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Jyotsna's Avatar Jyotsna 09:35 AM 03-10-2009
I am looking for some resources for my kids and I, for learning Hindi or Gujarati. Anyone have any advice?


misswerewolf's Avatar misswerewolf 02:24 AM 03-11-2009
Go to Indian cultural events and make friends with some people. I'm sure they can point out some places for learning the languages.

Were I you, I would take courses at the local university or community college in Hindi or Gujarati. I would encourage my children to make lots of Desi friends and take them to cultural events and celebrations. I'd also watch lots of Indian films and listen to Indian music and eat tons of delicious Indian food.

I guess I would just submerge myself and my kids in the language in all ways possible. Hmm. That's probably not the easiest thing to do if you're not in India or SF Bay Area (where I am -- tons of Indians here).
texmati's Avatar texmati 11:48 AM 03-12-2009
Hey! I'm gujarati too! We live in a not-so desi area, but our local temple has gujarati classes. You can also probably hire someone (put an ad up in your local indian grocery) to teach a few hours a week.
Theia's Avatar Theia 04:55 PM 03-12-2009
My local library has several language courses available on tape or cd. If your's doesn't have hindi/gujurati specifically, you can always ask if they can do an interlibrary loan.

I also lurk here. Their UA is pretty strict about what are considered allowable posts, so I just lurk since my knowledge of this is still in its infancy.
Jyotsna's Avatar Jyotsna 06:35 AM 03-13-2009
Thanks for your responses. We do attend the Gujarati Samaj every Sunday. It's a small Samaj, about 200 people attend on Sundays.
Because it is small, there is no language class. They do have some
books called Akshar Gujarati Learner and I have book II. They are
out of book I which we really need in order to start the alphabet.
We also need something like a tablet that my kids can copy the letters
down each day. We are picking up some Gujarati/Hindi at the temple
and we are already Hindi movie watchers (the kids LOVE the Bollywood movies in Hindi). We eat Indian food regularly, from prasad at the temple
which is in the form of Gujarati food (and all the names we learn for them)
to our own cooking at home which is mostly South Indian cooking (I learned to cook there).

I have one person at the temple that will often explain things to me when
I need her to do so, and I volunteer in the kitchen with the dish washing crew after prasad, and eveyone speaks Gujarati then so I listen and listen,
picking up words. I've got all of these things from our regular interaction
at Samaj.

We need tablet papers to copy the aphabet (boy it's long!) and Book I of Akshar Gujarati Learner and maybe some online resources???? Any ideas?
Jyotsna's Avatar Jyotsna 06:40 AM 03-13-2009
Hi Texmati, I may put up a sign for tutoring, in the local Gujarati Indian Groceries. Thanks for suggusting that. I'm not Gujarati, but we attend the
BAPS samaj, and I really want my kids to be able to speak to all of their friends (and I want to speak to my friends) in their language. What a gift
that would be. Also, I can see that Hindi is just a skip, hop and a jump from Gujarati, as is Bengali. If we can speak Hindi, we can speak to just about anyone in India or from India (as we also speak English).
texmati's Avatar texmati 11:51 AM 03-13-2009
If you are starting from scratch-- I highly recommend trying for hindi instead of gujarati. Most gujarati's can understand/speak hindi, and hindi will get you much farther along with the rest of the SA community.