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Surfer Rosa's Avatar Surfer Rosa 03:52 PM 07-17-2008
I keep forgetting about these...and then wonder how much of a difference it will really make (I know it can make a diff. PP, but I'm not there yet).

I'm a lot more delinquent with all kinds of things, actually, with this pregnancy:

EXERCISE: During my first, I did prenatal yoga, walked a lot, continued martial arts til 7.5 months, etc. With this one, I was hitting the gym pretty regularly til about 5 or 6 months, and now nothing. I am walking about 4 or 5 km 3-5 times a week, swimming 2-3 times a week, and chasing after a toddler, so maybe it's not too bad.

FOOD: With my first, a typical lunch might be: brown rice with grilled veg and tofu; yogurt, fruit, etc. Lunch today was a Wendy's Frosty and french fries. I don't even like these foods-and hadn't ever eaten at Wendy's, but felt I needed to know what a Frosty tasted like.

PERSONAL CARE: With my first, I made sure to rest, eat well, I stopped dyeing my hair, wouldn't go near anything artificial.
With this one, rest? huh? I got highlights (only once, and well into my 2nd tri, but still), and have been known to chew the odd piece of gum with aspartame. Ooh-and I naughtily had some sips of DH's raspberry beer the other day. Yum.

I keep making jokes about this one being the "spare", and then feeling guilty that I'm not giving this one the best as I did with E. Is this typical?

Oh, and if you can answer my real question about kegels-are oyu really doing them as religiously as you should be? Thanks!

StoriesInTheSoil's Avatar StoriesInTheSoil 03:57 PM 07-17-2008
I'm right there with ya, mama.
~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 04:02 PM 07-17-2008
I keep forgetting kegels. I forget a lot of things though My memory is totally shot this time.

I don't actually exercise for the purpose of exercising at all. I had a very hard time with nausea in the beginning and now at the end am having a hard time with apathy. This has still been my easiest pregnancy so far. I'm hoping that extends to the birth!
elisheva's Avatar elisheva 04:02 PM 07-17-2008
You still sound like a superstar, fridgeart. I wouldn't worry. I'm also lax about the kegels...
AmyLaz's Avatar AmyLaz 04:10 PM 07-17-2008
Kegel? What's a Kegel? Seriously, I know what they are and have never done them - this is my third pregnancy.
I have incompetent cervix and a cerclage (diagnosed after my first was a 34 weeker), so for my last pregnancy and this one I cannot exercise.
I have gotten highlights twice during this pregnancy.
I was very careful about what I ate with my first pregnancy. With my second and third - some days are good, some days are bad nutritionally (my second baby was certainly healthy). I put splenda in my coffee each morning, and I will drink a diet coke with aspartame in it.
Don't stress, mama - your baby will be fine
psychocandy's Avatar psychocandy 04:20 PM 07-17-2008
This is my first, and I STILL don't do all of the things I should. I try to walk every day, but I have been meaning to take prenatal yoga (took one class, but was still too nauseous to do over half of the poses - especially anyhting that required me to bend over) and do my kegels and practice tailor sits and squats and using the ball...

I also have had a few sips of wine here and there, and I JUST took a tylenol for a slight headache. BAD, I know.
mama parrot's Avatar mama parrot 04:40 PM 07-17-2008
I'm right there with all of you. I realized the other day that I had gone 2 days without eating a single vegetable. That's pretty bad. I ate some carrot sticks right away
And as for the Kegels, every time I hear the word, guilt sets in and I do a few but other than that, I never think about them.
This baby has stayed put 4 weeks longer than my first, though, so I must be doing something right.
maryeb's Avatar maryeb 05:28 PM 07-17-2008
Your post made me laugh a little. I did prego pilates with my first, up until the day before I birthed. It's all about the pelvic floor, etc. So awesome. This time I have not done much at all. I think it's all good, I do it when I think about it. Rest? I was out for yet another neighborhood walk with ds and a woman we had already seen was like, why aren't you in bed, you look like you're having the baby any day now!! I said, I so wish I could hang in bed, but this guy keeps me going. You sound like you are doing great! I wish I was swimming a few times a week, that's awesome! Mary
*Isra*'s Avatar *Isra* 06:50 PM 07-17-2008
Thanks so much for this thread. I've been having the second pregnancy guilt of not giving it my all like I did the first time. We do what we can. You sound like you're doing awesome though FWIW!
apelilae's Avatar apelilae 07:51 PM 07-17-2008
It seemed slightly more important the first time. This time, it's just not that important to me. I'm active, eat as well as I can and just roll with it all. There is a point where I think women can get way too nutty about pregnancy health; on the flip side there are also too many who are way too lax.
jennykilbo's Avatar jennykilbo 08:26 PM 07-17-2008
Originally Posted by psychocandy View Post
This is my first, and I STILL don't do all of the things I should.
wednesday's Avatar wednesday 07:44 AM 07-18-2008
I don't do kegels. Haven't seen a need.

