me. For me it is a time that my body allows a new body to enter into this world. My belly had been cooking this baby for months and on Tuesday July 15th my body started making preparations for the babies exit and entrance. I love the beach, as does Huntington and I knew that I had one more beach day in me before I was going to have the baby. On Tuesday Huntington and I met my sister and her 3 girls for breakfast. I started having some odd sensations while at breakfast. Not thinking twice about them we finished breakfast and headed for the beach. Hunny and I met Lisa Berry and Johnny for a couple of hours of surf and sand. It was while driving home from the beach I realized that these odd feelings that I was having were very timely, 10 minutes apart. I got home, jumped into the spa and called Kurt to say I might be in labor, but wasn’t sure if it was the real thing or just some false labor. After 30 minutes he decided to start the trek home, 1 hour of terrible commute. He got home, we visited, got excited, I laid down and knew I had to lay down and try to fall asleep if I was going to make it through this. As I drifted to sleep I could feel my body slowing the contractions. When I woke up I knew my body had stalled labor for yet another day.
That night we went for Chinese, a staple in this baby of mine’s diet and I got to sleep by 9:30pm, I was super tired.
At 4am my body woke up with bloody show and I knew today way the day that I was going to meet my baby boy on the outside. I lay in bed and did a mental checklist of things that had to get done. I woke Kurt up at 5:45am keeping him home from work and letting him know I was having real contractions this time. We went about our morning as normal as we could. I was preparing for a long day of labor, with Huntington I had 27 hours of labor. We went to the mall to get some walking in, we got there around 11am. Contractions were 5 minutes apart lasting 1 minute. I called the midwife at noon to let her know how I was. She said to call her back after I got Huntington out of the house (he went to my sisters for his comfort and mine). I called Christine to be on stand by for later that day/night and baby was coming.
Contractions became more and more intense while at the mall. We had a little lunch and headed home. We put Huntington down for a nap and got ready for labor and our impending birth. My mom came home at 3 and left at 3:45. Meanwhile I started paging Margo Kennedy (my midwife), but her pager was out of service. Yes, contractions were now 3-4 minutes apart and she was not getting my calls. I tried her cell and she didn’t answer that either. Kurt called her home office one more time and alas, he reached her. Until this time I am panicking that I am going to have an unplanned unassisted birth, it turns out her pager service is changing companies and was unavailable for a few hours, just my luck. I think Margo got here around 4pm, at this point I was walking circles during contractions and cleaning during down times.
When she came in, she set up shop in my parent’s room, close to the kiddie pool and where I assumed I would give birth. She checks the vitals during a contraction and baby is doing good- I am happy. Her apprentice, Sherry gets here and checks my vitals; I am doing good as well. Margo gives me a vaginal exam and she says I am at 6cm-8cm. My humor is good and I can’t believe I am that far along. I keep asking her if she is kidding. She says ‘always believe my vaginal exams’. Kurt and I find this statement to be the funniest thing we have heard. Kurt and I danced, he held me as I swayed back and forth. My love for him is like no other, he is my foundation and he proved it again and more so on this day than previous days of our marriage. He is who I want to go through hard times with.
Labor is uncomfortable but I remember it being much more painful the first time. At this point I realize I want to make each contraction count. I keep myself moving and work with the contractions. I let my body do its thing. Christine arrives at some point, toting beautiful flowers for me as well as gifts for both Huntington and new baby. Christine and Kurt start filling the kiddie pool so I can get it. They were killing me, I remember telling Margo to make them stop trying to turn the pool. One of those things that is funny after the moment passes, not during. I went between the ball and standing. I really wanted a productive labor. I started to feel myself go into transition. I got really shaky and wanted to vomit. My contractions were not nearly as long as textbook says they should be. It was on odd labor in my opinion. I never got a real rhythm so to speak. If I were to say my rhythm was to question where my body was at and what I could do to help work with my body. Margo and Sherry frantically were setting for birth. Thankfully I bought and extra tarp that they laid down on the ground along with Chux pads.
The moment of truth came; it was time to push this baby out. I was scared to push. With Huntington I pushed for 2 ½ hours. I did not want to last that long again. I pushed once and it felt like I remembered, my body just took over my mind had no control. My noises became low and loud. I vocalized into my deepest parts of me. I am sure I scared the crap pout of Christine, I didn’t care, I knew this is what my body was made for, what I was capable of doing. I was standing in front of my fathers’ bedside, pushing with all my might. I peed on his floor (sorry dad- and mom). My contraction stopped, I went to the bathroom- in the toilet this time and think I pushed on the toilet this time. Margo was thankful to get me up. I went back to my parent’s room and ended up kneeling on my knees with my head up against the bed, pushing again. This time I felt the baby moving down, I got part of his head out and the contraction stopped. Margo told me to push more, I couldn’t I didn’t have it in me. Another contraction rolled around and out he came. In my position he was laid on the floor behind me, he cried that sweet cry. Kurt and I hugged and kissed and were so grateful for our little baby. Kurt held him while I stood up and made it to the bed, all the while with cord attached. It was funny, it was romantic and it was alive. Afterbirth came and went, I can’t thank the midwife team more. Having a homebirth was everything that I wanted, even when I didn’t know what I wanted. I loved being at home, giving the freedom to walk around, change my clothes, and eat my food. Drink my Perrier, my Gatorade and have my dogs there. I got 3 stitches on my bed, my feet propped up by the kitchen chairs. Birthing is so natural and so normal and a woman’s body can do it. I am not super woman nor especially brave. I just wanted to welcome our child into the world without drugs or unnecessary medical interventions. Wesley Vedder Edelhauser was 9lbs. 12oz. 22 ¾” long (after a big poop).
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He was born July 30 weighing 7 lb 6oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. I of course think he is the sweetest thing since strawberry jam.

