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September 2008 > My twins were born this afternoon
skylarsmama's Avatar skylarsmama 07:55 PM 06-17-2008
I had my boys this afternoon. Addison was born at 1:58pm and Riley was born at 1:59. They were born by c/s. Addison weighed 1lb. 5.2oz. and Riley was 1lb. oz. They both measured 12 inches long. They're both on breathing machines and under the plastic wrap stuff in the NICU. The doctors expect them to be here 2-3 months. Riley came out with the smallest little cry and they both were pink and fiesty. We haven't gotten to go see them yet but the nurse did get some pictures.
Ian and I are both pretty shocked and scared. They were able to get one round of steroid shots last night.
I woke up yesterday morning and was feeling a lot of pressure and cramping. My midwife had me drink a bunch of water and that didn't help so they sent me to triage to be monitored. I wasn't dialted at all, they didn't pick up a single contraction, and they did a fetal fibronectin test that came back negative so I went home with instructions to rest.
About 3 hours later, I knew I was having contractions but we thought it was because baby A was way down in my pelvis bone. Around 7pm, we got sent back to triage and I was dialated to 2cm. After a ridiclous amount of meds to slow the contractions, things started to look good. My midwife checked me before she left this morning and I was still 2cm and 90% effaced. Throughout the day, the contractions started to pick back up and by noon, they were almost unbearable. My midwife came back to the hospital and I was dialted to a 4, despite the meds. I got prepped for the c/s (they didn't want to do a vaginal birth and risk extra pressure on their heads (something about brain bleeds).
I was only 25 weeks and 4 days. Never in a million years did I think I would have one pound babies. Please keep them in your thoughts. Right now, they're taking it day by day.

AngelBee's Avatar AngelBee 07:58 PM 06-17-2008
Congrats! :
Logan's mommy's Avatar Logan's mommy 07:59 PM 06-17-2008
Congrats, you and your whole family are in my thoughts.
DocsNemesis's Avatar DocsNemesis 08:04 PM 06-17-2008
Congrats!!! So tiny!!!
GardenStream's Avatar GardenStream 08:07 PM 06-17-2008

I'll keep your family in my thoughts and hope for everyone to be healthy and home ASAP.
Azryel's Avatar Azryel 08:25 PM 06-17-2008
Oh, Lindsey, I'm sorry they came so early. I remember being hospitalized at 25 weeks for preterm labor when pregnant with my twins, and feeling so scared when the NICU fellow came in to talk with me about what it would be like if they were born then (procedures to expect, complications that might arise, etc.). ((Hugs.))

But congratulations on the arrival of your little boys. I'm glad it seems like they're doing reasonably well. I wish you many uneventful coming months.

* Jaime
immamama's Avatar immamama 09:00 PM 06-17-2008
Wow! Praying for your sweet baby boys. (((HUGS))) I love their names!!
lwuertz's Avatar lwuertz 09:45 PM 06-17-2008
Your boys are in my prayers (hope that's not offensive). Congrats on the birth.
so_blessed's Avatar so_blessed 09:48 PM 06-17-2008
Glad you are ok. Keeping you and your boys in my prayers.
funfunkyfantastic's Avatar funfunkyfantastic 10:19 PM 06-17-2008
Wow, more premies!! All this premie talk is making me nervous... :

Good to hear they are doing alright and you're hanging in there as well.

I've got two more boys to pray for, looks like!
joshs_girl's Avatar joshs_girl 10:24 PM 06-17-2008
Lindsey, much love to you and your whole family right now. I'll be holding Addison and Riley in the light.
moderngal's Avatar moderngal 10:56 PM 06-17-2008
Congrats, mama. Thinking good and healthy thoughts for all of you. :

(ps, you are probably about an hour or so away from me- if I can do anything, please PM me)
mother culture's Avatar mother culture 11:03 PM 06-17-2008
My heart goes out to you and your road ahead. May your babes make it and thrive! Remember that they need your voice and energy I hope you can see and speak to them soon.
Phoebe's Avatar Phoebe 11:08 PM 06-17-2008
Not in your DDC but I just had to say congrats and I will be thinking of you and your babies!

Take care of yourself.
Kellie_MO4's Avatar Kellie_MO4 11:14 PM 06-17-2008
Congrats on the birth, and they will def be in our thoughts and prayers... Good luck to your boys, mama!
Belia's Avatar Belia 11:51 PM 06-17-2008
: : : :
e'smommy's Avatar e'smommy 03:08 AM 06-18-2008
Congrats Lindsay! Hope you are all doing well, keeping you in my thoughts. We were due on the same day, but your babies apparently decided to come much sooner. Keep us posted as you can.
PamelaNS's Avatar PamelaNS 04:01 AM 06-18-2008
You and your babies and family are in my thoughts and prayers! Congrats, Mama.
amitymama's Avatar amitymama 04:25 AM 06-18-2008
Congratulations on the birth of your sons, I will keep them in my thoughts and wish them a speedy recovery so they can go home with you as soon as possible.
alyssatuininga's Avatar alyssatuininga 05:13 AM 06-18-2008
Congrats on the birth of your sweet boys. I will keep them in my thoughts and wish you all much health and healing. Keep us updated on their progress!
Emily's Mama's Avatar Emily's Mama 09:42 AM 06-18-2008
Oh, WOW! They must look so small at 1lb! My friend had her twins at 26 weeks and they were also about 1 lb and were in hospital for 2-3 months. They are both wonderfully healthy 5 year olds now. Hang in there. I'm sure it may seem like a long road ahead, but hopefully they will be home with you before you know it.
Charmie981's Avatar Charmie981 09:45 AM 06-18-2008
Oh, Lindsey! Congrats on the arrival of your boys, although it wasn't how you'd anticipated! You and your family are in my prayers. If you have time and/or are up to it, you might check out the NICU forum here at Mothering. There are some great ladies there who have BTDT.
boobyfeeder's Avatar boobyfeeder 10:06 AM 06-18-2008
Congratulations on the birth of your babies! I'll be keeping them and you in my thoughts.
PassionateWriter's Avatar PassionateWriter 11:49 AM 06-18-2008
i am thinking of you and your family today. Congratulations on their birth and health and healing to you all.
sarbear's Avatar sarbear 12:02 PM 06-18-2008
I am also expecting twins, I'm sorry you and your babies are going through this
It sounds like they are doing well though, I wish you all the best!
SuperSarah11's Avatar SuperSarah11 12:08 PM 06-18-2008
I'm thinking of you and your boys, I hope they continue to do well and you can all go home before you know it!
AmyLaz's Avatar AmyLaz 12:27 PM 06-18-2008
Thinking of you and your babies
Illaria's Avatar Illaria 12:42 PM 06-18-2008
Congratulations on the birth of your sons! I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.
xochimama's Avatar xochimama 12:53 PM 06-18-2008
Hugs and blessings to you and your family.
xochimama's Avatar xochimama 12:54 PM 06-18-2008
Hugs and blessings to you and your family.
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