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Hey-I just realized it's my 4 year anniversary today!!!: I can claim the sleep in I "let" DH have is his gift then, lol.
And I will use the newborn excuse for why there's nothing else

We went to the dr yesterday and Rowan has gained over 2 lbs in 3 weeks! Whoa! Our only concern is that he's had a bit of blood/mucus in a couple of poos this week, so we're going to check that out. Anyone ever have this experience? He seems perfectly happy/healthy otherwise. Hoping it's nothing...

DH is home today so we're going to take advantage of the good weather and hit a park for the morning and tire DD out. I plan on hitting the gym this afternoon for the first time PP this aft-wish me luck! I've been walking 3-5 k a day and doing yoga this week, and feel great, so I'm going to start taking baby steps towards running again. I neeeeeed so start doing more active things, for many reasons (sanity the most important!)

Have a great day, ladies!

fridgeart, lucky mum to E (5) and Ro (2)
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Happy Anniversary to you!

Kendall had the WORST bought of colic last night. I mean, it was awful. I don't know what it is but he will not sleep comofortably. Yesterday afternoon he was knocked on his belly but from midnight untilnow (its 8:49am) he is so whiny and crying. He has every typical colic symptom you know. *sigh* DP and I are exhausted and he's at his wits end. Hell, I am because I'm home with him all day.

I've put him in his swing for now and he seems content for a while. I'm going to try keeping him awake for most of the day so that he'll sleep most of the night. I don't know. I want to call my mom but the first thing out of her mouth will be, "Do you want me to come pick him up to spend the night?" No, Mom. I want you to help fix this so I can learn . *sigh*

On a lighter note, he's eating really well and we changed his formula with no problem. His baby acne has picked up a bit and he's been HUGE bowel movements. Still just once a day but at least he's going and I can stop worrying.

DP and I FINALLY got our quality time last night (and it was wonderful!). I think we both needed that. Tons of cuddling and spooning.

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Day 10 for us--can't believe how fast time goes! My MIL goes home Saturday, so I have a few more days of being fed well and having all my laundry done before we strike out on our own. While I'm sure I'll miss the help, I'm also somewhat eager to be a little more independent and have a little less competition for baby holding Our nursing issues seem to be resolved at last, so this mama is MUCH happier.

My midwife has given me the ok to resume more physical activity--I feel so great and am absolutely ready to start walking again, get outside in the sunshine, etc.

Mama to DD : 09/08
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What a difference a day can make...Ben has not been sleeping very good lately and I can't get past the grunting and goaning in his sleep. I am so tired the older kids are getting the brunt of it.

DH last night wanted to dtd and I did not, he asked for another way of satisfying him and I said no. I dont' like to, I am tired and I don't feel like taking care of him (that way) right now. What about my needs. He got mad and stormed out of our room to sleep with ds (which he does at sometime each night). I don't have a problem with him sleeping with DS infact it makes it better for baby and I. But why must he act like such a baby. I just asked him to wait one more night.

Anyway, the house is in an uproar today. I am so tired and dd messed up a picture (threw a fit for 45 minutes) and the baby is not wanting to sleep without me.

Is it possible that the baby is going through the 6 week growth spurt at 5 weeks. He is famished all the time, or is it just that I have not had enough sleep and I am too tired to nurse so it seems like he is always wanting to.

Hoping for a better afternoon, maybe a nap.


I really love my kids but some days I just don't understand how they can drive me so crazy.
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Well, I am feeling pretty good. I have been popping a couple of pieces of frozen placenta every day, and I swear it has made a huge difference in my mental state. I NEVER thought I would be a placenta ingester, but I was afaraid of how
i would cope with so many little ones.The funny thing is, I don't think I have ever been happier.My tear seems to be healing okay despite me not getting stitched (fingers crossed) and I feel like going for a walk today, so maybe a short one.

I think I will get her announcements ordered and write her birth story since we finally settled on a name. (I think?!)

She's been sleeping really well with us. She only wakes up 2 or 3 times in a 8 or 9 hour stretch, so that's great. She's a wonderful co sleeper.

JennP - I am sorry about your husband. I have a very high maintenence husband, and I try to to remember he loves me very much. He just needs to express it in physical ways more than i do. And I try to think about the sit. reversed and I know it would hurt my feelings if he rejected me the way I do him. BUT STILL, that gives him no right to act like that.