I had been having ctx that were 7 min apart all day tuesday and at about 6pm the suddenly went to 2 min apart. This is exactly what happened when ds1 was born so I called the midwife. She came over and things kept up like that until 2 am. I lay down next to dh and tried to rest and ended up falling asleep. When I woke in the morning ctx were again 7 min apart and less intense.

In the meantime my midwife had another mom go into labor. Due to a little bit of fear on my part of having a uc we sat down to discuss our options. I am not afraid of ucing personally but it was a first homebirth for my dh and he has a tendency to pass out when people he loves are bleeding or in pain. I knew I wanted to make this birth okay for him (he had never seen a birth but had an ex who died after giving birth to a child of his-they were young and the child was put up for adoption- years ago and he has never quite recovered). So it was very important to all of us that this go smoothly for dh.
The midwife was concerned that because this birth was following the pattern of my last one and I was already at about 4cm. And she said my bag of waters had a tear in one layer but not the second and she suspected it would break at any second. When my water broke she said the head was in such a position that things would probably be like my first birth and move really quickly. AND, she needed to leave if things weren't speeding up in the next couple hours.

I considered the possibility of a uc with dh passed out, ds1 freaked out, and me in labor. The me part and the baby part I could handle. The rest of it, not so much.

She ran through the list of options. I was uncomfortable with what I had read about using the cohoshes to jumpstart things.
I opted to rub a little pitocin on nostrils and just see if that gave things a kickstart. She let me know that the pitocin that she uses was 10x less strong than the stuff they give women in the hospital. So, she put some on a q-tip and I rubbed it on the inside of my nostrils.

Things got a little more intense over the course of the next hour but not unbearably so. When they began to speed up we stopped the pit to see if my body would continue to move on its own. The contractions were still 7 min apart but stronger. My son woke up around 8 and came in and sat on the bed with me. I rubbed his toes and he stroked my hair during contractions. The ctx were totally bearable but having him close was very special. And he felt grown up helping.

Then at 8:30 they started coming 2 min apart. Within 5 or ten min they were right on top of each other just like my other birth. DH woke up. I went into the shower so he wouldn't see me going through transition and because I really wanted a little more distraction at that point. The water felt good. I breathed and swayed through 3 or 4 really strong ones, toweled off, went out in the playroom, had one ctx on dh, 1 leaning over the banister on my way back into the bathroom, and one as I sat on the toilet. I felt a pop and lots of pressure, said something like "Oop, there it goes."

Dh and the midwife helped me get back into the bedroom, she tried to get the heartbeat and was having a hard time finding it. She had me get on hands and knees and said "Oh, your crowning, the head is right there." Deja vu for me. I knew I was about 2 seconds away from having this little person. The pushing was a lot easier this time than with ds1. He slid out in just 2 pushes. He was born at 9:06 am.

DH stayed conscious through the whole process (well once he woke up lol). Though I am usually a low intervention person I was glad I gave things a little push this time. Next time I would opt not to and just chance a uc but doing what we did made this a kind of healing experience for dh I think. And it wasn't so much intervention that my labor pattern differed at all from my first birth. When I had ds1 the midwife lived within a 1 minute walk from my apartment. This time she was a 40 minute drive and had she left to attend the other mom she definitely would not have made it, assuming that my body would have followed a similar pattern anyway, it just would have been a little later that my water broke.

I am amazed at how greatI feel. I have to say, on the placenta front- placenta is yummy mixed in a smoothie with frozen strawberries, crushed pineapple, and coconut milk. Pina colada placenta... And, it seems to reduce afterpains a bit for me. I find after I have a smoothie I don't feel them as much for several hours.

I am also really pleased that I didn't tear. All in all, despite just a bit of guilt over using the pit, I had a wonderful birth. My mother in law pulled me aside and said that when she walked in (15 min after the baby was born, she could see that DH had such a triumphant look on his face and was more pleased than she had ever seen him.

