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I give my clients a Brewer Diet handout and ask everyone to work up to 80-100g of protein a day by the second trimester, whether they get it the way Brewer suggests or not (I'm not too wild about all of the allergenic milk and eggs he says to consume).

My goal is to work toward 80-100g/day, but I'm having a really hard time! I hate milk and don't eat eggs, but usually I eat meat and other dairy. Seems like all I can stand right now is potatoes and bread, though!!

I think I'm going to write down everything I eat for three out of the 7 days next week and see where I am, then see where I can sneak in the protein.

So what are your goals and how do you feel like you're doing with them?

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My 1st pregnancy, my mw had me eat 80-100 grams of protein. This time my goal is to stay above 60 grams of protein, easy on the carbs, lots of veggies and extremely low sugar. I also try to follow the blood type diet and eat soaked grains as much as possible. I'm staying low on all sugars (including fruits) because DD and I had minor thrush throughout our whole 3 yr nursing so I want to avoid that at all costs this time. And I'm including probiotics regularly too.

Since I got past my nausea in the 1st trimester, I'm able to eat great. I always bring food with me whereever I go. I have NO sugar cravings at all, which is nice cause usually when I eat more grains, craving sugar comes with it. I calcuated my protein intake on fitday.com and it was 80 grams, so I'm happy about that. So, so far, so good

Oh and I don't like milk either...so I'm drinking goat milk occasionally and eating goat cheese.

Something I want to start making again (haven't made it in awhile) is hummus...yum!

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I just eat when I'm hungry and try to get whatever I crave, or at least something that will satisfy the craving in the same way. This evening I had an 8oz steak and a bowl of sweat potato soup. Yum!

Speaking of eating healthy, I just saw something about Nicole Kidman at 4 mos looking amazing and working out. Something like, "proof that just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can't keep your body looking hot!" Yeah, easy for Nicole Kidman, with her nannies and maids and personal trainer. Still, it makes me want to get out there and stay fit. It's so hard on these cold rainy days, though, esp with a toddler.

I don't drink milk either... but I drink hazelnut milk like crazy. I did throughout my last pregnancy, too. In between pregnancies it wasn't nearly as appealing, though. I honestly don't track my protein, I just know I'm eating more than usual.

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My goal right now is just to eat.... something.... anything. I have hyperemesis, and so far I've lost 30 pounds. The vomiting has improved, and I am actually starting to feel hungry, but the nausea is still there pretty much non-stop. I'm pretty weak and low on energy, and no food sounds good. None.

So my goal is just to find my courage and start eating again.

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Eat stuff that doesn't make me sick. Stay relatively healthy in food choices. That hasn't been a huge problem, as I'm mostly craving proteins and fruits, natural foods. The occasional chocolate isn't going to kill me.

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I am going to aim for 70g/protein a day, per all of the books I've read and my midwife's suggestion. I'm vegan, so I'm taking a small amount of hemp protein powder every day. I'm also gluten-free and low sugar (including fruit sugar)...so I'm not eating very much bread (when I do, it's millet bread, although I may graduate myself to sprouted wheat). I'm eating a tiny bit of dark chocolate every day.

I feel like I'm doing a fairly good job with the protein intake...but it's so hard to tell when I don't count closely. I wonder how our bodies would tell us we are taking in too little?

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Well, I just try to eat the best I can. I've never kept a food log or counted grams of protein or anything. My general eating habits have improved so much since my first pregnancy, I figure I'm at least doing better than I did with my first!

My current goals are to consume more fruits and veggies, which will be easier once the weather warms up and we start getting our fresh CSA produce. And then, I REALLY have to stop making the fast-food pitstops. I had totally broken the fast-food habit until I got pg again. Ugh!

The only thing I do pay attention to is iron levels. I was anemic after the birth of my first, even though I did not hemorrage at all. So, I do try to make sure I get enough iron, and we monitor my levels throughout pg.

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Just a question...why the recommendation for high amounts of protein?

I'm vegetarian and I've never figured out how much protein I eat, but we're huge legumes and dairy consumers, so hopefully I'm getting enough.

My dietary goals right now are to keep up the fruit and veggies, but that has more to do with constipation then anything! Also, to stay away from high fat foods, which, in those moments of nauseousness during the day are the easiest to grab since they're already pre-prepared!
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I just try to eat whatever doesn't sound disgusting and then I hope that I don't throw it up. I ate salad tonight and I am never.ever.ever.ever eating salad again. Ever. Ever.

Mama to two wonderful DDs (10/06 and 09/08) and expecting a DS 1/1/11!
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I'm just trying to eat what doesn't make me sick. And if I crave something to go for that. Except that I've been craving straight junk food for weeks now. Macaroni and cheese anyone??

Last pregnancy I was vegetarian and wasn't concerned at all with the amount of protein I was getting. But I LOVE dairy and do really well on it so I was drinking lots of milk and eating yogurt almost every day. Typically for lunch I'd have a pita/ww wrap w/ hummus and veggies, 1/2c applesauce & 1/2 cup nonfat yogurt with some fruit (usually frozen organic but Target has cheap frozen blueberries & raspberries not organic but at like $2/bag I'll live).
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Originally Posted by MommytoHHH View Post
I ate salad tonight and I am never.ever.ever.ever eating salad again. Ever. Ever.
LOL I second that motion. I thought I was going to hurl after I ate a salad last week. I love raw veggies - I can't stand most cooked veggies. But it seems that it's turned backwards, as now I can't stand most raw veggies and love steamed ones. But as my m/w says - at least you're still eating veggies...

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