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mom2tatum's Avatar mom2tatum 12:47 AM 07-13-2010
You folks would probably find interest in my latest blog.

Eclipsepearl's Avatar Eclipsepearl 10:58 AM 07-13-2010
I can't believe someone would say that to you. Perhaps think it but say something?? Tact people, tact...

We're friends with two mixed families and on occasion, I've been out and about with one of their kids. Last week, I was picked up my friend's dd to hang out at our house while her mom was out with her brother and I then had to stop by my children's school on the way back to get something from the principal. Another parent asked me if I was signing her up. "Oh no, she's already at X" I replied, cluelessly. "Oh so you live in X?" Um, I hated to say, no we don't and she's not my kid! Yes, she's half white and yes, she's super cute and while I would be super pleased to have such a lovely daughter myself... I have my own! Who go to this school lol! No, just babysitting, I mumbled...

There are so many mixed and adopted children here that everyone assumes... My own children don't look like I do at all and are much darker (but still white) so I'm just out with a gaggle of unrelated looking children. Don't ask, don't tell works for me!
Adventuredad's Avatar Adventuredad 08:32 AM 07-31-2010
This has happened to me a couple of time even though my kids skin is only slightly darker than "average" over here. I didn't think it was a big deal and didn't get upset.

Not everyone is used to multicultural surroundings.......