Little Liam is so sweet, he looks a lot like ds1. He is a champion nurser and has been doing all those things babies do their first day of life in good form. Sleep eat, pee, sleep eat, sleep eat, look around at the world, sleep eat poop...etc.
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Giuliano Silvestro
July 23, 2008
5:35 am
6 lbs. 8 oz.
19.25 inches long
Waterbith after induction with Pitocin
40 weeks 5 days

I went to the hospital on July 22nd at 8am for an ultrasound. On the way to the hospital, I started having mild regular contractions. We had the ultrasound and they said there was hardly any amniotic fluid left, because he was past his due date. The midwife, Patty, came and checked me at the hospital. She said that I was in prodromal labor and dilated 1 cm. She said that I had to get induced because the amniotic fluid was way too low and the prodromal labor could go on for days. So I started the Pitocin IV around 2 pm. I was very sad about this because I didn't know if I'd be able to labor naturally after having the Pitocin. It brought on contractions HARD and FAST. I labored on the birth ball like this for about 9 hours and got to 4 cm. Patty then took me off the Pitocin and said that I could try to see if the contractions would continue on their own and luckily they did. I walked around for about 30 minutes while the birth pool was getting set up. I got in the birth pool at around midnight. By that time, I was so exhausted and asked for an epidural. DH and Patty assured me that I could do it naturally but I was ready to give up. I begged for the epidural so they put in the IV fluids in preparation. It took a couple of hours for the fluids to get in me and by that time I had dilated to 8 cm. I was so excited that I had gotten to 8 cm and knew I could do the rest naturally. They broke my water and I went back into the birth pool. It was like being in a warm bath-very relaxing. At 4 am is when I started pushing. At 5:35 AM Giuliano was born in the water! I am so happy that I was able to do it naturally. It was such an empowering experience. DH was the most amazing birth coach. I couldn't have done it without him!

And now for pictures!

Mama to DS 7/23/08.
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Odette Sheila
7 lbs. 6 oz.
20 inches

This was my first birth. Labor started at 40 weeks 3 days at about 3 a.m. I remember worrying throughout late pregnancy that I wouldn’t recognize labor contractions, but they were unmistakable. They started slowly, at about 10 minutes apart, so I had ample time to think about how I wanted to deal with them. I figured wave imagery was best and visualized the ocean in northern California, where I grew up. This helped me all the way through transition, since the coast there can produce both mild and very violent, unpredictable waves.
At about 7 I woke my husband up to tell him I was really in labor. I half expected the contractions to slow down or even stop, as they had for other people, but they never did. For a long while I lay on my side and they quickly progressed from every 10 minutes to every 6 to 7 minutes. I worried that my water would break, because I was GBS+ and knew that would mean an immediate transfer to the hospital, and we didn’t want to go there until I was in transition or ready to push. But the water didn’t break and in the mid-morning I began to sit on the bed between contractions and adopt a hands-and-knees position when I felt a contraction coming on. DH kept Wolf busy until a friend picked him up at around 11, then he sat with me for the duration, timing contractions and helping me through them. The more upright position sped up the intervals to every 4 minutes, sometimes 5, with the occasional 2- or 6-minute thrown in. The contractions required all my attention, but thinking of them as waves and breathing very deeply through them made them very manageable and not what I would call painful, just very intense. They would peak quickly and fade slowly. I suppose the endorphins made me feel somewhat in another world as well, like a nice high.
When the contractions were mostly 4 minutes apart for an hour we called our doula and she checked us out and said she thought, as DH did, that the intervals would quicken toward sunset, and so we decided to stay home. Then, near sunset (about 7:30) they did just that and finally at 8 I decided it was time to go. As I stood at the door preparing to get into the car my water broke. It was like a sign that we’d made the right decision.
Once at the hospital I was gently but quickly put in a delivery room, the antibiotics were started, and I was checked. I was at 8 centimeters. I lay on the bed on my side and worked through transition with the help of DH and our doula; I recognized transition only because the contractions were virtually continuous and much stronger. The nurse had not finished her admission questions (which DH answered) when I felt Odette moving down and pushing contractions starting – I could not keep from pushing. I sat up with my legs elevated (the classic Bradley pose) and tried to work on pushing Odette out. Pushing was such a strange sensation, very different from my other contractions, so that sometimes it was hard to tell when I should push. Odette moved very quickly to the vaginal opening and then I had a hard time pushing her head out. Once it did come out the rest of her followed in a rush. There was some meconium so they had to cut the cord sooner than I wanted and suction her before they could put her on my belly. The placenta came out beforehand and so I was able to see the midwife examine it, and saw the hole in the amniotic sac Odette’s head made. The umbilical cord was long and looked almost sculptural. Then Odette came to me and began suckling immediately. She was alert and just so beautiful.

