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just_lily's Avatar just_lily 01:51 PM 03-11-2010
Hi mamas, I am hoping you could help me out.

A little girl in my home daycare is bi-racial with a Caucasian mom and an AA dad. She has very little contact with her father and his family so spends most of her time around light-skinned people. Our little town is also fairly homogeneous although the major city we live next to is more diverse.

Anyways, she is nearly three and starting to notice differences in skin colour. I think it is just typical three-year-old stuff for the most part but she has expressed that she wishes she had lighter skin like her mom and auntie (she also went through a phase where she had to wear her hair 'long like grandpa' who has a mullet ).

Mom and I have been talking about it, and I suggested maybe finding some books that reflect different families could be a good idea. Our local library is fairly small, but I can easily order other books through inter-library loan. I just need titles in order to find them.

So does anyone have any good suggestions? If anyone has ideas other than books I am all ears as well. I just thought that if we get some books I don't have to single her out or anything, and can just read them to all of the kids. Learning about and appreciating differences is good for everyone.

ollyoxenfree's Avatar ollyoxenfree 03:53 PM 03-11-2010