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Attached Mama's Avatar Attached Mama 10:29 PM 02-26-2009
We are probably going to be adopting a child out of foster care - likely a black child. Dh is hispanic (tho doesn't even speak the language) and I am an all american mutt.

So, my question is what should I know? What sort of issues have you experienced as a mixed race family? Are there any books or resources you can recommend? We are a bit concerned that there are not many black children in our rural community. How do you deal with any family who are prejudiced?

To us, having another skin color in our family is kind of a non-issue. I've always told our 3 yr old that God made lots of colors of flowers so our gardens can be beautiful. He also made many colors of skin so our world can be more beautiful.

Still, I know there will be questions, reactions from others, heritage to be taught and enjoyed and simple things like learning how to do braids.

We are very much in the learning stages and any direction one can point us in to learn more would be helpful. Thank you!!

EdnaMarie's Avatar EdnaMarie 04:14 AM 02-28-2009

I would say, just browse away here. You will see lots of different opinions and experiences. Nobody can give you a list of what you will experience. I am the child of a mixed-race marriage and am in a multicultural mixed-race marriage myself and I can't tell you a thing about interracial adoption, first because I know zip about adoption and second because my daughter looks more or less like me and her dad.

But you will learn and when issues come up you can always come here!