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~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 12:42 AM 08-08-2008
I want to eat constantly but no matter how much I eat I'm still hungry!

ryansma's Avatar ryansma 12:52 AM 08-08-2008
Originally Posted by ~Megan~ View Post
I want to eat constantly but no matter how much I eat I'm still hungry!
Ohhh I remember that. I was SO surprised how hungry I was all the time but especially over night. Dh would bring me a fruit bar and even bought some Ensure for pregnant women when he did the shopping. I would chug one of those during one of ds' nursing sessions. I fully plan on having a snack stash near the bed this time. :
River7's Avatar River7 12:40 PM 08-08-2008
Me too. I've never been hungry in the middle of the night in my entire life, and this happened the other night! I'm way too lazy to actually do anythign about it, but I couldn't believe I was thinking about food at 4 am!
accountclosed3's Avatar accountclosed3 01:42 PM 08-08-2008
yeah, me too. i feel crazy.

yesterday, i had a spinach and swiss omelete with potatoes and onions and a sprouted whole grain english muffin with two pats of butter and all fruit jelly. two hours later, i'm eating tomatoes stuffed with couscous salad and cheese. two hours later, spinach salad with egg, walnuts, cranberries, blue cheese, and raspberry vinegar and a whole grain roll with 4 pats of butter. two hours later, i'm having an ice cream sunday (one scoop but with fudge and whipped cream!). two hours after that, i'm STARVING and i have two eggs on toast with broccoli and grapes.

and of course, i think i drank 4 gallons of water or something yesterday.

and today, same deal. yogurt and granola with fruit for breakfast, then cheese (three big pieces of cheese) and fruit. and i'm going to grab lunch with a friend (cheese sandwich, salad, fries probably!), and then there's dinner with DH (ratitoille--sp?--and spinach salad), and probably after dinner i'll go out with friends and have a yummers.

seriously, i'm SO hungry. LOL