Lucky wife to DH and mom to DS (10/02) and sweet DD (7/08) and DSD (3/93) and assorted animalia
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baby Romneya Martin Grey O'Melay, born 7/29

Hi, I'm Tabitha. I'm a homeschooling mother of five: ds (13) dd (11) ds (9) ds (7) and dd (2) Find me at
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the births of Noel Stephen & Linus Patrick

In the early evening of July 19, I spent some time online, sitting on my birth ball at the computer. My husband called me a couple of times for dinner. I stood to respond (it was 7 p.m.) and the cramps began when I rose to my feet. I was so happy to welcome them again after nothing! I went to the bathroom and noticed "bloody show." Walking down the stairs, I told Joe what was happening.

As I sat at the table and tried to eat my dinner, the cramps continued with regularity and vigor. At one point, I asked Joe to time them, and I began to realize that there really wasn't a break between them. They continued in a seamless wave of surge-peak-receding followed by another surge and peak, which started before I could distinguish an end to the first set. There was no time between when I wasn't contracting. They were lasting about 2 minutes with no break in between. I thought that was kind of strange for beginning labor, but then I really am not quite the labor jock who remembers all the details about what is significant about how long & how frequent contractions are....

I was using my Hypnobabies training to relax around the surges and that made things manageable, but it all felt a bit revved up. Then again, that's what I was hoping for by welcoming the contractions as muscular and relaxing around them: that the lack of interference would let them accomplish their aim most efficiently.

In addition to things seeming "revved up," I had a weird concept of time: an hour and a half felt like 15 minutes, even though I could see from the clock how much time had passed. I was aware (by the clock) of the passage of time, but it all felt much slower.

Remembering how long my labor with my first child had been, I wasn't sure what we were in for.

I believed this was the real thing (more bloody show that was disconcerting enough that I had to look it up online to see if it seemed within the range or "normal" or if it was more "concerning," but it seemed okay) but I wasn't sure if I was starting from a very firm & closed status or if the cramp-like contractions on Wednesday had accomplished a lot in terms of effacement progress.

I was thinking about booking a hotel room to labor in and dropping off our daughter with friends on the way (again, I believed this was the real thing, though uncertain about how far into the process we were, overall) and I wondered if my primary care physician (our family doctor) would be willing to meet us at her office and check my cervix, giving me an idea of whether we were progressed enough to go to the hospital then, or whether it was going to be more of a long haul type situation.

We were about 2 1/2 hours into labor. I had gone upstairs to lie down at this point, knowing that my pillows would help facilitate more complete relaxation around the contractions. This slowed things down a tad, but not in a big way. And honestly, I'm not sure if things really had gotten easier, or if my relaxation was more effective (making things easier) in the supine position.

I was listening to one of my Hypnobabies CDs while Joe called my primary care physician at home. He spoke to her husband, who said she'd had a long day and was exhausted; she had gone to bed at 7 p.m. and was sleeping.

Joe relayed this to me, and we began discussing logistics such as packing the car and calling the friends to arrange for our daughter's care. Before too long the phone rang. It was my doctor! Joe talked to her for a bit and then gave the phone to me. I figured she was doing the old trick of seeing if the laboring mom could talk through contractions, and I wondered if the effect of my Hypnobabies training would disguise things at all, or give a "false read." I was pretty calm, a little distracted/fragmented, and I told her how things were going and narrated the contractions as they came and went. I also talked about how I was considering going to a hotel to labor, since I wasn't keen on being at the hospital if I couldn't use the most effective of their supports for natural labor, but how I'd like to have an idea of where I was at in terms of cervical progress before making that decision. (She lives in the same town as the friends who were keeping our daughter for us, and her office is very near her home. I thought maybe she could meet us at her office and we could swing by there after dropping off O. I didn't actually ask her this, but I was hoping.)

She basically said, just call the on-call OB for my doctor's practice, and that it sounded like I was in active labor and should go to the hospital. She said especially with twins, it wouldn't be that great to surprise them, especially if they were short-staffed that night and needed warning to call in extra nursing staff. I expressed my disinclination to labor long there stuck to monitors, but she seemed to think we could use telemetry if constant monitoring were necessary (I mentioned that Dr. P had changed her tune on that and told me it "wouldn't work well with twins" just in the last two weeks.)

I already knew that the on-call OB was one my doctor specifically had recommended against using back when we'd just learned I was carrying twins and I was trying to figure out my medical care. She had thought we wouldn't vibe well at all and she'd been frank with me about why. She was pretty quiet when I told her he was the on-call physician. (I mean, what could she say at that point? "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that"?) She did ask me if my OB had said she'd come in for me, being twins, whether she was on-call or not, and I said that actually, she'd said she wouldn't be available that weekend.

