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update today 7/15
so we got another NST today, perfectly normal, my blood pressure is fine as long as i'm resting, only trace protein in my pee, and the diabetes test I DID NOT CONSENT TO! came back.. oh what's that? YEAH NORMAL! yet the dr. sat there, looked me in the face "you're baby is huge.. it's cause you're diabetic i'm sure, you did turn down glucola.." hm. not so much. can i just not have a big baby you dumb woman? whatever. i'm over them.

we go tomorrow for the other ultrasound to check on the fluid level, and the possible kidney issue. i'll update again after that

thanks mamas!

__________________________________________________ _____________
So I had 2 days from hell.

After a bad dr. visit on Thursday I was admitted to the hospital because I had gained 11 lbs in 2 weeks, had high blood pressure (146/82) and was +2 protein in my urine, on the 36 week US it showed he weighed about 7 lbs, that I have high fluid, and he has a blockage on one of his kidneys

The weight gain should've been about 6 pounds in the 2 weeks. I had weighed myself before going to the dr. that day, and since my appt. wasn't until 4:15, I'm sorry I wanted to eat! So I had eaten 2 meals, drank multiple glasses of water, I hadn't pooped in 2 days.. that does not mean I gained 11 lbs! I tried to explain this but was ignored.

The blood pressure being high.. it has never been high so I do see the concern there. The + in my urine, I have been + before, back at 26 weeks I believe, and nothing was said to me except I was +.. we'll call you (they never did).

The amount of fluid.. I am not very educated in this. I need to know the causes of high fluid, the potential risks, and is there anything I can do to get it down?

The blockage in his kidney was explained as either cysts, or just a blockage (she briefly mentioned something about a flap that boys have that causes urine to do something.. I don't know I really wasn't listening at that point because I had gone into another place I think). From what me and my husband have read over the past few days it seems very fixable and kind of common in boy babys. Has anyone had a baby with this? What was the outcome? What was the treatment he/she got? Basically anything anyone knows about this would be appreciated.

His weight.. on Thursdays US she said 7 lbs. On yesterdays scan she said 9 lbs. Today in the middle of a nurse verbally assaulting me she said 10 lbs. No one would give me a straight answer. I am 2 1/2 weeks away from my due date. It would not be THAT terrible to have him be 7 or 9 pounds. So I could have a 9-11 lb baby. BIG DAMN DEAL! What is so wrong with a bigger baby? I think we all know the accuracy of the baby weight guessing game on the ultrasounds is, well, just that.. it's a damn guess. Who here has been told they will have a huge monster baby and end up with a 7 lber? Who has been told something must be wrong with baby if baby weighs a lot in utero?

Now while at the hospital, of course another string of events takes place. I really, really need advice here.

We had non stress tests taken off and on all day yesterday. I watched the monitor the whole entire time. I know when he went up, when he went down, when he had hiccups, when he slept, when he moved.. you name it I was aware of it (and aside from actually knowing his heart rate, I would know all that ANYWAY! I feel him constantly). With that being said, the nurses and doctor were happy with those tests all day yesterday. Fast forward to today before leaving (mind you I had already been discharged at this point, so I am just waiting to leave now)we get hit with "let's do one more NST before you leave". I of course was annoyed, we had been discharged 20 minutes before, had already signed papers, and were waiting on a wheelchair. I said all of this to the nurse and she got really short with me and said "well you can leave but it'd be AMA and you're bill won't get paid". My question to that is if I was already discharged, can they legally keep me for another test and then say I would be leaving against medical advice resulting in my bill not being paid? I said ok to the test, laid there for 30 minutes when she told me it'd be 15, she then said he was not reactive enough, not giving 2 significant jumps in heart rate during the 15 minute period. I am 110% positive that he was the same levels of 118-150s off and on, with excellerations not lasting for 15 seconds at a time, twice in a 15 minute period. It was the exact same way he was yesterday. I argued this with her, asked to see the print out from yesterday side by side with the one today.. and she said ok I will get them, did I ever see them? Nope. She came back from calling the doctor and she had an attiude from hell and when I addressed her attitude she raised her voice and said "you're going to kill your baby if you keep this all up! WHY ARE YOU BEING LIKE THIS? the kid has problems lady! HE'S TEN POUNDS!" to which I was completely shocked and could only muster an "excuse me, that was uncalled for and very mean, and what is wrong with a big baby" and then I went into a mild rage with her bring up the following points:

- I'm being monitored for high blood pressure here, maybe you should be trying to keep me calm
- I have yet to see the side by side print outs
- What is SO wrong with asking questions, this is my body and my baby
- Am I supposed to be making you happy here? What about my well being?
- Isn't telling a perfectly responsible, worried and trying to fix things, first time mother to be that I am killing my baby a little evil?
- I mentioned the inaccuracy of US weights and were they aware of the accuracy on their machines in the hospital and she said "no we just relay information, I don't know statistics

All of which I got no answers to, just more yelling and she then started to cry. Could that situation have been more unprofessional or is it just me?

