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August 2008 > Post your Birth announcements and stats HERE!
~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 04:07 PM 07-15-2008
Let's get this all into one thread for the sake of convenience.

Include the following:

Due date
Birth date
Name (if you wish to share it)
weight and length
place of birth (if you wish to specify hospital, home, VBAC, etc)
Photo (if you wish to share)

sapphire_chan's Avatar sapphire_chan 11:56 AM 07-17-2008
And a link to your birth story if/when you write one. (I think that this thread will be easier to look through if only has the announcement info Megan listed.)
solejean's Avatar solejean 12:28 PM 07-19-2008
Due date - 8/2/2008
Birth date - 7/15/2008
Name - Chase Macario
weight and length - 6lbs 10.5 ounces 21 inches
place of birth - hospital
BoBoBo's Avatar BoBoBo 05:51 PM 07-20-2008
Due date: 8/11/08
Birth date: 7/16/08
Name: Bella Katrin
weight and length: 4 lb 10 oz, 18"
alicia9178's Avatar alicia9178 10:28 PM 07-20-2008
Due date: August 9, 2008
Birth date: July 15, 2008 @ 4:40pm
Name (if you wish to share it): Kasey Elizabeth
Weight and length: 7 pounds 8 ounces and 19 inces
Place of birth: Hospital VBAC

19spitfire's Avatar 19spitfire 09:07 PM 07-25-2008
Nathaniel James :
was born this morning July 25 at 6:07 am
the birth was an hbac at 38 weeks gestation
and he weighs 8 lbs and 19.5 inches
potatocraft's Avatar potatocraft 12:39 AM 07-26-2008
Fynnaghan Carter Toby Tierney
Born July 22, 2008 at 12:41 pm
Weight 6 lbs, 15 oz.
length 20 inches
place of birth: hospital c-section because of breech position
minsch1's Avatar minsch1 07:05 PM 07-26-2008
Due date: 8/4/08
Birth date: 7/12/08
Name (if you wish to share it): Sullivan Riley
weight and length: 7 lbs 10 oz, 19 3/4 inches
place of birth (if you wish to specify hospital, home, VBAC, etc) hospital c-section
Photo (if you wish to share): I'll try to post later
River7's Avatar River7 11:07 PM 07-27-2008
Due Date: August 8
Birth date: July 23, 5:50am
Name: Graham
Stats: 8 lbs 6 oz; 20.5 inches
Place: Hospital (with doula and husband)
wednesday's Avatar wednesday 04:52 PM 07-29-2008
Due date: August 12
Birth date: July 29, 6:30 a.m.
Name: Vera
Stats: 7 lbs 2 oz; 19 " long
Place: Home waterbirth (unplanned unassisted, very very fast)
Birth story link
jennifer_lc1's Avatar jennifer_lc1 06:18 PM 07-29-2008
Due date - August 4th 2008
Birth date - July 25th 2008
Name - Archer Eisley
weight and length - 8.8 pounds / 22 inches
place of birth (if you wish to specify hospital, home, VBAC, etc) - Hospital

Pyrodjm's Avatar Pyrodjm 03:02 PM 07-30-2008
Due date: 8/14/08
Birth date: 7/30/08
Name (if you wish to share it): Natalie Frances
weight and length: 6lbs 15oz; 20 inches
place of birth (if you wish to specify hospital, home, VBAC, etc): Home waterbirth w/mw, 4.5 hours of labor total
Photo (if you wish to share):A few hours old
Birth Story
Aithne's Avatar Aithne 11:46 PM 07-30-2008
Due date: 08/05
Birth date: 07/30
Name (if you wish to share it): Jace Mackenzie
weight and length: 7lb 8.5 oz, 20in
place of birth (if you wish to specify hospital, home, VBAC, etc): all natural at the hospital.


Zuzu822's Avatar Zuzu822 02:50 PM 07-31-2008
Due date: 08/04/08
Birth date: 07/29/08, 6:03 AM
Weight and length: 8 lbs., 11 oz. & 21.5 in.
Place of birth: Natural, midwife-attended hospital birthplace.
The short versiom: Water broke Monday 7/28 at 2:45 PM. Active labor started approx. 1:00 AM. Began pushing 5:40 AM. Came home yesterday and we're doing great! Nurses like a champ!
UllaBulla's Avatar UllaBulla 07:32 PM 07-31-2008
: Myla Joy :

Due: 8/8/08
Born: July 24, 2008 at 12:20 PM
7lbs 13oz
21 inches
Born naturally at the Puget Sound Birth Center in Seattle. It was a beautiful birth!!!!


