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I know my husband got online and told ya'll that I had our little baby girl vis VBAC but here's the LONG and detailed birth story for anyone interested

Whew... So let me tell you about one of the most wonderful, intense, amazing, and beautiful experiences ever in my life!!

I guess it all started on Tuesday October 21st (my due date lol) at 4am. I woke up to some contractions and when I couldn’t go back to sleep I decided to take a bath to calm them down. It worked a little and I was able to get back to sleep around 6am.

Woke up again at 9am and took another bath to calm the contractions again before Christopher woke up. They weren’t bad and I could do things through them but they had a bit of a bite to them. I continued my day like normal doing dishes, folding clothes, cooking, etc. I wasn’t sure it was the "real thing" or not because the previous Friday I had had 14 hours of contractions that fizzled away. So I wasn’t about to get all excited in case this wasn’t it.

Fast forward to about 6pm. I’m tired and these things have been happening all day now. A tiny bit stronger but not too bad. I made supper and afterward Christopher was exhausted so we let him take a 30 min nap. I tried to take one but after lying down I just couldn’t. The contractions were too painful for me to sleep through so I just got up and started timing them to see what they were doing. At this point I had been having about 15 hours of contractions and they were still all over the place. 5 mins here, then 7, down to 6, and up to 8. Blah!! Frustrated the crap out of me!

Got Christopher in bed and was totally exhausted so I tried yet again (in vain) to lie down and rest around 9pm. Nope. Just wasn’t happening. Tony was getting ready for work since he had to be there in an hour. I called him in there and said "Hey do you really need to go in?" At this point I was like, "Man this is hurting... he may need to stay home!" So after seeing me through a few contractions he decided to call in. We called our doula (Steph) to give her a heads up that we would probably be calling her later on. Called my mom and told her to come get Christopher and she did.

By the time my mom left with Christopher (shortly after midnight) I could NOT get comfortable anymore. I tried lying on my side (nope), on hands & knees (uh-uh), rocking on birth ball (forget it), leaning over my bed (nah), lying on my back (OH HELL NO!), and finally I decided that I wanted in the tub. So I hauled my fat ass into the shower... OMG! That felt so awesome. I had the shower just pummeling my back for a while and then soaked in the tub for what seemed like forever. Tony called my doula and she headed over and got to the house around 1:30am or so. At this point I was moaning through all of my contractions and felt this intense urge to lean back during each one. It took a LOT of focus but it wasn’t too bad. I just had to reach that peak and as soon as it was over I was happy again. My contractions never got regular. But they did get closer. 2mins, then 4, then 3, then a few more 2’s. It made us a little hesitant to go to the hospital because we didn’t want to get there too early, but at the same time we didn’t want to get there too late either. So at about 3am we decided that we better go ahead and head out.

I hit the transition stage in the car (oh what fun that was, lol). Tony was so great and was talking me through it... telling me how great I was doing, that I could do this, to just breathe, and that I was so strong and that we’d soon have our baby girl. I started moaning really loudly and started to feel a bit out of control. I got a little freaked out that things were happening too fast. So I made it a point to focus on everything around me to try and slow the labor down. And it worked... the contractions got a little less intense and paced out just a little bit longer. Then we made it to the hospital right around 4am.

I literally could not sit down in the wheelchair that was brought out for me. So I had to travel across a LONG sky bridge, down another LONG hallway, go up and elevator, and then make my laboring ass all the way to the Labor & Delivery department. I swear a man built that hospital because no woman in her right mind would torture a woman in labor like that, lol. All the way to L&D I was leaning back against the walls, partially squatting backwards against whatever was there. I scared a poor janitor who was mopping the floor. I felt so sorry for the man, lol.

FINALLY made it L&D where they rushed me into a room because I was just moaning like crazy, lmao. They had me get into a gown and got me into a bed to start the 20min fetal monitoring strip that was necessary right when a patient was admitted. They had to lie me all the way down to check and see how far I was dilated... OUCH! Whoever thinks that a laboring woman should be on her back is WRONG!!!!!! But anywho, I was dilated to a 8/9 and my bag of waters was bulging. Everything started getting sooo intense and each contraction was taking me to a new place. I remember it hurting but at the same time it was so... what’s the word... I can’t even find the words for it, but it felt so right. The pain wasn’t even a factor. I was in my own world just taking this wonderful and crazy ride. I was having a hard time breathing right through the contractions so the baby’s heart rate started going down a little and they had to hook me up to oxygen and coach me a little on breathing. They hooked me up to IV fluids and started to do scalp stimulation on the baby to make sure that she didn’t get to the point of distress because it looked like that’s where it was heading. The next thing I knew, I needed to push. I was dilated all the way to a 10 so they told me to go ahead and push if I needed to. Suddenly my water WHOOSH broke all over the place and I went back down to a 9 since I no longer had the added pressure of the water bag keeping me at 10cm. There was a moderate amount of meconium in the water so that got the nurses concerned a little and they told me that they would have to suction her out right after she was born to make sure she didn’t swallow anything. But I still had to push and could not stop myself. I quickly went back to a 10 (in like a minute) and my OB walked in...