Another nurse then came in barking at me just the same way and by this point I am being told by both ladies that I'm killing my baby. I give in and move to another room for another NST on a different machine. Upon entering the new room I get hooked up and the same nurse starts on me again. A few quotes "why are you being so defensive? / we had another lady that had her baby die because of stuff like this just 2 weeks ago! / you are killing your baby / should I just shut up until I leave the room? (accompanied with a smirk and eye roll) / god almighty I am trying to help you!" and for the cherry on top of all of that greatness, at the very end of this test she asks me "are you scared?" To which I looked at her and said "no I am not I just want to go home". It felt like she was trying to push me over the edge from the minute I met her and then her one concern was if I was scared? With everything she had said I know she was wanting me to say "yes, to death", and I'm not. If anything I am angry. I am hopeful and know everything will be fine. How could a woman act like that to another woman, especially going through what I am? They registered one excelleration that she told me about and obviously had to have gotten another one because they paged the dr. to get approval on my leaving. Did I mention this is two hours after I was discharged

The previous night my nurse had taken my 24 hours worth of pee (to see if protein had gone down) out of the bathroom to get tested. She said results in 30-45 minutes. 3 hours later she comes in and says that the Dr. won't discharge me til the next day. I ask why, she makes a face and says she doesn't know. I asked what the results of my urine tests were and she says she doesn't know. I said will you called them into her so you do know. She said the Dr. will discuss the values in the morning. I asked if she could at least tell me if the protein levels were lower, she said yes. So at that point I was done being nice to her (she kept leaving my door WIDE open everytime she'd leave too). and basically shoo'd her out.

Fast forward to this morning she comes in at 7:00 AM to do my blood pressure where she then says "you're scheduled for the glucola soon so go ahead get up" to which I said "I'm not doing that. Sorry. I turned it down at the OBGYN, I'm turning it down here. I'm not going to fight with you about it." She said nothing but she did nod and left. I know they are wondering if I have diabetes. I have had the following:

-28 weeks when I turned down glucola I had a finger stick done. I had just eaten 2 hours before and it was 77.
-30 weeks a random one I didn't know they were giving me, I had eaten some cake that morning about 3 hours before and it was 111.
-32 weeks a fasting one, no food for 8 hours and it was 96.

I eat good. I don't eat fast food, I don't eat junk food *except some icecream once and a while, I eat lots of fruit *fresh, and veggies *fresh, soups, lean meats, good grains.. I watch what I put in there because I know my baby gets it too. I think they assume I eat trash because I am overweight.

So later on a new nurse comes in and offers me glucola AGAIN! I politely said no said "ya know, what about some jelly beans? that would work too!" She looks at me and says "jelly beans have glucola in them??"........ she was 100% serious. This is the kind of person caring for me? Someone who thinks, even if for a moment, that a sugar DRINK can work its way into a jelly bean, I'm sorry but I was appauled. I looked at her and said "um, no hon.." To which she said "well what does a jelly bean do?" then I said "it would increase my blood sugar to see if I'm diabetic.." and then I just stopped talking to her and went to my happy place.

Right before the last non stress test was offered after I was discharged, a man comes in to take my blood. I had been told by the Dr. earlier that I would have a few more labs taken to check for any chances of preclampsia one more time (all the others came back fine). So that's what I expected. This man gets the needle in me and the vile up to it and says "so have you been tested for diabetes before?" What the hell? I said "um, they took my blood earlier for blood sugar levels and as far as I knew this was for preclampsia.. do you mind making sure of the test you're doing before you do it..?" He said "well it was in my orders for you to have the hemoglobin ac1 test done, so I'm just doing what I was told", and at this point he is already taking the blood. So I ask him what the heck kind of test is that to which he responds "oh it can tell if you've been diabetic at all for up to 6 months ago! It's a new test, everyone loves it, especially for the expectant mothers!"......................................... .................................................. ... what was I to do? I've now been lied to about a test, and given the test without my consent or knowledge, and I had already been discharged. WHAT DO I DO? This cannot be legal? I am so angry. What would you do? What should I do?