More Photos and Birth Story:

Congratulations Everyone!!!
mama_at_home's Avatar mama_at_home 09:10 PM 07-31-2008
Baby boy
Due: August 1st
Born: July 29th
Weight: 8 lbs 12 oz, 19 inches long
Born at home after a 5 hour labor
sweetney's Avatar sweetney 09:32 PM 07-31-2008
Hurray for all the babies!!!:

Due date--8/6
Birth date--7/27
Name (if you wish to share it)--Aden
weight and length--7 pounds, 7 ounces, 21 inches
place of birth--an amazing 4 hour home sweet home birth... and our daughter somehow slept through the whole thing!
letniaLynne's Avatar letniaLynne 01:07 AM 08-01-2008
Due date: 7-31
Birth date: 7-25

weight and length: 7 lbs 5oz, 20.5in
Place of birth: Home in my bed
Photo : Coming soon!
Birth Story: Coming Soon!
mama parrot's Avatar mama parrot 07:20 PM 08-01-2008
Due date: 8-8-08
Birth date: 7-31-08 (the same day as his big brother!)

Name: Henry Edward

Weight: 7lb 14oz 20 1/2 in
Place of Birth: birthing center - waterbirth
Photo and birth story coming soon!
CTH3989's Avatar CTH3989 12:26 PM 08-02-2008
Due date: 08/12/2008
Birth date: 07/27/2008
Name (if you wish to share it): Alexandria
weight and length: 6lbs 9oz, 19in.
place of birth (if you wish to specify hospital, home, VBAC, etc): Hospital
Jeni_Houston's Avatar Jeni_Houston 05:58 PM 08-03-2008
Due date: 8/03
Birth date: 7/31
Name (if you wish to share it): Kaitlyn Rose
weight and length: 9lbs 2 oz, ?
place of birth: home water birth
Birth Story:
StoriesInTheSoil's Avatar StoriesInTheSoil 01:08 AM 08-04-2008


kimfn's Avatar kimfn 11:03 AM 08-05-2008
Due date: 08/10
Birth date: 08/02
Name Avery Maren
weight and length: 7lb 0 oz, 20in
place of birth (if you wish to specify hospital, home, VBAC, etc): all natural at the hospital.
AKA_PI's Avatar AKA_PI 04:05 PM 08-05-2008
Due: august 8
Birth: august 4
Name: kendall owen bernard
Weight: 6lbs 2 oz
Length: 19 inches
Born: after 32 hrs of labor and slow dilation, we ended up going with a c section
~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 05:18 PM 08-05-2008
Due: august 16
Birth: august 5 (38 weeks 3 days)
Name: Ivy
Weight: 8lbs 5oz
Born: 33 hours of start and stop labor, 3 hours active labor, HBAC (my second one)

robertandenith's Avatar robertandenith 05:24 PM 08-05-2008
Due: U/S July 30 - LMP Aug 5
Birth: August 5 (40 weeks)
Name: Roberto Carlos
Weight: 8lbs 5oz
Height: 22 inch long
Born: 6 hours of active labor - Homebirth
Birth Story:
deliarose's Avatar deliarose 04:29 PM 08-06-2008
Birth: 8/4/08
Name: Evangeline Irene
Weight: 8#15.7oz (they round to 9#-LOL!)
Length: 20.5 inches long
Born in hospital-natural birth
some pics....
miztrezzlyn's Avatar miztrezzlyn 08:37 PM 08-06-2008
Due date: 08/05/08
Birth date: 08/01/08
Name (if you wish to share it): Jovielle Helena
Weight and length: 6 lbs. 10 oz. - 20 inches long
Labor: 26 hours of 10 min apart semi consistent contractions, then water broke and had her 30 min later
place of birth (if you wish to specify hospital, home, VBAC, etc): Natural childbirth in hospital
NormaJean13's Avatar NormaJean13 03:00 PM 08-08-2008
Due date: 8-8-08
Birth date: 8-3-08
Name: Beatrice Maxine Lee Chatfield
Stats: 7 lbs 5 ozs 20 1/2 inches
Birth: natural birth in hospital after 4 hours of labor
Laniemama's Avatar Laniemama 08:22 PM 08-08-2008
Due: Aug 21st
Birth: Aug 2nd (37 weeks 2 days)
Name: Cooper Steven
Weight: 6 lbs 5 oz
Height: 18.5"
Born: 2 hours and 10 min total, at a free-standing birth center, in the water!
Birth Story:
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