But, I think in some ways I've been more careful with this pregnancy than with my first. In my first pregnancy the baby was very abstract to me, like of course I knew there would be a baby at the end, but the pregnancy was more like something happening to me. This time I'm much more conscious that my child is inside me. I feel more bonded to her already than I did to DS in utero.
ryansma's Avatar ryansma 10:26 AM 07-18-2008
I was good about kegels with my 1st pregnancy but have probably done about 10 this pregnancy.
triana1326's Avatar triana1326 11:30 AM 07-18-2008
I noticed that as soon as I started reading your post, I started doing Kegels...

As for Kegels on my own without prompting - I was really good about doing them in the first trimester. I've done a few since then, but usually it's because I suddenly remembered to do them, like just now...I'm such a slack mom already
AKA_PI's Avatar AKA_PI 01:29 PM 07-18-2008
I do them but I guess i wonder if I'm doing them right.
robertandenith's Avatar robertandenith 10:16 PM 07-18-2008
I have never done kegels with any of my pregnancies. Everytime I go back to working out (after baby) everything goes back into place (lol!). Seriously! I normally do a lot of running and some weight training, so I guess when I do, I tighten up my muscles for better performance and that helps that muscle down there too

Don't feel bad about not working out either... I did work out with my other 2 and I gained more weight than with this pregnancy. I guess it is because since I am not working out I don't get as hungry if I do. Three weeks ago I decided to start working out but I have only gone 3 times and use the stationary bike for only 20 minutes, nothing fancy.

I do have to admit that I been eating better with this pregnancy than with my others. I do a lot of raw foods throughout the day and eat organic, thing I didn't do with my other pregnancies. I rarely eat out too.
barefootpoetry's Avatar barefootpoetry 01:30 AM 07-19-2008
I've been slacking on kegels and other things too. There's just so much to DO, it's hard for me to remember it all! I try to Kegel while I do laundry, one Kegel for each piece I fold/hang. I've been totally slacking on my prenatal yoga too...I tried it here and there earlier in pregnancy and it was just so awkward and painful that I couldn't keep it up. I still do a few poses mostly for pain relief but as far as using it to tone my body, yeah...not happening.
weliveintheforest's Avatar weliveintheforest 01:36 AM 07-19-2008
i slacked on kegels with both my pregnancies and then regretted it when I peed myself pp
naturegirl's Avatar naturegirl 02:42 AM 07-19-2008
Not many kegels here either. Although now I am getting a little leaky now and then...sneezing is not a pregnant ladies friend.

I try to keep good food going in but other than that...basic getting up and around, chasing the toddler and just enjoying the moment.

You are doing fine momma! No you are doing GREAT! :
Astoria's Avatar Astoria 11:30 AM 07-19-2008
I'm more lax with this pregnancy too. I was vigilant about unhealthy foods in my other pregnancies. Especially anything that's technically a "drug." But in this one, my third, I have an iced latte almost every morning, take the maximum allowed dosage of tums (10 in 24 hours), and occasionally take a unisom sleepmelt (these are the same drug, benadryl, that's in tylenol pm at a very low dose). I've had a sip of my husband's beer, or a sip of someone's diet soda here and there, but never much. I'm not much worried about any of these things, they all seem safe and or low risk to me. I'm also eating deli meat in this one and didn't in the others. That I do worry about. I don't want to get listeria or botulism in my 9th month. I really don't. It's just hard when you're out all the time with two big kids to find food to eat.