The Dr. I have had through the last 36 hours has been very threatening, very condescending, she has lied to me, given me tests I didn't consent to, and she was the first one to throw the stone of "you're going to kill your baby". She said it in the morning when she came in to discharge me at 10:00 AM. She came to the bed, got out the words "ok you can go home, but nothing but strict strict bed rest, if you have someone around the house to clean up I would suggest that, only bathroom and kitchen visits.." to which I said "of course" and as I wipe the sleep from my eyes she says "I mean it's very important, you could kill your baby" to which I sat up and put my hand out and said "hey that is a little harsh don't you think?". She started the baby killing trend with that this morning and it carried through to all the nurses in the afternoon.

My orders as of now are:

-Bed rest, strict
-non stress tests twice a week at the hospital
-2 dr. visits a week at my obgyn office
-another scan of baby on Wednesday at a bigger hospital 3 hours away

The duration of my pregnancy, if left up to them, will not be allowed past 38 weeks where I will end up having a c-section. And this is from the Dr.

I am completely exhausted. They had me in a labor and delivery room for the first day, so the bed was not made for relaxing, my back hurts, my legs hurt, my feet are puffy, I got no sleep. I was admitted to a labor and delivery room with, I'm sure with the way things were headed they were going to section him out yesterday but did not have enough reason to make it look urgent enough.

What do I do? I am lost feeling. I want to see about another Dr. but I fear it's too late, and now that they have all these complications stuck to me.. I'm afraid no one will take me this late. I know I want other opinions, I'll be making calls monday.

Thank you for reading, I know it was long.
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I don't live in the US, so i'm not familiar with hospitals there but I would be irate and definitely get a second, third, fourth.... opinion. It's never to late.

You are doing a great job being defensive of your baby and body . They obviously feel threatened that your not blindly doing what they say, though you don't mean to be threatening. I would definitely write a letter to the hospitals director or whoever. Dr.s and nurses telling you that you are killing your baby is unacceptable. period.

FWIW my midwife caught a 12lbs baby at home. The ultrasound said it was going to be 8 and gave the go-ahead for the home birth. She gave birth with out tearing too! Anyways, just to show that their measurements are never spot on.

Hang in there mamma and do your research!

I've got three monkeys jumping on the bed!!

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I dont really have answers for you - I just wanted to send lots of supportive your way.

I changed providers (from an OB practice to a group of midwives at a birth center) late in the game with my 1st (not as late as you are mind you, but you never know. It sounds like you are saying all the right things, but have been "red flagged" and now everyone around you (from your descriptions) is running around trying to cover their rears. Its not fair and I have no idea about the legality of the whole testing after discharge thing. I did just read "Pushed" and have been reading a lot this pg and it seems OB's these days can be much more jumpy about avoiding malpractice suits and unfortunately their fears are passed on to the paitient's shoulders (like the nurses who kept giving you doomsday warnings about your baby's well-being).

It might be late in the game, but it might ease your mind to call around. I didn't see where you are but you might speak to midwives and other OB practices just to get other opinions. Just make sure you don't slam your OB on the phone by name - just so they don't get nervous you will slam them - you are just a soon-to-be mom exercising your rights to seek second (and third and fourth) opinions. Chances are, if you called a perinatologist, you might find a much more relaxed or at least level-headed point of view as well (although I honestly know nothing about your case or symptoms so I can't promise anything).

It also might not be too late in the game to hire a doula to support you (and your partner) in the hospital if you choose to go back to birth there. Although the doula won't be able to fight FOR you, she would be able to help you feel that you were not the homicidal pregnant lady the hospital staff may paint you to be. And it would be one more supportive body in your corner.

You might want to x-post this on Finding Your Tribe to get recommendations fast on who to call in your area (midwives, OB's, doulas, perinatologists, etc.)

Good luck mama and keep positive - you sound like you are very strong and educated about this - you can get through this!


P.S. I was told late in my last pregnancy that I was gaining too much weight (I gained 85 lbs and lost 100 after mostly from breastfeeding) and one midwife even suggested that I go on the Atkins diet. I didn't have gd but I did end up having a perfectly healthy 9lb 8oz boy without needing surgery or drugs (although if I had been near them I may have jumped at the chance to take them). So it can be done - I always like to tell myself that my body will not grow a baby too big to squeeze out - that's my happy place....

