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August 2008 > I think we will have a baby by tomorrow!
bettymamma's Avatar bettymamma 02:08 AM 09-08-2008
12p: 3T Castor Oil (no diarrhea or abdominal cramps)
Basil and Oregano tea

Braxton hicks all day.

5p: Hubby made basil stuffed chicken
6p: Massage
630p-1030: Very painful contractions (and horrendous back pain), progressed to every 3 minutes, got the shakes, lost plug...then slowed to every 8-10m.

Trying to stay hydrated. Called midwife..said it sounds like I'm on my way..but could use some more time at home. Can't sleep between contractions, they are worse when I lay down.

8 days past edd! Yeah!!!! I was starting to worry!:::

trimestersdoula's Avatar trimestersdoula 02:18 AM 09-08-2008
Not in your DDC but YAY!!!!!! That is soooo exciting! Congratulations on the contractions, mama!
robertandenith's Avatar robertandenith 03:52 AM 09-08-2008
wishing you a gentle birth!!!! :
jule924's Avatar jule924 12:20 PM 09-08-2008
Keep us posted! I hope everything went/is going OK!!
AKA_PI's Avatar AKA_PI 03:38 PM 09-08-2008
MySunflowerBoys's Avatar MySunflowerBoys 05:28 PM 09-09-2008
Hope you are snuggling that baby!