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homebirthing's Avatar homebirthing 02:27 AM 12-05-2007
So, five weekers (okay I am five weeks today!)...what is up!?

I had sore boobs to the point of buying a sports bra, but that has completely subsided. No MS at all (Thank God!) actually don't feel pregnant, other then the huge belly I have for some reason. It is ridiculous!


Things I am doing because I am pregnant: Drinking a full gallon of water everyday.

miztrezzlyn's Avatar miztrezzlyn 11:59 AM 12-05-2007
Yah 5 weeks yesterday for me also

No ms yet here either and not really feeling any sore boobs yet.

I need to get on the water drinking bandwagon. I HATE HATE water, how do you do it? Or are you one of those people who actually LIKE water?

I need to set a schedule for drinking the water, drink it, and get it over with I don't think that will work though with the amount of water we're supposed to be drinking.

A GALLON? man thats a lot.
homebirthing's Avatar homebirthing 12:48 PM 12-05-2007
Oh no. I hate water too, and this is the first pregnancy that I am actually doing what I am told! I was so lucky to have hyperemesis with two of them, yay! I DO NOT want that again so I am drinking a gallon of water like I am supposed to.

I have a couple of glass gallon pickle jars (Sams club) and I fill it every morning. I can watch it go away throughout the day and tea counts too, and I drink a lot of tea in a Minnesota winter. That is the only way to do it. You can see when you are lagging behind.

And this baby is making herself known this morning, (gonna try to say that instead of MS) and so I am going to start taking a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinager (the real stuff) and see if that balances out my PH level. It makes your stomach more acidic, which is actually supposed to help with the nausea. I drink it with about eight ounces of water or lemon water. I have heard from many different women that it really helps.
geo_girl's Avatar geo_girl 01:33 PM 12-05-2007
5 weeks and 3 days here! ...but who's counting

I'm feeling fine, although the pants are a little tight at the end of the day!

We haven't told anyone yet, and I'm glad that I have some layers to hide the belly at the end of the day....we are enjoying our little secret.

hope you are all doing well,
PrayinFor12's Avatar PrayinFor12 02:41 PM 12-05-2007
Ok, Sarah,
So what's a belly band and why do I need to be grateful for it?
Thought I better ask since they excite you so much!
letniaLynne's Avatar letniaLynne 08:05 PM 12-05-2007
Originally Posted by PrayinFor12 View Post
Ok, Sarah,
So what's a belly band and why do I need to be grateful for it?
Thought I better ask since they excite you so much!
Belly Band
I'll let Sarah tell you why they are awesome!
homebirthing's Avatar homebirthing 08:13 PM 12-05-2007
"The Bella Band is a seamless knit band you wear at your waistline, over your unbuttoned pre-pregnancy pants, over slightly big maternity pants, or around the waistband of any maternity style that falls down around your hips. The Bella Band holds your pants up, disguising bulky unfastened closures or excessive fabric creating a smooth belly surface. Now, no one has to know your pants are undone or loose."

Basically you can stay in your pre-pregnancy clothing longer with this. And if you have a favorite shirt that is short, you can put this under it or over your maternity pants so that it is cute. I don't mind my belly showing, it is just the back fat I want covered up!
PrayinFor12's Avatar PrayinFor12 08:23 PM 12-05-2007
How do you know what size? Or is it just one?
And do you know of a store so I can see it before I buy it?
Thanks! Awesome idea!
Rivka5's Avatar Rivka5 08:45 PM 12-05-2007
Morning sickness hit Monday. It started right at five weeks last time, too. I have brief but intense periods of nausea, with periods of feeling fine in between. No throwing up at all - last time, I actually threw up more in the third tri than the first.

My nose is soooo sensitive, though. Especially chemically smells like cleaning products. I came back into my office on Monday to find that my assistant had been using a permanent marker, and I almost passed out from the smell.

My nipples are sore, but not too bad. And I am TIRED.
taranbabyjayden's Avatar taranbabyjayden 10:36 PM 12-05-2007
5 weeks 3 days here to!!!!