Christine, wife to my dh since 10/03, mama to my three monkeys ~:-) ds1/6/05, dd9/9/08 and ds 8/3/10

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I don't know what to say...that is a horrible story and it made my blood pressure go up just reading it. I am so sorry you had to go through that. I agree about looking for a different practice if you can do so even at this late date. Ina May Gaskin says that the ultrasound weight estimate has been known to be off as much as 5 lbs. Besides that hang tight and try to give yourself the kindness and love that you deserve. I can't believe they threatened you with the death of your baby.
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my advice for you is the following.

- crosspost this in the Birth and Beyond forum
- get on the internet, in the phone book, and in the "Finding your Tribe" forum and look for a MIDWIFE. I switched from an OB to a midwife at 36 wks and never looked back.
- seriously consider homebirth
- do not, ever, return to those doctors, and if there is another hospital within any reasonable distance, go there instead only in case of emergency.
- start eating LOTS of protein right now and cut out the sugary fruits and drink plenty of water. (assuming you are not veg.) Eggs, fish, meat, milk, high quality proteins and lots of them

to answer some of your questions:

- high fluid levels *can* be a signal of GD, or an abnormality in the fetus. however, I personally don't trust ultrasound machines as far as I can throw them, and I wouldn't worry too much about this. it could be related to the baby's kidney abnormality (assuming it actually is abnormal and not just another ultrasound fluke). I would get the baby checked out by a urologist soon after birth to get a real diagnosis.

- as far as the baby's size, it's not a concern, it's not accurate, and you are right that large babies can be born vaginally and it's not a reason for a c-section.

- even if you have to return to that hospital, you CAN ask for a patient advocate and you CAN refuse to allow that nurse to come near you again. you should also file a complaint against her detailing everything factually.

I wouldn't feel that "strict" bedrest was necessary, just nothing too strenuous that could raise your blood pressure- eating a LOT of protein is more important than anything you can do right now. That, and finding a new care provider, and REALLY considering a homebirth especially if this is the only hospital you can go to- your chances of a vaginal birth there look very slim.

DD1 7/13/05 DD2 9/20/10
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: Wow... I believe your treatment was bordering on (okay, my personal belief is that it downright WAS) abuse, and that you DEFINITELY should seek other avenues! You do NOT need this type of stress this late in the game. What the heck is wrong with them!? :

This is one of the reasons I am happy to do a UP/UC.

Hugs to you... I hope that you see someone more sympathetic, and that they don't treat you as poorly as these people did!!! :
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I'm sorry you had such a bad experience at the hospital. Nobody should be treated that way. Nobody should be threatened with the specter of the death of their child for asking reasonable questions about the care they are being told they need.

I don't understand how they could not have told you anything about the "high fluid" condition. I've looked around on the web for about 5 minutes, and have found some general sites that may be of use in helping you understand what it is all about. It looks like one of the causes can be maternal diabetes, but there can be other causes. To me, a total layperson with NO MEDICAL BACKGROUND OF ANY KIND, it looks like it can be serious. I would be looking for second and third opinions.


I wish you luck, and, again, I'm sorry that happened to you.

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I am so very sorry for what that hospital and staff have put you though... It might be a good thing to write a letter of complaint to the hospital director or human resourses? They violated you. No one ever should say that you are killing your baby. WTH!

Being overweight, I do know that they checked for gd early on me, twice during my pregnancy. I felt pressured to do all the testing, and then realized how much control I do have. I transferred my care at 30+ weeks.

My point is, it's never too late! I like Klynne know a few mamas who have delivered at home in the water 10 pound and almost 12 pound babies, no tearing.

I do not know what would cause a kidney blockage, or urine blockage. I wish I was of more informational help and had some knowledge on how to handle what to do about how you were treated.

Ultrasounds and measuring is all a guess. Big or small, I hope your little man and you have a beautiful birth journey!
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The way you were treated is deplorable. I would not feel comfortable delivering my baby with those people. They threatened you, lied to you, and completely mistreated you.

Do you think its tied to you being overweight? I've had some doctors treat me pretty badly and while I'm overweight I'm still only a size 18. I can't imagine what happens to bigger women. It seems like they are often looking for a problem that isn't there.