When we have issues I just agree ahead of time to some intimate time, say mon. night, and put it on the calender so he knows to look forward to it (and I have to stick to it). It cuts down the friction between us and helps me follow through and makes him very nice that whole day. I find planning ahead of time, while unromantic, is almost necessary for us while our life is so hectic. I am on a tangent here, I really just wanted to say I am sorry he's being needy right now.

Wow this was long! Have a great day everyone and happy anniversary fridgeart!

Elizabeth, mama to 4 kids and 5 chickens.
The grateful recipient of 3 home water births, 1 being an accidental UC.:
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After being a little grumpy last night Jack is sleeping peacefully on my lap now. We take a morning walk while it's still cool out and he seems to like it. I ordered a jogging stroller which should be here next week. I can't wait.

He still eats like a champ, I don't even bother with newborn clothes now. He's more awake and alert, starting to smile at me, I love it.

As far as sex goes the man is showing incredible self restraint. I know he wants it, badly, but he's just waiting for me to give the ok.
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Only a quick update as I should be cleaning. My mom gets in tomorrow and then we head to the coast for 5 days!
We took Ivy in for a weigh in today and she's 10.5lbs that's up 10oz from last week. She's got all sorts of snot in her nose though, from changing weather I think as my son and I both seem to have it too, which makes nursing messy as there is snot squirting everywhere.

This update has taken me 20 minutes to type because all my kids keep needing things! As you might be able to tell I'm pretty busy. I can manage to read on here but one handed typing leaves me frustrated!

XOXO for homebirth!

Mom of a 7 yr old, 4 yr old, and 1 yr old. Wow. How did that happen?
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Kendall and I have had somewhat of a better afternoon. Went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things and do some walking. the weather was kinda icky so we had to do our daily walk inside. He had a good poop today, which is great.

On the way home he had a HUGE fit that I had to pull over onthe side of the interstate, climb in the backseat to feed him, burp him, talk to him for awhile, say mommy loves you and then head home. Whew! Still not sleeping in his bassinet unless I lie him on tummy. which was great so I could shower and wash my hair.

I'm going to check on some baby massage stuff and see if we can get him to settle down tonight and sleep peacefully.

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Baby acne. Out of control baby acne. I hope her acne isn't this bad when she's a teenager!

She's eating less often now. This is really what I wanted but it makes me nervous that she's not getting enough food but I'm always nervous about that and I need to relax.


Scared me half to death!

I'm worried that I sleep through her crying. I wouldn't put it past me.

I need to stop worrying!!!

Nik! Mama to Evelynn Rose 08/19/08 and Autumn Lily 11/02/10
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Nik - don't worry . . . you will never sleep through their crying (unless of course you take something to really knock you out).

Baby M had his first night of pretty bad sleeping last night, I think he may have been gassy. Oh well. He's out right now so I'll cross my fingers for a more restful night.

On a better note Big Boy J seems to be over his cold and he went to school today, so that's great. I'm going to take M over to my mom's tomorrow while J is at school so that should be nice. She'll probably make me lunch!

We've been taking M out on walks in the sling everyday. He pretty much falls asleep the second we step out of the door. I'm so exhuasted today I don't know if I'll make it, though.

LASTLY, my boss keeps calling me! I don't know if anyone remembers but she's the completely lost without me one - she hadn't called me for a week postpartum, which I thought was really sensitive (I did not expect that much from her) until I realized SHE HAS BEEN ON VACATION. Sure enough, the calls started on tuesday. I have to be somewhat nice (because she is accomodating my maternity leave) but I am limiting it to once a day. She doesn't seem to realize I do not care AT ALL about the things she needs or is telling me at this point - I have a week old baby! Anyway, phone is off and I can call her back at my leisure - and that's about it for now!

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2 days w/o internet! I ALMOST DIED!!!!

we are great, Roberto Carlos sleeping more at night and fussing less. He is smiling like crazy every time he wakes up, it's like he is in a great mood, how sweet He literally laugh out loud!

I been running every other day, I need to enforce my diet though... so hard to stop munching at night! :

Latina Mama of 3 and Wife of a great man since 1997
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