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mynetname 11-27-2008 03:42 AM

When is one supposed to start menstruating after birth?
I am REALLY enjoying having no period but am wondering when things get back to normal. I'm 10 weeks post partum.

Also, what type, if any, of health check up is done after birth?
MW did a quick check at 6 weeks & was great.
However am starting to feel my episiotomy scar suddenly and maybe I bounced back to fast to my regular tempo of life and now don't feel so good (or sleep deprived but it seems physical, mentally I am extremely happy with baby : but my body feels like it is going downhill suddenly). My abdominal strength is diminishing--it was stronger a few weeks ago but now I can barely get up off the floor let alone do a sit up which was possible before, but suddenly this week I can't do anything!) hmmm advice?.

Alcyone 11-27-2008 06:03 AM

There really is no normal time to get your period back. If you are going all night without feeding, expect it sooner, as a general rule, but still every woman is different. You could get it tomorrow or in two years.

I have no idea when checkups typically happen over there but I just had one 8 wk pp and that's it.

winginit 11-27-2008 04:24 PM

Yeah....the period thing really depends...and not only from woman to woman, but from baby to baby.

My first nursed every two hours, night and day, and it was a year before I got my first period.

#2...good sleeper at night..6 straight hours of sleep sometimes!! My period was back at 3 months!!! I was so disappointed, but I'll take sleep over having a period any day.

#3...almost at 3 months and no period yet. I'm crossing my fingers it'll be awhile yet!!! However, he does go awhile at night (I've turned the clock down so I have no idea how long.

Regarding the tiredness, no telling! Take it easy and if it gets any worse you may want to get checked out.

MommyMichele 11-27-2008 04:29 PM

Saw your message when I clicked on New Posts.

My periods have stayed away a long time with each of my three kids: 17 months, 26 months, and 20 months respectively. All three nursed around the clock freely (no night weaning, which I've read makes a difference). I think being on a restricted diet due to my second child's food allergies and having lost A LOT of weight may have had something to do with taking so long for my cycles to return that time.

Lemon Juice 11-28-2008 08:37 PM

It just depends on you. I have no issues w/ my babes nursing and when my period came back. I have 4 kids (due w/ 5th in December).

I nursed on demand all the time , day and night and my periods come back around 8 weeks PP. I had my 2nd and 3rd sons a year apart so I'm pretty fertile right away Bf'ing is not a birth control for me and no matter what each time I get my period back that early. Sure it will be back by then in full swing by mid Feb. for me! When my dd was born I was tandem nursing (3rd son and newborn dd) and that still didn't was back at 8 weeks!

I think those of you who go so long w/out one are so lucky!

Lexi_029 12-06-2008 10:44 PM

I don't breastfeed and got mine back today, Sam is exactly 3 months.

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