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mamamerle's Avatar mamamerle 06:30 PM 12-02-2007
Hey August Mamas!

I'm officially announcing that I'm pregnant! I had three days of faint lines on HPTs, and went in this morning for beta. It's 99 at 14dpo. I have another beta Tuesday morning. We've been TTC for 16 long months. I hope this one sticks!

amymaew's Avatar amymaew 06:40 PM 12-02-2007
Congratulations! I hope this one sticks for you!
Pyrodjm's Avatar Pyrodjm 07:01 PM 12-02-2007
Congratulations and welcome!
miztrezzlyn's Avatar miztrezzlyn 07:28 PM 12-02-2007
Wow 16 months, congratulations!!

Glad to see you here

jbmill2's Avatar jbmill2 08:25 PM 12-02-2007
congratulations! you must be so excited! 16 mos is a long wait!
letniaLynne's Avatar letniaLynne 08:45 PM 12-02-2007
congrats, 16mths is a very long time, good to see you here.
Got_Cloth's Avatar Got_Cloth 09:47 PM 12-02-2007
I hope all goes well for you and all of us.
Carley's Avatar Carley 12:54 AM 12-03-2007