So....we called the OB's answering service, then went about with our last minute preparations: me laboring, Joe gathering the bags. The answering call came back, with instructions to go on in to the hospital and report to Women & Childrens. We loaded the van and I took a minute to confirm my hypnosis & to raise my "lightswitch" to the center position, so I could walk and talk without leaving hypnosis, and I walked out to the van and curled up on the back seat around my Snoogle body pillow. I had the CD player and headphones, and I listened to another Hypnobabies CD as we rode into town.

All in all, a fair bit of time had passed since we'd called and said we were going to be heading in. We got to the hospital sometime after 11 p.m., and someone met me with a wheelchair and took us upstairs, got me to a small room with two twin beds (not one of the nice birthing rooms), checked my progress (I either was 2-3 cms or 3-4 cms...I can't remember for sure and neither can Joe, but I think it was 2-3 because I remember being unimpressed), and hooked me up to a monitor. I think the test strip was pretty good.

They left me on the monitors until the doctor got there, and someone brought in an ultrasound machine to be ready for him. Joe had my Hypnobabies discs playing, but the CD player was on the other side of the room and though I could hear it, it wasn't front and center for me.

Dr. M, the on-call OB, was high-energy and very bulldozer-ish. He basically came in the room, introduced himself, announced that I had monochorionic twins with a breech-presenting second twin, and said we had no real choice but to have a vaginal birth with Twin A and then a c-section with Twin B (since he still was breech.) Or else, of course, to have both delivered via c-section. I challenged him with the info that Dr. P was planning to try an external version on baby B after twin A was born, and that none of the perinatologists in Albany had questioned the goal of a vaginal attempt for both twins.

He said no way should a version be attempted, that babies don't turn vertex even with more room in the womb and there's not time to wait for that possibility, anyway. (He kind of blustered through his reasoning against external versions, and I don't remember all of his "babies don't" rationales.) He said a version is risky for a breech baby. He said the only legitimate possibility would be a breech extraction (when the doctor reaches in, grabs a foot, and pulls out the baby. Not to be confused with a breech birth, when the mother pushes out a breech baby.) He came back with stats and studies, including one currently still underway in Canada that we'd heard of from one of the perinatologists, after which nobody was going to question c-section for a second twin who is breech. (Again, he was blustering/overbearing and his train of thought was not very easy to follow at this point, at least not while I was in labor, but he obviously was trying to pressure/influence/convince us.) He blatantly and clearly said we were jeopardizing our babies and not choosing in their best interest if we refused the c-section.

He then said we had the right to ask for another physician or to refuse his recommended treatment. We asked for time to talk. Everyone left the room.

The "good" thing was that in order for him to do the ultrasound to confirm fetal positioning (and baby B still was breech), they'd turned off the fetal monitor. And nobody hooked it back up. While they had left us alone, I pulled off everything that remained and pulled the velcro straps out from under me in hopes that that would be that for being tied to the machine.

I'd been contracting that whole time, and found it really hard to keep my "pressure-sensation" only contractions (thanks to the Hypnobabies training) while he was in the room. They were more like pain sensation contractions, and I was resisting and practically writhing on the bed through a few of them, due to the tension of his "vibe." I did not feel phased or frightened by his words, though, just stymied by how I was going to birth there with that obstacle in my way.

I told Joe that we should ask him or one of the nurses to page Dr. P and see if she was available, and if not, to ask for a transfer to Albany Medical, where the perinatologists with whom we'd worked were based. Joe went out to talk to Dr. M (I'd said I couldn't labor effectively if I had to be involved in the negotiations.) Joe told me didn't get many words in, but the guy asked why we were so against c-section, anyway, since it was our "safest option" at this gestational age....practically no-risk. Joe gave him a few reasons. I know he was under a lot of pressure. The doctor said there was nobody else available to deliver. Joe never got to bring up the question of transferring, because the guy was so take-charge in the conversation. He asked Joe, "So are you going to do this? Can I prep my team for surgery?"

Joe said he'd talk to me, and he came in and relayed all this to me. I know he was shaken and he said maybe the c-section was the right thing. I still was feeling calm and certain without self-doubt on this issue, albeit upset about what was happening and distressed about Dr. M attending the birth. But I had the Hypnobabies training to help with my centering. I was listening to the Twin Birthing Affirmations that were so familiar to me, and continuing to contract. I was thinking hard about what to do.

The doctor came in the room a bit later and I asked about transfer to Albany, and the doctor basically said it was against the law for him to transfer us because I was in active labor (2-3 cm dilated was his assumption based on the pelvic exam just before he talked to us, but I knew/suspected I was progressing fast.) I clarified that getting to Albany would be a matter of us checking ourselves out of the hospital and going to Albany on our own steam, and he said that was right.

