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September 2008 > Am I going to be the last (who wants to) to learn my baby's gender?
Azryel's Avatar Azryel 02:16 PM 04-19-2008
Ok, I'm sure I'm not going to be the last person who wants to learn her baby's gender while pregnant to actually find out, but it sure feels like it! My ultrasound is scheduled on May 1st, and I'm counting down the days. Who has a later ultrasound schedule? * Jaime

emski4379's Avatar emski4379 03:09 PM 04-19-2008
Mine is May 2nd.
winginit's Avatar winginit 03:10 PM 04-19-2008
I'm May 6th...and I'm 20 weeks now! Apparently they couldn't get me in any sooner. I imagine the parts won't have changed too much in the next few weeks!!
allisonrose's Avatar allisonrose 03:20 PM 04-19-2008
I'm not even scheduled for my ultrasound yet. The (hospital birth) midwives I see do it at 20 weeks which according to my math is May 10! I'm at the tail end of the due date club.
Ninnifer's Avatar Ninnifer 04:47 PM 04-19-2008
i thought i was going to be last - 28 apr! i've been feeling left out!
TrippyLongstocking's Avatar TrippyLongstocking 05:11 PM 04-19-2008
aw.. its ok! i didnt even find out with my first!
hugs mama you will find out soon enough!
Mrs Dimples's Avatar Mrs Dimples 08:29 PM 04-19-2008
I'm finding out on Thursday, 5/24. I'll be 19 weeks. I CAN'T WAIT! :
joshs_girl's Avatar joshs_girl 09:10 PM 04-19-2008
Another May 6th-er! I'll be 20 weeks 2/3 days
Alcyone's Avatar Alcyone 03:29 AM 04-20-2008
We haven't been able to schedule our 4D yet because they only do them so far in advance, but I am hoping for the end of May.
chels_c2000's Avatar chels_c2000 04:14 PM 04-20-2008
Mine is not until May 5th
MommytoHHH's Avatar MommytoHHH 05:40 PM 04-20-2008
Mine is on Wednesday!! We are really excited!
feelinhot's Avatar feelinhot 10:57 PM 04-20-2008
Mine isn't until May 13. I don't like feeling like I'm one of the last ones either.
dimibella's Avatar dimibella 11:24 PM 04-20-2008
Originally Posted by joshs_girl View Post
Another May 6th-er! I'll be 20 weeks 2/3 days
I'm May 6th too!!
Azryel's Avatar Azryel 02:30 PM 04-21-2008
Oh, good, I'm glad to have some other mamas in the same bucket as me. I think being in a different month makes it seem so far away! * Jaime
Lexi_029's Avatar Lexi_029 06:34 PM 04-21-2008
I thought I was going to be the last on April 30th!
ehunter27's Avatar ehunter27 07:40 PM 04-21-2008
We are early May also!
KBinSATX's Avatar KBinSATX 07:47 PM 04-21-2008
I already had mine (we were only going to do one to make sure everything was okay/ no anomalies) and baby didn't show anything so I will know in September. May is not so bad then, right?