Have they give you any of your test results (protein in the urine, etc)?

What are your options for other care providers?
I know my midwife has taken many clients in the last month because of unreasonable requests and induction pressure.

Mom of a 7 yr old, 4 yr old, and 1 yr old. Wow. How did that happen?
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Thank you for everything mamas

I am not going to go back there, I will be finding someone else tomorrow hopefully.

I do have a doula, who I wish I would've called during all of this but to be honest she was the last thing on my mind. Though I did email her right time I got home and sat down. She called me 10 minutes later and was shocked at what happened.

& yes I do think a lot of this is because I am overweight. I was a size 18 when I got pregnant, I'm 5'8, I've ALWAYS been heavier, my lowest weight was 167, my highest is now 290 and I'm 37 weeks along almost. I've gained right at 40 lbs with my baby, which I think is pretty good. But again, just because I am a little fat does not mean I am not a healthy person.

I wrote a letter to the CEO of the hospital but have not sent it yet. It's very detailed *more so than this post*. I will send it as soon as I have someone else to take care of us. I would hate to have a letter hanging over my head if for some unthinkable reason I had to go back there, they'd hate me even more.

My husband just reminded me that the evil nurse that had been yelling at me that I was killing my baby told us during one of the fights that "the doctor apologizes for not telling you about the diabetes test" so she has already acknowledged she lied to me! I am furious.

I will not let this go unresolved, I swear. I will not stop until this is fixed.

Keep it coming mamas, I need everything I can get
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I was going to suggest that you write a letter to the hospital. I know that it would help me feel better to get that out there. Hopefully bringing that information to their attention will change the way things are done in that hospital.
Good luck with your search for a new caregiver. I'm sure there will be someone out there who will take much better care of you and your baby.
It's awful that you had to go through that. I hope the rest of your pregnancy and birth are a much more positive experience. :
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Coming from a family of nurses I would say they are CRAP. You need to call the hospital and talk to a patient advocate AND ask for the nurse manager on what every floor you were on. Basiclly tell her boss. My sister is a nurse manager and she has a few nurses she would LOVE to get ride of but the "do their job" so that isnt a reason to get rid of them BUT if patients complaints arise she CAN fire them for that . Make some calls and raise some H3LL

Jeana Christian momma to 4 sons Logan 18, Connor 15, Nathan 6, and bonus baby Jack 1
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Thanks for the update! You are one strong savvy mama and I am so SO glad to hear you will be finding care elsewhere (could anyone even term that abuse medical care?).

I wish I had info to offer...I know of someone who was told her baby would be huge and was talked into a c/s b/c she had a 4th degree tear w/ her 1st and they said she'd never be continent again if she had the baby vaginally. Turns out the "huge" babe was around or under 6 lbs (can't recall exact weight at the moment). I felt so bad for her for being coerced and duped by their scare tactics.

Also, our Bradley instructor's #2 baby was 12 lbs-something....no tear.

I hope you're able to find a m/w! Or at least someone not out to get you....What they did should not be legal, and I hope you can make some ruckus (sp?) so they'll think twice about treating someone like that in the future.

I wish you the best....
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I'm so sorry you have had to go through this. Here are a few things I have learned in my pregnancy. It is considered "high risk" because of my diabetes so I have had way more testing then I though possible.
1. U/S machines can be way off....At my last U/S, performed last thursday, the first time she measured the fluid level she got 7 oz. Way too low. She remeasured it right away and got 12, right on target. at this point you should have between 10 and 19 oz of measurable fluid. Now when they measure this they only look at each quadrant around the baby. I have never seen anyone measure fluid pockets between arms, legs or anything of that nature. They look at the corners. The measurement will be different every time they do it. Even if it is only a minute apart. As for baby measurements, the can be off, way off, they will get a different weight and growth percentile every time they do it. I had 2 u/s in one day a while back with different machines and the baby was measuring like 8 oz different. according to my ob an u/s weight measurement could be off as much as 2 lbs routinely. You could have a 5 lber in there according to the first us measurement you gave. of course you could have a 9 lber but would that really be so bad?
2. Go to a high risk ob. Get the referal from your regular ob. Lie, Cheat and steal if you need to to get it. The high risk ob will do their own u/s. And they will be able to interpret the results with a grain of salt. When I found out about my grade 3 placenta my ob, whom I love, sent me to the high risk guys right away, same day in fact. And they did an u/s to check stuff out, pointed out to me why my placenta was considered a grade 3, explained everything to me and told me they see this stuff all the time. basically made me feel like much less of an oddity. They will be able to put stuff into perspective for you. You are not Killing your baby with a bp of 150/80.