I asked him about giving the baby a chance to rotate, and he dismissed that idea. He said something about "babies not doing that" which made about as much sense to me (since I've talked to mothers whose babies did exactly that) as "your twins are growing big and twins don't do that" which I heard multiple times from one of the members of the perinatologist team. I asked about breech extraction, and he said if we refused a c-section, that's what he would do. He didn't think it was best for the baby, though. He mentioned that if the baby was in distress or not tolerating labor, or if cord prolapse or placental abruption was an issue, c-section was going to happen. I said that had been my assumption all along; I just was not convinced that it was necessary to plan it ahead of time.

At one point, he said, "You are high risk. You are a high risk pregnancy. Humans are not supposed to carry twins; humans are supposed to have one baby at a time." I got the impression that he honestly felt I was being stubborn out of ignorance or something.

I didn't say anything to him (I still was contracting and working hard to stay relaxed, muscularly, around my uterus and its work. "My job is to relaaaax," I would whisper to myself anytime my mental activity got in the way of relaxing around the process.) In a way, I knew what he was saying: humans aren't meant to have litters. But I had a sense of assurance that basically dismissed his comments, or at least displaced them. These were spontaneous twins, and the rate of identical twins worldwide across cultures and races has remained constant, and he was telling a woman whose cervix had remained firm and closed at 38 weeks that she was "not supposed" to carry twins when I knew I was carrying my babies to term in such a healthy way. The other thing was that I was going to have one baby at a time, as every mother of twins does: I was going to have two births.

He also brought up my file, which he'd been reading, and said that Dr. P had written that she'd advised me that I had a 60% chance of having a c-section for the second twin. He brought it up in a "your own doctor told you you had a very strong chance of having a c-section. Why is this a problem?" sort of way. I told him I wasn't sure she'd mentioned percentages to me, but that she'd reiterated the possibility (probability?) multiple times; it still wasn't the same thing as consenting to a c-section for the second baby in advance.

He told us to let him know our decision.

I had a bunch more contractions, relaxing ("My job is to relax") around them and hoping that this was allowing the uterine muscles to work double-time. This was so different than my labor with Ocie....I felt very little resistance to the journey, to what was happening in my body.

My response to the contractions this time wasn't perfect because I didn't have great pillow support on the bed to relax as well as I wanted (physically.) I'd packed my Snoogle pillow for that purpose, but I puked on it in the car, so that was a no-go. I needed two pillows for my leg, and not really "between my knees" the way the nurse had put it, but stacked a little in front so the top leg could rest on them while the bottom leg was just behind, and a lip of pillow for under my belly so I was comfortable and relaxed on my side. But I was making do with what we had.

I was starting to feel overwhelmed, though, and thinking things like, "Shoot, if I am going to end up with a c-section for baby B, why not just give in and have them both by c-section? Then this will be over." The thought of going through all the labor contractions, then the pushing, knowing that I had abdominal surgery in front of me (I had the irrational conviction that even if we agreed on an attempted breech extraction, the doctor would pronounce it impossible no matter what when the time came and I'd be having a c-section), just felt like too much. I felt afraid and betrayed and pessimistic. The thought of a c-section was upsetting and scary but a little seductive.

But part of me said, "I'd better ask for a vaginal exam, because I bet I'm in transition if I'm thinking this way." (Bless myself for learning from Ocie's birth....I'll always regret that I didn't ask to be checked one last time before transferring up to the LDR floor from the alternative birthing center, since it was almost an hour of waiting since making the decision to go up, and I'd continued contracting the whole time. When I got up there to be hooked up to pitocin, I was in transition, and I bet I'd have been able to stay down in the birthing center and have more of the birth we'd wanted if I just realized the signs, and asked to be checked, at the time. But, that regret served me well last night.)

I did tell Joe my thoughts (about having both babies by c-section), but acknowledged that it was mostly because I felt dejected at ending up with it either way, and the thought of going through all of labor with that ahead of me was challenging. I also said that I knew that laboring was good for my babies regardless of how they ended up being born, so I shouldn't just decide to do an end-run around the process even if the end result was going to be c-section. I also mentioned that I thought maybe I was in transition, though I couldn't remember when that typically come (the last 2 cms dilation or what?)

I asked the nurse to check me next time I saw her, and she did so and ran out of the room, saying, "I think you're complete; I have to get the doctor."

He returned with her, gloved up, and did an exam, saying "We have to get you to the O.R., you're ready to have this baby, the head is right there."

We never had given him our decision, and I was mindful of that but decided not to bring it up. Classic Amy.

I kept my eyes most of the way closed so the switch from dim birthing room lights to hallway & then OR lighting wouldn't shock me too much. Joe left the CD player back in the room so I didn't have anymore Hypnobabies to listen to even though I'd been counting on the "pushing your baby out gently" CD for guidance during the pushing phase. (I didn't send Joe back when I thought of it because he'd already scrubbed up and I wasn't sure if leaving the room would be problematic or not.)