I'm looking forward to the Bella Band LOL.. Not the morning all day sickness that I had with DS... Not looking forward to the expected to do everything still either.. I really need my DH to get on the ball and help out with the house cleaning.. LOL...
radiowave's Avatar radiowave 12:16 AM 12-06-2007
How are counting your weeks? I am confused because someone said 5 weeks, but gestational 3...
I have been calling myself 3 weeks (when I think I ovulated)...my last period was almost 5 weeks ago...so am I 3 weeks or 5 weeks?
PrayinFor12's Avatar PrayinFor12 12:19 AM 12-06-2007
I just found out too: You count from the first day of your last period. Add 2 weeks to the number of week's you really are preggy.
guestmama9916's Avatar guestmama9916 12:29 AM 12-06-2007
5 weeks 2 days here. Mostly I feel great so far. I've had a touch of nausea here and there but nothing like my last pg. I've only had one day since I found out that I've been so tired that I had to take a nap in my car at work. But I really think that was because DP snored all the night before and kept me awake.
jbmill2's Avatar jbmill2 01:06 AM 12-06-2007
5 weeks 3 days!: I had hyperemesis my first pregnancy, and so far this one is so different! I was throwing up like 20 times a day by this point last time, this time I rarely feel nauseated! yippee! I drink lots of ginger tea and water. Very sore nipples, I cringe when my ds latches. I hope that gets better after the first trimester like it did last go around. I am also really exhausted, but ds likes to nurse all night due to teething, so that doesn't help matters.
homebirthing's Avatar homebirthing 01:45 PM 12-06-2007
You would be five weeks pregnant to the world Aimee, and three weeks by gestational age.

I am very very dizzy today. I almost walked into a door. I think I need to be adjusted. Feeling icky yesterday and somewhat today. It is off and on, so I am trying to be very okay with it. It scares the crap out of me though. I can't handle the thought of having hyperemesis again. I am just taking a big deep breath, and tyring to stay calm and embrace a healthy baby.

I fell asleep at 5:30 last night, woke up at 10:30, watched scrubs and then went back to bed.
PrayinFor12's Avatar PrayinFor12 02:10 PM 12-06-2007
Sarah, hyperemesis doesn't even remotely sound fun - worth it - but sheesh. I sincerely hope your nausea stays mild.
And thanks for the Bella Band info. I plan to order one soon. I'd been very concerned about keeping my tummy skin covered.
Surfer Rosa's Avatar Surfer Rosa 11:50 PM 12-06-2007
5w 1d here!
I am tired/spacey these days, but I think it's combination of being pregnant and dealing with a restless toddler, and the home stretch at school (I'm a high school teacher). I am SO ready for the break!
I feel great, for the most part, no MS, and am looking forward to all the little changes coming up. I have noticed that I have a superhero-like sense of smell as well, which I'd forgotten about from my last pregnancy.
MamaPhilly's Avatar MamaPhilly 01:11 PM 12-07-2007
I wouldn't have survived without my belly bands last time. I only got big in the stomach and so even the day I delivered I was having to wear one to keep my pants up----either that or go for the plumber look, which just doesn't seem so lady like.
homebirthing's Avatar homebirthing 01:35 PM 12-07-2007
I just looked at the Bella Bands that I have are size 1, and I need a size 2. Is there anyone who would want to do a trade? I have a black one and a white one.
AKA_PI's Avatar AKA_PI 02:13 AM 12-08-2007
5 weeks here. No MS but sensitivity to taste. I had a Caesar salad that is normally the best thing on earth to me and it made me feel woozy. No more salad dressing like that for me. No sore boobs, slightly tired all the time and I can't seem to get rid of colds. What's up with that? Other than that, I'm really excited and awaiting the arrival of my baby daddy (ha! I love this term) right this second so I can tell him.

Hey! I just got a little dizzy typing this up. I've only told a co-worker, my aunt and my grandmother. Not really sure how my parents are going to take it considering he and I are not married but hey, this is a blessing regardless.