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tm2840's Avatar tm2840 09:37 PM 05-25-2009
My kids aren't biracial but they SO have similar hair (beautiful and wonderful to this flat-haired mom).

I've done well with DD by growing it very long, not washing and leaving in conditioner, and loved the the tips in the recent dandruff article. But what about swimming? Or having hair wet late in the day?

Curly Girl is right; you just wash it (occasionally!), glop on conditioner and let it dry slowly, twisting/braiding at night.

But every summer we swim A LOT. Five days a week or so, often late in the day. No time to air dry after that. Any suggestions?


P.S. Hers is much easier than 9 YO DS's hair, which I assume will look great once he gets old enough to want to use "product" on it - but "doing" your son's hair is a whole different post! I could use a little "just let it go" advice with that!

Barbamama's Avatar Barbamama 01:33 PM 05-26-2009
Not sure I understand your question, but two thoughts: 1) contrary to everything my mother (and grandmother, and great-grandmother) told me, going to bed with damp hair won't cause pneumonia and 2) if you use a diffuser on your blowdryer you can "scrunch" curls as you dry w/o frizzing them out.
MamaEli's Avatar MamaEli 10:54 PM 05-27-2009
Swimcaps? I'm thinking you're worried about the dry time and the cholorine damage? With us, my DDs hair is fine enough that it dries almost immediately. I just keep it braided at the pool.
tm2840's Avatar tm2840 12:26 AM 05-28-2009
The damage, but also the daily stripping of all the conditioner and the random drying schedule. It just WORKS to wash it a couple times a week, lube it up and let it slowly dry into ringlets (dampening it and fluffing the other days). But it takes time to dry and I guess I'm asking for advice about what to do when her hair is WET at night, almost every night, all summer long? It looks funky if she sleeps braided/twisted with wet hair.

Wonder if she'd go for a swimcap? I could sell it as a "less tanglies" kind of thing! I was feeling good getting a rash guard on her this year in the water!

Has anyone ever been truly lazy and just conditioned their child's hair straight from the pool with no rinsing? Did it work well?

It's a silly thing, but she has spectacular hair and me (mousy straight fine hair) is slowly learning what to do with it!
pigpokey's Avatar pigpokey 09:11 AM 05-28-2009
Swim caps will work to keep most hair dry, but the edges are very likely to get wet unless you have a technique I don't know about. This means you do need to shower afterward or the wet parts of the hair (mostly around the hairline) will fry into oblivion by the end of the summer (unless you are in a saline pool). I suppose you could try pulling the cap partway off to keep most of the hair dry while you rinse chlorine out of only the wet parts?

My kids have straight hair but it is very prone to damage and we follow a curl type regimen in many respects so this is what I do.

Son -- in a little boy cut (fairly short). I work coconut oil through his hair a couple of times a week and make sure he rinses the pool water off. The oil stays pretty well through 2-3 swims. For some reason DH finds a slightly oiled look less offensive on DS than DD. But since he hates seeing DD's hair oiled ...

Daughter -- has medium length hair. Oil well for swimming, then comb through Dr. Bronner's oil soap afterward to a creamy lather so she doesn't have an oiled look. -or- Cheap conditioner (suave is what I have been using) worked through dry hair, pile on head, top with swim cap, rinse out in shower afterward.

In your situation I would do one of the above to keep the chlorine damage away and know that the summer is sadly self-limiting. I'd just braid it so it didn't tangle overnight and then re-wet it / twist or re-braid it in the morning. They may just have to have braids all summer. If your family is tolerant of leaving it oiled, you at least won't have to deal with many tangles for the summer.
Draupadi's Avatar Draupadi 03:41 PM 05-28-2009
Buy a microfiber towel and blot (don't rub!) your daughter's hair dry. This should keep it from being soaking wet. Then allow it to air dry. I have curly hair (I am Korean and Afr. American) and have been using this method to dry my hair. You can also use an old t-shirt.
tm2840's Avatar tm2840 12:03 AM 05-29-2009
Thanks all! Lots to try. It's a daily lesson.

She "scored" today though! Drizzly rain and my hair was all in my eyes and stringy and hers just looked better with every bit of mist that fluffed it.

Pros and cons to everything and I'll keep experimenting. Then, one day, she'll take over herself and make some truly horrifying decisions before settling in! (I'm remembering bi-level haircuts and spiral perms for my fine hair).
chanibell's Avatar chanibell 12:26 AM 05-29-2009
I still can't do my hair,but the other day on Tyra ( no flames) lol

She had a program about AA women and their hair. Everything from weaves-naturals to mother's being ashamed of their daughters going "natural",hair envy etc etc. I'm glad Oprah came out,b/c for years she wore weaves,but now she is rockin her own hair.

Glad your daughter swims b/c I know 1 or 2 AA women who do so in my area. Why? B/c of the hair. Most I meet have never learned...why? Because of the hair. My aunt is 42 can't swim...why? You get it.Maybe I'll post this in Women of Color page

I would precondition her hair before the swim and leave it in under the cap. Put two caps on. I know a few people who do that. I have a Ester Williams type cap that has a chin strap and Ive seen really cool ones for triathletes that fit snugly on the head ( might be too big though for your dd)

holyhelianthus's Avatar holyhelianthus 05:11 PM 05-29-2009
I have hair like that and living in the desert swam everyday of summer. I lived in the pool! What I finally figured out was just to rise my hair and super condition it every night. Rinse it right away though. If I let it dry it became matted and difficult.

And can I just say how wonderful you are? Before I could take over my hair care my mother would just wash it like she did her board straight blond thin hair- she'd shampoo it daily and maybe condition it once a week and then she'd brush it dry and would get angry with me when I screamed You rock for considering your kid's differences!! :
sh0rtchica's Avatar sh0rtchica 06:26 PM 06-29-2009
Originally Posted by magstphil View Post
And can I just say how wonderful you are? Before I could take over my hair care my mother would just wash it like she did her board straight blond thin hair- she'd shampoo it daily and maybe condition it once a week and then she'd brush it dry and would get angry with me when I screamed You rock for considering your kid's differences!! :
Oh do I ever feel your pain! I was actually a swimmer growing up, and my mother (stick straight hair) would wash and dry and re-braid my hair every day. That lasted about a year, and she finally got tired of it and pulled out the clippers and I had a fro for the next 7 years It was awful. Kudos to you moms! I apparently still have no clue how to care for my own hair, and thank you all for asking the questions I never have
AndrewsMother's Avatar AndrewsMother 06:49 PM 06-29-2009
Before I cut my hair I swam with it in two braids. After swimming I would clean my hair with conditioner before applying cocnut oil and placing it back into one or two braids. I slept with my hair wet. Upon waking I would dampen my hair to give it the style that I desired.
mamalemon's Avatar mamalemon 07:23 PM 07-06-2009
I have super curly hair and my trick is spry-in conditioner. After I get out of the pool, I coat my hair in it and comb it quickly before it dries and I am good to go.