The following comes from living life as a diabetic...
1. All of your bs levels sounded good to me. The standards I was given when I got pregnant are as follows....
They would like to see fasting under 90, 100-90 is still good
1 hour after you eat they would like to see it under 130
2 hours after you eat they would like to see it under 120
The above is considered ideal. Perfect. And everything you listed is well within the above ranges.

2. A Humiglobin A1c is a test that tells you what your bs has averaged over the last 3 months. It have been around for quite a while. For a pregnant woman doctors like to see an A1c around 6 ish and under. That would equal an average bs of about 100-110. It does not measure anything past the last 3 months, lab tech was talking out his patootie there. If the test should come back high, I would request that they do another blood test called a Fructosamine. This will tell you what your bs has averaged over the last 3 weeks. It will give them a better idea of what, exactly is happening.

The above being said, I think you should go to a different hospital for give birth if at all possible. It sounds like the people at the one you were at are just horrible. I would be writing letters to they boards and anyone else I could find. i'm so sorry they did that to you.
It is not ok for them to tell you you are killing your baby.
Talk to anyone you can find about finding another practice. you need a doctor that will work with you, not against you. Find someone who will take you seriously. Or at the very least you can wait until you go into labor and they request that Dr. X is not there are they by law have to find you another doctor to deliver your baby. At least that way you won't have to put up with her in the delivery room. Another thing, if you have to go to the hospital you were at to deliver, remember faces...Anyone that was rude can be kicked out of your room. Request the nurse manager if need be. They should remember how to deliver a baby. These nurses work long shifts so only work like 2 to 3 days a week and may not even be an issue, but there is always someone else they can get to help you. The nurses at the hospital I work for work 12 hours shift and only have to work 36 hours a week to be considered full time and the nurse manager on l&d does have to help on the floor, I know because she has done my nsts a few times.

I hope you have a beautiful birth. Sorry I wrote such a book but this really ticked me off, what they did to you.
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Hugs mamma.I can totally relate to the bullying you received.I'd definately be researching my options.

I agree with the other posters.Do the brewer diet asap.It should help the blood pressure issues.

Big ladies have big babies and they do just fine! My midwife friend recently delivered a 10 and a half pound breech!

I think if you can find a loving and supportive environment you'll have a wonderful birth.

After your baby is here and your bp isn't an issue,start writing some letters and giving that hospital#### I'd even think about finding a good lawyer.The way you've been treated is absolutely unconcionable!
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thank you mamas.

I have already written a *very detailed, more than this post* letter to the CEO of the hospital but will not send it until I have 100% found a new dr. I would hate to have that hanging over my head if for some unthinkable reason I had to go there for anything at all.

I will be getting my records tomorrow. And while I am there I will be complaining about the nurses, especially the one who said I was killing my baby, to the nurse manager.

The last 4 days have cast such a sad shadow on my pregnancy that it feels hard to feel happy about anything.

I have to keep reminding myself that my baby is fine and he will be fine when he comes out. My poor husband told me he was poking my belly all night while i was sleeping the night we got home to feel him moving. It broke my heart. Our baby moves constantly, he gets hiccups, he responds to us talking to him.. and yet we've got this fear that all of that will just stop. It's making this last few weeks terrible feeling.

Thank you mamas for everything
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I have no advice, but I just wanted to offer some hugs

Maxime - Wife to Brian (08.11.2007) - Mommy to Lili Elizabeth (08.12.2008)
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Your little one is letting you know what's really going down...s/he's just working out in the warm waters.

Please keep us posted, if you feel up to it.
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WOW. I can't believe that these "professionals" said such terrible things to you. I am so sorry to hear that you had to go through that.

I think that you should definately change providers, be it another OB or a midwife. Just to get on "the right foot" again. I'm worried that you won't be able to trust this doctor's opinion in the future and you won't have a positive birth experience. Also I think you should change hospitals, those nurses sound like evil bitches and should be no-where around birth and babies (or sick people for that matter). Also if you change providers you can start out new on the whole highblood pressure/big baby conversation and maybe reach a clear conclusion. You are obviously a well-educated pregnant lady. You find a more positve birth situation! :
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