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Cascadian's Avatar Cascadian 12:07 AM 07-03-2009
Just to throw this into the DDs are hapa (half asian) and have extremely straight FINE hair (which is wierd since I have coarse waves). I have a heckuva time braiding their hair or getting it to do anything other than just hang there...clips and hairbands fall out of it, and ponytail holders slither down in half an hour which makes for messy school hair Other than cutting it short (their hair really is gorgeous) how do you manage with 'slippery' straight hair?

Someone told me to braid it wet, but that always seemed to me that it would damage the hair when it dried and expanded. I'd love to do sweet little braids and twists but nothing is!

meemee's Avatar meemee 12:22 PM 07-03-2009
rubber bands. that's the only thing that will keep my dd's braids in place. i cut them with scissors afterwards.

also i have discovered i love that extreme straight spiky hair. in my city hair dressers are finally getting to realise how fun that hair can be.

there is a new technique in cutting that hair. where it is uneven and kinda spiky. i cant think of the name now of course.

oh and NEVER tie their hair up wet. esp. if they have really thick hair. it will not dry fast enough and get really smelly. yeah!!! BTDT. unless you have teenie tiny braids - a million of them.

oh yeah twists?!!!! braids is the closest i have come to to get any kinda hair up thing to work. how on earth do you keep twists in?

hair clips. better quality stuff (kinda brooch style) only with adults. never found children's that worked well.

my dd is almost 7 and has hair to her mid back. she mostly prefers to leave it just like it is without any tying up or clips.
Cascadian's Avatar Cascadian 02:58 PM 07-03-2009
Ooooh good ideas meemee...didn't even think about hair smell if it was wet - bleck! I'm thinking about buying those miniature hair elastics to cinch things before I try to style it and see if they work.

Otherwise someone's gonna get a bob

Look at what I found last night - styles for straight hair and some vids. Ignore the 'princess' title in the blog - she has some good stuff: