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I'm having a tough day today. I just don't want to be pregnant anymore.

Anyway, I'm just wondering what "interventions" you consider doing the longer you remain pregnant. Things like stripping membranes, herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, castor oil, etc...?

Right now I'm still in a good spot and can wait it out. I can't see myself ever taking the cohoshes or castor oil. I'm too lazy to actually make an acupuncture appt and go. But I think I would consider having my membranes stripped in another week or so.

How 'bout you?

In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you." Buddha

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I don't want to be pregnant anymore either, and I'm not due until the 18. I'm still getting up and going to work everyday, though. i'm trying to keep active. I just think this little one is quite comfy where she is right now.

Perhaps when I get really close to my due date, I may try RRLT or accupuncture if I get desperate. Hopefully, I won't get desperate.
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I'd suggest nipple stimulation first. It allows your body to regulate how much oxytocin it puts out.

Mom of a 7 yr old, 4 yr old, and 1 yr old. Wow. How did that happen?
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If I make it past my EDD - which I don't have a feeling I will - I'll probably start with nipple stimulation as that's been pretty reliable in bringing on contractions thus far. Long walks would probably be next, since they also make me contract like a mofo. I've actually been avoiding walking anywhere because I'm not quite ready for labor yet! My washing machine is broken and I want it to be fixed first, haha!
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I guess I am one of the few that doesn't mind being pregnant. I would love to meet this little soul but on their terms. Of course if I started approaching 42 weeks and my home birth was in jeopardy...

AP, Homeschooling, Part-Time working mom with 3 rambunctious boys fencing.gifbabyf.gifall born with love at home. (04 & 08 & 12).

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I think I'm having a tough day too. My DD#2 started kindergarten today and I got kinda tearful, which I don't remember doing with DD#1. I took two naps today and still felt so tired by dinner time, and my feet get so sore. But, since my husband returns from Iraq this weekend for only 14 days, I have an induction scheduled for next Wednesday, so at least I know I only have one more week to wait.
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I'm just wondering what "interventions" you consider doing the longer you remain pregnant.
whatever anyone suggests
My desperation comes and goes...
i try to keep positive by reminding myself best healing outcome for me and baby is to let nature (that *&^&&* take its course....
watching a baby story helps
You realise if you were one of dem you could just request your way out...

8 might be enough?
Or maybe 9 will be?
EDD September 18, 2015
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At 37 weeks my midwife started me on this Mon, Wed, Friday homeopathy regime. It's 3 different homeopathics. The first is to coordinate contractions, the second is a supplement to the first and Fridays is arnica. Also I'm taking EPO and drinking RRLT like it's going out of style. I'll be 40 weeks on Friday! Baby's just come when they're ready. I don't mind taking the stuff because I know it'll help in the long run. No harm to EPO and the tea. And who knows, maybe it'll help me go "on time" rather than overdue. You just never know. I know the midwife will want to do a sweep at my appt. tomorrow but I think I may decline that. I had a sweep with my last pregnancy. They are uncomfortable and it didn't start my labor anyway.
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I have done:
Fresh pineapple
Sex and lots of orgasms
RRL(Which I have been told doesn't actually bring on labor, just strengthens contractions and the uterus..)
Long walks
Bumpy car ride

I will try tomorrow or later:
Scalini's eggplant parm
Stripping membranes(MW tried this last week, but couldn't get in there enough-I will incite her to try harder tomorrow )
Thinking about accupuncture, there is a chi-neuropathy office near here that is open tomorrow and I am considering it! Even through my fear of needles!!
Spicy food

I will NOT do:
Nipple stimulation(brings on worse than normal contractions and since they are longer and more severe, it can lead to heartrate slowing in the baby)
Castor oil(can cause meconium in the baby since they have their first bowel movement inside and can be deadly-as well as VERY uncomfortable for the mama!)
Black and Blue Cohosh(unless I am almost at the 15th when my midwife is leaving for vacation and I will NOT NOT NOT allow her partner to deliver this baby..and then only if she is supervising the administration because they can also be dangerous)

Kara, Chad, dd L(5) and ds E(3) and expecting baby E on Valetine's Day grouphug.gif~We are a home-birthing, baby-wearing, home-made, co-sleeping, no-vax, crafting(both of items and of magick!), green living and loving family in Southern NH

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I wouldn't mind it except that AGAIN I have a big noggin wedged in my pelvis already. DS's head was engaged by about now as well and I went to my due date and was induced due to concerns about his size and our desire to avoid a 2nd c-section. This baby has an even bigger head (DS's was 14.5" and is currently around 130th percentile, DH's was 16" and they run rampant in his family) and it is in there tight enough that my OB couldn't budge it very easily.

So, needless to say it is very difficult to function. Sitting hurts, getting up and down sucks, walking up and down stairs is horrible. Add that my job is to take care of 5 kids, the oldest just over age 2, I am SO ready to be done! Haha!

Still, I am not willing to do a medical induction at this point. I am, however, doing nipple stimulation, sex, and walking... and tonight I am going to start inserting EPO nightly and taking one orally each morning starting tomorrow. I already drink RRLT and have almost daily since 20 weeks (a lot becuase I just love the stuff... yummy!). I wouldn't even really bother, I don't think, but I have lots of contractions without any interventions of my own, so my OB encourages us to see if we can get them to go somewhere... within reason of course.

Courtney ~ Mom to Melissa (1/14/95), Logan (7/21/06), Derek (8/14/08), and Baby Girl (EDD: 9/8/10)
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my midwife offered to sweep me today, but I declined. I am not due untilthe 12. I figure there is areason the baby is to be born on such a day.

I am take rrl to help my uterus and I am not against making love, but that is about all I do.
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I am v. uncomfortable and starting to get anxious again-can't sleep without meds...39 weeks, 4 days...4 or 5 cm dilated and 80% effaced for two weeks...
so, in the last 3 days I have:
had acupuncture-labor points
eaten a lot of pineapple
had spicy food
had membranes stripped (was a breeze)

I am willing to start on the nipple stim and have sex even though I find both v. uncomfortable...

Aimee, mom to Mirah b. 08/09/08
and my angel, Nico,
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, lost to us at 19 weeks gestation, 12/27/12
Longing for our rainbow
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Pregnant again after IVF, EDD July 6, 2015!
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I've been tkaing RRL and EPo for the last few weeks, but mostly to tone up the uterus/get the cervix stretchy, not necessarily to bring on labour.
If I'm still baby free Monday (I'm due tomorrow), my acupuncturist friend has offered to help out. If I make it to next Friday (booooo), I'll consider stripping my membranes. I really think though, that it's up to baby to decide, and no matter how much spicy food you eat, sex you have, etc, it won't make a bit of difference unless the baby agrees it's time, and that "rushing it" (IMO!) might compromise the kind of labour I'm envisioning. Unless there's a reason to get the baby out, I think I'm going to put my wishes aside, and wait, and wait, and wait...oh, and complain to anyone who'll listen, lol!

fridgeart, lucky mum to E (5) and Ro (2)
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I think I would just try dtd and more rrl tea. My others both came early so I never got to that point. Well, I guess technically I was induced with my first because my water broke - with pitocin. I would NEVER choose that if my water wasn't broken. The ctx were way more intense, really more than I could handle.
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I have been taking 5W and EPO as well as RRL Tea in the past weeks. I had my membranes sweeped on Tuesday (didn't do anything) and will have them swept again tomorrow. Also, tomorrow I will try castor oil and my DH will be home for the weekend so we're definetely DTD and nipple stimulation.

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I'm pretty much letting the baby determine the due date.

One of my closest friends is a massage therapist, and she told me she massage those reflexology spots on the feet that will bring on labor whenever I want. So if we start to get to the point where I'd have to give up the birthing center birth, and go to the hospital, I'll take her up on it.

Otherwise, as much as I want my body back, the baby can decide when it's time.

Laura wife to Dan , BFing Babywearing RadicalUSing SAHM to my free range kid Craig (12/20/93) and eventual free range kid Danny (8/26/08)
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