He was gowned up and ready to go in a flash. He got situated and started talking me through things. I, at that point, was lying back, but wasn’t flat. I guess you’d say I was in a semi-reclining position. It was the only thing that felt good and I couldn’t do anything else. They kept telling me to pull my legs back but I literally couldn’t. So 2 people (I can’t even remember who) helped to push my legs back so that I could open my pelvis more... God the urge to push was sooo intense!!! I kept letting out high pitched noises which was not conducive to getting her out and was depriving both me and her of oxygen. So with a little encouragement from my OB and a few other people I started groaning and grunting while pushing. OH MY GOD THAT FELT SO GOOD! The next thing I knew, Tony was saying "There’s the head!" I rested for a minute and then BOOM! I started pushing, pushing, pushing, and then suddenly I felt relief. I had her head out!!!! They suctioned her mouth and nose out and then I pushed the rest of her body out. Because of the meconium, I wasn’t able to hold her right away like I wanted to but that was just fine by me. I did it. After a little over 25 hours of labor and about 5 minutes of pushing I gave birth to my daughter. And it was amazing.

Katherine Elizabeth was born at 5:14am on October 22nd weighing in at 7lbs, 14oz and was 20.5 inches long.

They immediately cut the cord and suctioned her out the rest of the way while I was watching. She was so beautiful. She started crying and I swear that was the most glorious sound ever on earth. They got her cleaned up while my OB stitched me up (I just had a minor tear that took 3-4 stitches) and told me what to expect as I came down from the adrenaline high from the delivery. I was shaking all over the place and was freezing cold. It was crazy, lol. A couple of minutes later they placed my baby girl in my arms and I was in heaven. She was staring at me like she knew exactly who I was. I waited to stop shaking before trying to breastfeed her so Tony held her during the meantime. I finally stopped shaking and as soon as she saw that nipple she latched on for dear life and started nursing like she had been doing it for years.

After that things just went great. We stayed at the hospital (which had amazing staff) and tried to rest as much as we could. Other than being tender from my tear I was feeling great. Katherine got a clean bill of health and the pediatrician who looked her over said that she was just perfect.

We got released the next day at 2pm much to our pleasure. She slept through the whole ride home and we got settled in. We had that 1st nights to ourselves to catch up on some much needed rest and her big brother came home from Grandma’s house today. He gave her lots of kisses and wanted to hold her. He absolutely loves her and will often come over to pat her head or try to share some of what he has, lol. She’s a doll and is such a good baby. She’s breastfeeding wonderfully and just loves to snuggle.

Well that’s about all for now. I hope ya’ll enjoyed the birth story (if ya’ll could read it all, lol... sorry so long)

I'll get on a little later and add pics

Amy Lynn, Loving wife stillheart.gifand mom to 3 sweethearts. Christopher (8/06), Katherine (10/08), and Matthew (09/11).  2 time VBAC Momma and NCB & BFing advocate.

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What a lovely story. Glad your birth was beautiful.
Welcome to the world little one!

Kim , mom to Amanda (16):, William (13), and Annie (5)
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Great story. Welcome Katherine!

Me: married to my :fireman Mama to my littles: Toby 8/04 and Elina 10/08
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Welcome baby!:

Mom of 8 children 4 Boys : and 4 girls :2 dogs named Kibblez and Brook , sadly miss my Husband that passed 03/03/2007 !Trully Miss my Brother Joey that passed on 3/25/09..

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What a wonderful story, I felt like I was there with you! It brought back a lot of memories from my birth experience, like the shaking, and the high pitched screams that didn't help at all. I had forgotten about some of those things.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, thank you so much for sharing!

Welcome baby Katherine!! :

Carrie SAHM to Nora Caitlyn (5) and Finnley Dax (2) homebirthing, breastfeeding, babywearing, intactivist, doula mama!         
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What a wonderful birth! Congrats Amy Lynn :

write@home mama to big boy (04-06) and little boy (10-08)
and someone new in november stork-suprise.gif

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congrats and welcome. I had the shakes andchills right after too, and the high pitched oises during pushing.

Yay! congrats again! ::


computergeek2.gif  wife to bikenew.gif and momma to my intact boys headscratch.gif 06/19/06 and mischievous.gif 10/10/08 We delayed/selective vax; constantly wash.gif  always intactlact.gif

Niemals Gewalt
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Oh man, : what a great story. You should be so incredibly proud of what you did. Congrats!!

Mama to 3 kids. We live in a yurt!
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what a wonderful did an amazing job mama!!! Happy babymooning!!!
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What an amazing birth story! I'm so happy for you. Welcome, Katherine Elizabeth! ::

Wife to a wonderful dh and mom to four beautiful kiddos, dd (3/04):, ds1 (1/06), ds2 (10/08), and ds3 (7/10)
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