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August 2008 > Can I walk a 10K at 37 weeks?
allborntogrow's Avatar allborntogrow 03:12 AM 07-09-2008
Is this totally dumb? I have to go because I'm the coordinator for work, but I decide if I should just try to walk or sit and wait for everyone.

potatocraft's Avatar potatocraft 03:45 AM 07-09-2008
How much walking have you been doing all along? If you are normally training for marathons, have fun. Otherwise i think you will find it better to sit it out.
robertandenith's Avatar robertandenith 03:56 AM 07-09-2008
I agree with the PP. If you are use to walk or run before then go for it!
fyoosh's Avatar fyoosh 04:06 AM 07-09-2008
I wouldn't be able to, but then again, I don't know if I could even NOT pregnant If you are in great shape and can walk those kinds of distances normally, then sure, why not try it??

I complain walking to the bathroom...
Love_My_Babies's Avatar Love_My_Babies 09:40 AM 07-09-2008
I walked a what seemed to be a 10K around the mall at 37 weeks trying to go into labor with ds2! I had mild pre-e and was going to be induced the next week. It worked. My water broke that night. So, just be careful if you don't plan on having a 37 weeker!
turalis's Avatar turalis 10:27 AM 07-09-2008
I agree with the other PPs, if you've done lots of walking already you'll probably be fine with a good pair of shoes. I ended up walking 12K at 33 weeks and the only problem I had was making sure there were bathroom stops along the way. The night of the walk my hips were a bit sore, but the next day they felt better than they had felt in a long time.
accountclosed3's Avatar accountclosed3 12:18 PM 07-09-2008
10 k is roughly 6 miles. i can handle about 3-4 in one stretch right now (33 weeks), and if it's hot and humid, that's definitely all i can handle (edema, which i had before i was pregnant, it being summer, and it being humid!).

i would probably be able to do it if it was cooler, if the route was shaded and largely flat. but i don't even hike more than 4-5 miles right now, which is shady and i go in the early mornings when it is cool.
AKA_PI's Avatar AKA_PI 04:03 PM 07-09-2008
I'd sit and wait for everyone else. I guess since I've been dealing with bad ankle swelling myself, I wouldn't want that to happen to you either.
deliarose's Avatar deliarose 04:10 PM 07-09-2008
Only do it if it has been part of your normal exercise routine. That would be too much walking for me because I haven't been training that way while preggo. Could you possibly do a small portion of it in support? Maybe a mile or so?
StoriesInTheSoil's Avatar StoriesInTheSoil 05:49 PM 07-09-2008
I would walk a 5K right now but probably not a 10K. My feet hurt! Whatever you do, bring twice the water you normally would. It'll help your feet not swell as badly and keep you from getting dehydrated and triggering early labor.
hempmama's Avatar hempmama 06:18 PM 07-09-2008
I've walked a 5K each time I've been 37 weeks pregnant, and it's been fine, but caused a surprising amount of discomfort. If you haven't been walking at least 4 or 5 miles regularly until this point I wouldn't push it, though you could maybe do part (is that an option?). Your body is so full of relaxin right now, that much walking could really throw your hips out of whack, if they're not used to it.
mama parrot's Avatar mama parrot 07:24 PM 07-09-2008
Wow, walking 10k right now sounds like my worst nightmare
I'm with everyone else. It's probably fine if you're used to walking that much. Take lots of water......and have fun!
Astoria's Avatar Astoria 01:37 PM 07-10-2008
Don't dehydrate! (Or over hydrate.) I'd walk maybe half? Walking that much is definitely a reliable way to bring on early labor. I wouldn't push it.
sapphire_chan's Avatar sapphire_chan 03:21 PM 07-10-2008
Originally Posted by allborntogrow View Post
Is this totally dumb? I have to go because I'm the coordinator for work, but I decide if I should just try to walk or sit and wait for everyone.
Maybe identify places along the route where you could stop and sit or just quit and wait for someone to come pick you up?

I can't do 3 miles without sitting, but I'm not in very good shape. If you've been walking regularly, you might be able to do it--with water, sunhat, and personal permission to just stop and breathe.

Personally, I'd have to pee like 3 times at least during the time for a 10K walk.
holothuroidea 02:13 AM 07-12-2008
"Can I walk a 10K at 37 weeks?"

Well, there's only one way to find out!

I would definitely try and I don't exercise much on a regular basis... but I am young and reckless.
allborntogrow's Avatar allborntogrow 02:09 PM 07-12-2008
I actually have been walking significant amounts throughout this whole pregnancy . . . but the more I say 10K out loud the stupider it sounds. I guess I'm just dreading the boredom of sitting there while everyone else walks! Guess I'll bring a book!
accountclosed3's Avatar accountclosed3 05:35 PM 07-12-2008
i would definitely bring a book. i had to do a similar duty for my husband's work, and i was supposed to be up at 4 am to help with some nonsense. only 3 months pregnant or so at the time, i said i wouldn't do it due to general exhaustion (which was my only first tri "symptom."). no one seemed to mind.

during the race itself, i mostly chit-chatted with other volunteers and then read a magazine until it was all done.
MeepyCat's Avatar MeepyCat 06:16 PM 07-12-2008
If you feel well enough, sure. I would say though - bring lots of water and don't push yourself if you start to feel unwell.
heatherRN's Avatar heatherRN 11:34 PM 07-12-2008
I did with my last pregnancy! Go ahead mama! Take your time, you can always call it quits if you need to.