There were so many people in the OR. The anesthesiologist sat near the head of the table through most of my labor with the second twin and basically kept his eyes averted, and I realized later it probably was to preserve my modesty because during much of the pushing I ended up upright on my knees facing that end of the table, and I wasn't wearing anything. At a certain point before the first twin's birth, Dr. M sent the surgical team out to give them a break, but told them to stay close so they'd be on hand for the second twin.

I had rapid-fire contractions and couldn't find a break to move from the bed (I'd rolled in on) to the table, but they kept telling me that I needed to, so I eventually did. I said I didn't want to be on my back (the OB said he only needed me there for the breech extraction--which we'd never finalized, but I guess he assumed we were set on that) and I tried being on my hands and knees for awhile. I felt lots of pressure but was waiting for the urge to push. Finally, I tried some tentative pushes...nothing obvious to anybody else.

I waited for the birthing waves and pushed gently and gradually started to "feel it." It took awhile. I ended up moving upright on my knees, with my arms hooked around Joe's neck/shoulders and those of the nurse beside me. I didn't ask her; I just did it. I pushed pretty hard, at least when I could feel it, and also tried "breathing out the baby." I ignored instructions from anyone else (mostly the nurse, who offered low-key coaching from time to time), though I did consider if it "felt right" to me and sometimes I did what she suggested for the next "pressure wave." (Guess she was being considerate of the fact that she knew we were using hypnosis...she kept saying "pressure wave" instead of contractions!) Back in the other room, she had complimented us several times on how beautifully we were laboring together, and yet she'd still be shocked at how speedily I'd made progress (she was the one who'd checked me.)

The hypnosis worked well for me, as far as pain management. I definitely felt I was experiencing the “comfortable vaginal twin birth” I’d been preparing for. But it wasn’t easy, exactly. It felt a little like things were out of synch, or a little bit willy-nilly, in terms of the productivity of my pushing. I’d been counting on having the “pushing phase” disc to listen to, but I didn’t have that. Maybe it would have helped to economize things a bit. I have no sense of how long I was pushing; it seemed like a “long time.” Joe estimates it was about twenty minutes; I don’t know if he is right.

I felt the ring of fire but it was distant, a sensation that didn't feel exactly painful, just a ring that I "recognized" (in a “hey, that’s the ring of fire” way) and I pushed through it after a moment. I didn’t think about pushing gently or incrementally; I just bore down. Noel's head was out, and then his body burst out in a tumble. I'm not certain if anyone actually caught him, poor little guy. They clamped and cut his cord immediately, and whisked him over to the warmers to check him out. The doctor had been sitting quietly nearby during the whole birth, not doing anything apart from offering perineal support (with olive oil) one time, and keeping up with the intermittent monitoring. I was grateful to him for his low-key role at that time.

After Noel's birth, he sprang into action, calling back the surgical team, saying I had to turn around and get on my back, with my legs elevated. I took my time, partly because maneuvering on the skinny O.R. table was SO awkward, and partly because I was exhausted & uncomfortable (and freaked out by the metal clamp dangling down and swinging--the clamp at the end of Noel's umbilical cord), and partly because I wanted the time to meditate/communicate with Baby B and remind him "head down, facing back, chin to chest." AND give him time to begin to turn. I told him he had lots of room and to USE IT to improve his chances of a safe vaginal birth. (Breech extraction has its risks, and it never was my first choice for birth, albeit more desirable to me than a c-section.) I also did my finger drop Hypnobabies technique, trying to center myself against fear and uncertainty.

I finally got into position and the doctor reached in. I don't remember feeling anything. What he said then is a blur, but I think he did try for a foot and realized the baby had slid transverse and was on his way into a vertex lie. I'm not sure if he (doc) manually manipulated that process anymore, but I know he called out, "We have a cephalic presentation!" in a very excited voice. Joe confirms this, that he sounded manic and giddy. [I saw him briefly when we were leaving the hospital, and I asked him what happened. He said, "I turned him." (He was all smooth and glib and matter-of-fact at this point. It made me wonder if I'd imagined his tone in the OR.) I pressed for more details, asked if the baby had turned transverse or was turning and he said yes, the baby was transverse and he reached in, got a foot and the baby easily turned vertex.]

After a few pushes, I said this position was crazy and that I wanted to get upright again. The doctor, bless his heart (because the attendants seemed to look to him for "permission" at that point), said, "This is a vertex vaginal birth. She can use whatever position she wants." (This is sort of what he said when I first got to the O.R.--that the first birth could happen however the mother wanted. That it was the breech extraction that he needed me to be on my back.)

So, I got upright, moving gingerly again. The contractions didn't start up right away. When they did, I didn't really feel the urge to push (I think it was because the baby's head wasn't really engaged yet, or something regarding his positioning.) This was a little stressful to me because before the birth, Dr. M had been harping on "no more than 15 minutes between babies, because of the shared placenta. Too risky to go longer," and I felt I was going to run out of time based on his clock.

I don't remember the same kind of pressure that I'd felt before, the feeling of an impending poop. I pushed hard, but it felt random to me. I kept looking over to Noel under the warming lights, and he was so calm, staring up and looking around. I felt upset that he was alone those few feet away, and that I was missing his calm, alert period. I also felt fearful of being too tired to get Linus out, and that I'd end up having a c-section. I am not sure if the sensations/urges and my pushing efforts ever got synchronized. I know that I pushed hard.

The intermittent monitoring did not seem to come very frequently, but things seemed fine the couple of times they checked. Then they checked again and had trouble finding a heartbeat. Or they weren't certain that it was the baby's heartbeat and not mine. I remember that the anesthesiologist grabbed my wrist and waited quietly, counting, then told the doctor my pulse rate. I'm not sure if it differed from whatever they'd found with the Doppler, but things got very stressed at that point.

Dr. M called for me to turn around and lie down. He said that he didn't have a heartbeat, or that he couldn’t confirm a reassuring fetal heart tone anymore, and that the baby needed to come out right then. I wasn’t sure if they had gotten no heartbeat on the Doppler, or if it was that they weren’t certain whether the heartbeat they heard was mine or the baby’s. I also wasn’t sure if the pulse rate that the anesthesiologist got from me confirmed that it wasn’t my heartbeat they’d heard on the Doppler, but that the baby’s rate was “unreassuringly low.” Or if, indeed, there had been no heartbeat found for the second twin. I didn’t try to ask what the scenario was; I just asked what he was going to do. He said he was going to assist in getting the baby out via vacuum extraction, and he barked at the nurses to help me get my legs up. Joe held up my left leg.

All of this pretty much was a blur after the fact, plus I waited too long to try to write it down. But I think I pushed, and he used the vacuum. I don't remember feeling anything at the time, and suddenly the baby was out of me, on the table. I could see him. He wasn’t really moving, and he wasn't pink. I wondered at the time if it was vernix on his skin, which is what it looked like, or if he just was lifeless and gray or bluish. I never thought things would end badly, but I wondered if he was okay. Joe was similarly concerned because the baby seemed stunned or dazed to him, but he saw him move and make a sound within seconds, and he immediately assured me that the baby was okay. Dr. M yelled out for some piece of medical equipment, barking about having asked for a second set, and the nurses sort of fumbled around. He said he’d do it himself. I think it may have had to do with clamping the cord.

They took Linus to the isolette next to Noel and by that point we could hear him crying and see him kicking. His ferocity was such a contrast to Noel's wide-eyed and round-mouthed (a little "O") calm. I told Joe to go over to the boys and I turned back to attend to stage 3 of labor. Dr. M mentioned to me that there might have been some transfusion between the twins, but that if that was the case, the second twin was the “recipient” rather than the “donor.” He suggested that this may have served the baby well at the end (by giving him “extra” blood which may have balanced out whatever distress he was in.) There really was no obvious sign of TTTS, though. Twin B had more red blood cells than his twin, but neither twin was polycythemic and Twin A was not anemic.

I did end up with a hemorrhage when I delivered the placenta, and ultimately when my iron levelsw didn't rebound, and kept dropping, I had a transfusion (2 units of blood) the next day.

By the time I got into a bed from the table and they wheeled me back to the room where we’d started out, I was fading fast. I kept thinking that I wasn’t going to be able to hold the boys, let alone keep my eyes open to look at them and focus on them, because I was so weak and tired. They had gone to the nursery and Joe had stayed with them, both to be with them and to make sure our wishes were honored as far as the newborn procedures go. He brought them back to the room so that I could hold them for the first time, and they spent what was left of that first night sleeping with us. I was, indeed, exhausted and weak, but I lay there looking at them. I did nurse them, too, though I don’t remember much about that.

The thing I remember is that from the start, postpartum, I felt joyful and empowered, and as soon as I’d rested and started to rebound from the blood loss, I felt completely able to focus on the babies. This was a sharp contrast to my experience after birthing my daughter, when I felt so much distress about the birth. My need to process it and to heal emotionally almost distracted me from bonding with her; it certainly conflicted with that focus on her. This time I wasn’t focusing particularly on how empowering the birth experience had been, but the satisfied feeling was a foundation for my focus on the twins and I was “moving on” into mothering my newborns without effort or conflict or distraction. That was so wonderful.

Noel Stephen was born on Sunday, the 20th of July at 2:20 a.m. He weighed 7 lbs and ½ ounce, and was 19 inches long.

Linus Patrick was born on Sunday, the 20th of July at 2:50 a.m. He weighed 7 lbs and 11 ounces, and was 20 inches long.

The twins were born at 39 weeks and 2 days gestation, the night after the full moon.
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